Sushi Nova

16081 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 460-4778

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G V.

First time we've been here and it was great. Sushi was fresh - hubby had the all you can eat, we came on a Saturday night, and I ordered just a couple of rolls off the menu - all was quick and fresh. The place was busy for a Saturday evening but the wait was tolerable. We've tried several sushi places in the area (higher end, larger) and Sushi Nova is by far better than all of them!! Check them out!

Cel J.

I came here with my dearest friends and to celebrate one of their birthdays. We chose items from the All-You-Can-Eat menu because we wanted a little bit of everything, plus groups are allowed to share. Everything was plated beautifully and was delicious. I especially loved their crab rangoons because they are lighter than most other restaurants and their shrimp shumai was just as tasty; same with their sushi. I will definitely be back to try other dishes.

Ethan A.

Phenomenal food, service and atmosphere. Our server was Lee and he was exceptionally kind and patient and accommodating. Sushi Nova definitely found a lifetime customer in our family.

Alexander Smith

High quality sushi, 20 buck all you can eat. Attentive staff, Great deal. Only quibble is Some of the rolls were a little heavy on the sauce

Zoe H

I’ve come here many times since I’ve moved to the area. When I have dined in, the service was very friendly, fast, and the food is great. Every time I’ve ordered delivery the food is just as good as eating there. I’m picky with the quality of my sushi and this is my go to place that’s closest to me. I definitely recommend!

Kathrin Petty

This used to be our preferred Sushi place in the area but the last few visits have been disappointing. The service has been non existent. One time they forgot to seat us... we waited forever. Once seated the waiter flew by to take an order once and then we waited for a good fourty minutes to get our food. I feel they focus too much on carry out, they forget about the customers inside.This last weekend topped it off. We ordered sake and when we poured it I had 5 flies in my cup?. We barely received an apology and actually had to pay for the replacement sake.We won't be back.

Michelle Smith

The all you can eat sushi is always so worth it. So fresh and flavorful. The staff is so nice and attentive.

Sarah Tozer

Honestly just really terrible sushi all around. Bland, fishy in the not so fresh way, and just bad. Almost all of their rolls have a crunch or fried element to them, despite it not saying it on some of the items. I’m very allergic to gluten and I’d made sure to read the menu very carefully to avoid any crunch or battered rolls and only one ended up being safe for me. Again the menu said nothing about fried or crunch in the four rolls we ended up getting. Just get Fuji its miles better and more authentic.

Rodney Madison

Normally, the service is outstanding... this time I believe I got the wrong order because I ordered salmon rolls but got crab and dried tempura rolls that seemed like I received the leftover food. Normally I'd give a 5 star because I eat here often. But maybe because I came in an hour before closing I received bad service.

Alex H.

Sushi restaurants have to be clean. They are handling and serving raw fish. Cleanliness is also part of the Japanese culture. This is my 4th visit here and it has been consistently dirty with flys and gnats flying around. Perhaps the air balance in the restaurant is off. Time to find a new sushi place.

Omar H.

They were excellent. Great sushi and excellent appetizers to choose from for the AYCE.

Molly L.

We will not be going back. We have been going for quite some time and driving a little further for this sushi, as the food is always good. We ordered today for a 5:45 pickup and just left with our food at 6:44. Instead of calling to say they were running late, they kept telling us they were "bagging it up" for an hour. We asked for a refund as I was sitting in the car with two toddlers, for what we thought would be a quick and easy pick up. As soon as we asked for the refund, the food was out. No apologies given. Very disappointing customer service.

Joshua Q.

All-you-can-eat sushi? Is this something to look into? Here is my review: Ambiance 4/5 Walking in to sushi nova, it was had a nice open area. There is a bar area where you can watch them prepare the sushi. The lighting is dim but not enough where it is difficult to see. There is some background music but not too loud where holding a conversation would be annoying. Service 2/5 Hmmm... I kind of have a problem with the service. Our server came by twice on my visit. During this time, we were not really told the kitchen was closed (not closing) and also I only got one refill of my water. This statement might be trivial to some, but subpar service can ruin a dining experience. I am not sure if the server was told not to inform people or if that server was just busy tending to other tables but a little bit does go a long way. I understand the restaurant stops serving lunch at 3pm but stopping at 2:45pm did not sit too well for me. I did not even know they were closing the kitchen because our server did not come back to check on us till he dropped of the check. When asked if we could order one more thing, that was when he mentioned that the kitchen was closed. Afterwards, he left again, we waited a bit till we decided to just go to the front and pay. Anyways I think they need some work with customer service. Food 3/5 All-you-can-eat places tend to have mediocre food. I was surprised that they had a pretty good selection of appetizers. They also had a decent selection of sushi. I guess the nice part is that the amount of rice used with the naturist sushi was a good amount. There are places that like to put a lot of rice when make nigiri sushi to fill people up faster. It is nice that their sushi was, to me, balanced. Now was it fresh fish? I am not sure. One of the biggest indicators is the mackerel. Usually fresh mackerel does not have a very fishy taste to it. The one I ordered was pretty fishy. Overall Unfortunately, the service was a downer for me. I think if the server just came by and told us the kitchen was closing and if we would like to place an order, it would have been fine. Other than that, it was an AYCE sushi place. The price is very reasonable and the food is not bad. Would I go back?... Probably not. It was kind of out my way and there are closer places that are similar to sushi nova. Disclaimer: this review is just my experience with sushi nova. Your experience might be different. It was not a horrible experience, but I personally think that there are some areas that need improvement.

Bob B.

The imaginative signature rolls make this Asian fusion restaurant worthwhile. One of my favorite was the dancing eel roll. I enjoyed the sauce on it, though some of the sauces used on other rolls were too sweet. What's not to enjoy? The spring rolls were pre-made from a box and I had heart burn later on. I suspect it's the oil that was used. The fish was average quality, which is fine for the signature rolls. I would not order a sushi or sashimi dinner here, just have the signature maki rolls with their sauces.

Ava S.

Despite the long wait, the food was excellent! It was definitely worth the wait, and they give you large enough portions to fill you up.

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