Asian bowl express

715 W Champaign Ave, Rantoul
(217) 282-1215

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P S.

This restaurant is a little gem we discovered on the day of Thanksgiving. On our way to Chicago, we took an exit in Rantoul for late lunch. All the fast food restaurants were closed. So we gave Asian Bowl a try. My kids ordered bento box, and adults ordered veggie garlic and ramen soup. Everyone loved the food. Portion size was good and I had the best Ramen soup and miso soup in the last ten years. The last equivalent quality Ramen soup I had was in Hawaii. Today we drove from Champaign to order food again and it was equally good. My two recommendations for improvement are---1) not use the same utensil to cook food with eggs and one without it. Flavors transfer from one cooking pot to another and this could adversely affect some food's flavor. 2) Add green onions or some other ingredient that is shown in the picture to soup. When you show something in a picture but don't add it, it is wrong advertising.

Lynne L.

This is an interesting place. The menu is extremely large and we have only tried it a few times, sticking mostly to Egg rolls and dumplings, Fried rice and once or twice some familiar Chinese dishes. The food is pretty good, with the exception of the fried rice, which is so bland, we tried chicken, and shrimp and both had very little flavor until we added our own soy sauce. I wish they had really good sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard for the egg rolls--nothing even close. The Asian Bowl Express does have online ordering and we use it for pick up. I find it funny that they ask for a tip when you are picking up your order?? Far better than the other Asian option in town.

Sarah Staton

I ordered a pork katsu bowl to go and really enjoyed it. Portions were very generous and I got two meals out of it. The pork katsu was crispy and delicious. Will definitely stop by again when I am in Rantoul. Would be amazing if they offer katsu curry rice as an option in future.Food: 5/5

Susan Catt

Friendly service!Delicious food!Lots of variety in the menu!We had an Edamame appetizera Sesame Tofu with Fried Rice, the Sesame Tofu included broccoli in a tasty not hot sauce.Pork Katsu Bento Dinner which included fried rice, crab Rangoon, seasonal fruit, miso soup and a garden saladEverything was very tasty!Highly recommend this restaurant!Vegetarian options: Quite a few vegetarian dishesThe tofu was cooked crispy before being coated with sauceKid-friendliness: Kids options were on the menuParking: Plenty of parking in the restaurant’s own lotWheelchair accessibility: Level parking lot with several handicap spotsPlenty of room between table to navigate a wheel chairAll seating is chairs and tables so easy for a wheelchair

Jeff Townsend

Wonderful sushi bowls. Great Asian cuisine. You will leave here happy.Food: 5/5

Piotr Baran

I made wrong turn and I stopped at Asian bowl express by accident. Since I parked, I went inside and ordered cashew chicken, thinking about my mistake.What a nice surprise - this place is a keeper. Great food for great price.

Feliksas Valionis

Want to mcdonalds and stumbled upon this great find. We home you do too!

Tim Oyer

We did not eat the bento box. We ordered off the back of the Menu.I had the General Tso's, it's pretty good, more crispy, fresh and hot than typical, hard getting a plastic fork into it. Lol Enjoyed the sauce, good flavor and nice "warmth" not to hot like some can be.Wife had the beef and broccoli. Says it was ok. Nothing really stood out about it.My Mom had a shrimp dish that she enjoyed but said the fried rice was bland. It looked like yellow rice, I didn't see anything else in it at all. She said there was some egg, but nothing else. The egg roll was ok. Nothing to write home about. Only pre packaged "duck" sauce to put on it. The white rice was good. Hope to try other things like poke bowls. Each meal ordered from the back of the menu is plenty of food. We will have leftovers to take home. Be sure to look in the refrigerator if you want bottled water or soda. They do have a fountain machine they said, I didn't see it. But they show Pepsi products on the counter, but Coke and diet coke in the fridge too. The larger 24oz diet Pepsi costs more.To be fair, it's the first try. I might go on my own and try some other things like the bento boxes or poke. You'll have to go judge for yourself. It's absolutely nothing to look at inside. No overhead signs for ordering.I stopped in and left Friday night, not impressed by the inside, no one eating in. So I left. Several picking up outside. Sunday noon no one inside except us. One other take out as we arrived. One in the drive up when we left.Overall, not that impressed. Especially, for the price. 3 meals with rice that comes with it, one egg roll side order and one 16.9oz bottle of Diet Mt.Dew, 2 unsweetened "homemade" teas that are actually Oolong tea, not regular black tea was $48+ WOW.I understand the prices around the world are going up. But $48 bucks for 3 is to much for us. According to my math from the menu and 9% sales tax, the bill should have been $45.80Parking: Plenty available, handicap includedDietary restrictions: They do have a great online ordering system that allows you to remove things like peanuts or onions etc. And I did see a small diet menu on in house menu

Lauren S.

So so so good! Best food in Rantoul hands down! I'm from Seattle and I hadn't had a good bowl of tonkotsu Ramen in two years and I was so excited to find this place, it's so delicious! Lots of carb friendly options for my husband who is diabetic. Can't go wrong supporting this small business!

Cal Snelling

First time seeing this place today. So let's give it a try. Ordered the Takoyaki and the dinner pork katsu box.the takoyaki was good. Liked the amount of nori in the miso soup. The lettuce in the salad was fresh and green. Found the pork katsu little over cooked and the fried rice was an egg fried rice. The fruit balanced out my lunch with the crab Rangoon. I will come back to try the Ramen and their Poke bowl. It's quick food not high end but it's a nice little shop in Rantoul. Give it a try

Amanda Porter

I absolutely LOVE Asian Bowl Express. I order online because it is so fast and easy. Just swing through and pick up for a fast delicious lunch. The staff is so friendly and professional and their home made ice tea is the BEST!


The outside was a little worn but inside was clean and friendly. Shrimp Pad Thai was excellent and a large portion. Sweet and Sour Chicken and Crab Rangoon were very good. You won't be disappointed.

Sean Paine

Amazing!! I don’t eat Asian cuisine often, but this was one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a while. Not only was the food well prepared, the atmosphere was nice and the staff was very friendly. If you’re looking for a clean, quite, peaceful place to eat out, definitely check this out.

Tim McIntyre

Great Variety of food. Food was prepared well and served hot. Dining room was open and we ate inside. Allow time as your food is cooked to order. It is not prepared ahead. Everyone working there was working very hard to fulfill the orders. Time to get the food was satisfactory. I will recommend this place and will return when I crave this food again. ?

Johnathan Powers

Have you ever had Chinese food that was mushy bowl of chicken? That’s not what you’ll find here! Fresh, crispy and delicious. A great addition to the dying town. The sweet tea is to die for. The lady at the counter proclaims she tried the “bottled stuff” and decided it best to stick with homemade - TRY IT! Wonderful food and excellent service.

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