Bud's Bar

122 N Kentucky Ave, Rantoul
(217) 892-9655

Recent Reviews

Amber Sanford

Peole friendly.. great bar food.. love the new smoking area .

Brian Bridgwater

Very friendly bar all good people hanging out there

Raiderchris217 dean

Pretty good 6 dollar pitcher

james bryan

Nice place to have a beer after work very friendly people

mark blackburn

Not a bad bar. NO DARK BEER...WTH

Shawn Davis

I love Bud's bar they are friendly and make you feel like your at home.

Norm Elwood

Always a great environment and the bartender is always welcoming

Chris Moderwell

Great atmosphere and FREE Pool!

Toni Kaye Shirar

Had a great time, would definitely go back....

Jodi Buetow

I love Bud's bar. I love the Kauffman family. Always feel welcome and at home.

Allison Marie Wake

Amazing!!! Come to buds great drinks and awesome bartenders!!!

Sarah Scroggins

My first time going and it was lovely. The place is smallish but cozy with pool tables and reasonably priced drinks. The staff and owners were friendly as well as the other patrons. I think for a local small town bar it was wonderful and i would definitely recommend.

Benjmin Post

During covid 4 pm to 9 pm is busy time after that it's pretty dead

Dennis Mcdaniel

awsome people i was a out of towner and everyone still treated me great its a great place

John Coleman

Huh... NOPE.

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