Widen's Hot Dogs

9424 W 143rd St, Orland Park
(708) 403-4800

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Takeyra Ike

Nothing worse than seeing an empty business during a meal time. Than you enter and see 2 teenagers, probably the son's of the business who could care less, but they go thru the motions. The hard part is when asked if they have a discount in place, from a teenager you hear in a snotty voice, NO we don't. The snideness was enough on its own, but you realize because of age and today's youth. They have no respect for anyone and don't realize the fortitude it takes to wear the Uniform of Bravery. Hopefully a parent or a business owner will advise the young that how you say things shows RESPECT that you'll never probably understand.

William L.

Chill dogs are one of the best I've had in awhile... Staff was super friendly

Paulicia Watkins

I like this spot funnel fries are a must,the beef hotdogs are awesome,chicken fingers are good as well lightly seasoned and the cheese fries are tasty!

Ray H.

Widens is the absolute Best Hot Dog restaurant in the southwest suburbs. It focuses on one thing, hot dogs and they are great. But the real test of a hotdog place isn't just the hot dogs and freshness of the dressings, but the quality of the tamales and crispness of the fries. And Widens offers the best tamales and crisp fries.

Veronica P.

Yore's this place for the first time. I ordered chili cheese fries and a hot dog with everything. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but it was actually really good! Not greasy whatsoever and the chilli cheese fries tasted perfect. Recommend !


Great tasting, beef hot dogs prepared the traditional, Chicago style! Worth purchasing. However, their Italian sausage sandwich is a reheated disappointment. Since it is hurried on a grill to reheat from the fridge, it is very dried out. Much better tasting, fresh made choices for the Italian sausage can be found at Buona's or Portillo's. Did not appreciate that the cashier also handles and flips food with his hands and no gloves, until he realizes that he forgot to put his gloves on first. He did not replace the handled foods from his hands.

Logan ..

Great food served fast. Prices are good too. Has the sort of old-school charm that I can imagine most restaurants had back in the day. Definitely my favorite hot dog spot in the south suburbs now.

Brad Skrbec

Best hot dogs anywhere. Chili-cheese dog with everything is awesome!

Carol Garding

Love their soup of the day. Try the tomato basil. So yum! The chili dog is pretty fabulous. I'll be working my way through the menu.

Meghan V

I stopped for 2 hotdogs and a small fry after work. The hotdogs were prepared in front of me while the employer (potential owner) held a very nice and friendly conversation with me. The hotdogs and service were incredible. The small fry was more like a large. Definetly going back.

Carol G.

I usually stop in for the "Soup of the Day". If you've never tried the tomato basil you are missing life. Today I bought the chili dog. It was excellent. I'll be working on the rest of the menu.

James Kelly

Fast service good hot dogs lots of fixings I had them with everything ! Had the 2 Hotdog Special comes with a generous amount of Fries. First Time here will return

BriElle A.

This place is my childhood. Every time I think of a hotdog from home, I think of Widen's. Their cheese fries are the best and they make my favorite hot dog. I definitely recommend getting the two hotdogs special with fries. Such a great value! It's a lovely family owned business that I hope never closes its doors.


Great lunch place good food .

Michelle F.

I tried this place for the first time a few weeks ago. First I asked for the hot dog special that was on their board. The girl taking my order kept asking if I wanted fries or a drink with it- to exhibit I responded I want whatever comes with the special. When she rang me up the price was twice the price of the special. I brought this to her attention and she said that drinks didn't come with the special- which confused me as I only wanted what came with the special, so she Rang me up again removing the drinks. When I got the hotdogs home they were inedible. Just tasted like something I could make in boiling water at home. I won't be back which saddens me as I had high hopes for this place.

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