Pueblo Lindo

615 N Railroad Ave, Paxton
(217) 379-5200

Recent Reviews

Mike and Becky

We eat at Pueblo Lindo regularly. The restaurant is attractive and super clean, the food good and reasonably priced, and the service outstanding and quick. What more could you ask for? So glad to have them in Paxton!

Raquel Warsaw

Beautiful Restaurant & Awesome Food . 1st time eating there ,Family in town ,we loved it !


Tried several times and each time I was not disappointed! Very efficient staff, I never had to wait for anything because all staff helps out. They look around to check and see if someone looks like they might need something and head right over. Food is delicious! My favorite is chicken fajitas and a beer! ( Wish only that they served wine). Great Margaritas and Daiquiris! Love the Guacamole and Salsa! The restaurant is super clean also! You won’t be disappointed if you stop in Paxton, so get off I57 and try them out! Joanne ( Chicago)

Juanita Aguilar

Excellent food, service and very clean place!

Nobody Knows

Good food, good atmosphere,good prices , Reminds me of Chi Chi's.

Marlene McCreary

Fantastic meal as always! Pueblo Lindo is a great asset to our community!! Fast service & friendly faces!! Love this place!!Parking: Plenty of parking to accommodate even when they are super busy!

Patrick Tavenner

Delicious food and and great service. What you get for the price is fantastic. Highly recommend it.

Travis Perez

Service was great and very quick food could have been better as in more authentic did not like the taco shells at all also ordered mini corn dogs for my daughter and they brought out just one single corn dog pricing was reasonable

SAM OESTERREICH (Oesfreelancing)

It was alright. Good margarita. Went there for Cinco de Mayo lunch. 4 stars because Mexican just isn't my go-to food. But the lunch was good and hot, no complaints. You can never go wrong with a steak fajita. Cheers!

Tana Ward

*** Beware of the menu prices - they have a disclosure that prices are subject to change, and every item of ours was inflated by at least $2 *** The staff were fantastic, and the line was out the door, so the locals love this joint! I cannot recommend the margaritas at all, stick to José!

Robert Brigante

This Place is great awesome food great service and ice cold beer and amazing margaritas

Morgan H.

I have heard great things about this place so I decided to try it. Cant say how their food was because i never even got to order. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer and was basically ignored after that. I was almost done with my beer by the time i finally caught a waiter that was running by to get a menu. I had finished my beer and been sitting there a solid 10 minutes when i finally had enough and decided i just wanted to pay and get outta there. It was a headache just to pay even. Had to ask a waitress for the bill and she asked another waiter he had to ask me what i had and he was the one who handed me the beer. When i gave them my card it got passed off to 4 different waiters before it got to the register and back to me. Bottom line is i wont be back. I dont care if the food is good or not but this experience made me mad enough i dont care i wont set foot back in the place.

Mateo L

Able to do custom orders. Great friendly, helpful staff. Vegetarian options. (The waiter told us the beans were prepared in lard, but the owner reached out and reassured they are not, thus also vegetarian friendly).

Mike Peterik

Great service! Wait staff on top of it!Food is bland. Very generic. Soft shell tortillas were doughy. Nothing seemed very fresh.

Travis Marler

clean friendly and the food was excellent

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