Burger King

720 W Champaign Ave, Rantoul
(217) 892-4670

Recent Reviews

Cynthia Brundage

Was just there and was told at drive through that he would be with me in a minute, almost 3 minutes later I drive off. Not happy with service. I understand the shortage of workers but I've worked fast food and I would never let my customers sit there wondering when or if they will get waited on.

Chris Gutting

Never greeted, I had to initiate conversation. Was brought my order without any condiments , had to ask if I could get a drink with my order instead of coffee. Tables dirty . Employee sleeping laying down in booth.

Cory Wilson

Went to this location 12/22/22 @ 3:08pm and ordered chicken fries that were posted at $1.99, but was charged $3.99. When I inquired about it, I was basically told to take or leave it. (My words not theirs) It would of been nice to get the 9 piece at the posted price, too bad I really really wanted them and the snow was coming because under any other circumstances, I definitely would had them void them out. PAY ATTENTION TO THE MENU PRICES AND YOUR RECEIPT!

Maile Tatman

We were out shopping and decided to give this Burger King another try. We stood at the counter for about 5 to 7 min before anyone came to the front to wait on us. It was not busy so not sure that the issue was. I ordered the chicken and swiss sandwich and my husband got a burger. He was very disappointed since his burger was dry. My chicken sandwich was really good.

Allison Brown

i’m going to be honest I went at a non-busy time and got a very simple order, so I can’t attest to the complaints about waits or things being incorrect. Honestly was excited to come right a review because David at the window was so genuine and kind, I usually only leave reviews as warnings not just compliments. After coming on here not sure if it’s the best management or anything. I had a great experience but read the reviews and decide for yourself! I always recommend checking the bag before you pull away so you don’t have to go inside or wait in line again, although you shouldn’t have to do that, it’s a fast food joint. Best comment I saw on here was if you like burger king this place is just fine.

AC Jam

Very clean and staff are really nice. Food is fresh, but they have made my simple (to go) order wrong 3x already. Frustrating to find out when you get home.

kayla fields

Worse ever. Avoid. Waited 20 mins in line. Then ANOTHER 15 min waiting for someone to take my order. The three cars behind me were just as annoyed. We all just drove off at the same time. Tried calling, no answer. Go figure. But McDonald’s across the street was fast and good, and they have 20+ cars.

Heather Lynn

AVOID‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️So I went to this place yesterday, sat in the drive through for probably 25 mins. Food comes get home eat it literally threw up right after food was old, didn’t realize it till halfway thru my burger ugh! This place needs shut down! I called the health inspector!! You will be receiving a visit soon??‍♀️

Jeffrey S.

Sticky floors. Sticky tables, no ice in soda machine and slow unhelpful service. But bathroom was clean

Elizabeth Lowery

Was told out of batter for all crispy chicken combos # 6,7,8,9. Drive thru employee was nice then became rude and had attitude. I recommend you go to Champaign...

Cole Hanks

Out of all the fast food in Rantoul, this is the one I’d avoid. Customer service is subpar, they are slow and careless, and have no clue what’s going on.

Kathleen Holmes

The worst incorrect order ever. Ordered a Lg coke didn’t get it.Double whopper with cheese. No cheese2 orders of jalapeño bites. Didn’t get any at all.Didn’t The marinara sauce.Spent $85.00.Tried calling twice. No answer.

Vickie Burnette

Family needed a quick meal so we stopped at the Rantoul, Illinois, Burger King. Our first time dining at this location.The french fries were hot, fresh and crispy. The Whoppers were perfectly hot and fresh and were nicely presented- not smashed or hastily slapped together.Very pleased with this store!

James Keenan

Ordered a Whopper Jr. And got a small burger, wrong topping. Asked for a napkin as none were out and the girl behind the counter wiped her hands on one and tossed it on the counter. Screw this place, I will never go back. Also not one Clean table

Valerie Clerget

I know it's only fast food what should we expect but this store just needs shut down. If I did my job like what is allowed to go on here, I'd be fired. Lesson learned.

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