422 S Garrard St, Rantoul
(217) 892-3493

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Jeff B.

Enjoyed the Philly Cheesesteak. Served with peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese. Great prices and menu.

Timothy O.

Wow really, been trying to hit this place for a while now..What a disappointment, worse than jr high lunch, canned corn, instant mashed potatoes, ribs dry as f*** more like jerky tough as leather, only thing edible was the chicken and I have been burping up that crap all day. Like clockwork SQUIRTS 6 hrs later, .. CHANGE YOUR OIL!!. Drove al the way from Champaign for some crap A$$ Cafeteria food, place was dirty, rude customers with crap music playing loud over their phone and yelling instead of talking acting all Thug like looking like they haven't bathed since Trump. I am not a picky eater..but gross..laziness at its finest, BIG MISTAKE RANTUCKY... I will only go back is I am Constipated and ain't pooped in weeks and I want my clock cleaned. Do not I say do not go..save your money and do not go Trash on a plate. I hate KFC but way better than this garbage. P.s....buy a frigging spice rack. Also...felt like we could have been robbed at any moment. PEACE OUT MIC DROP.

Joshua Ferran

I ordered a burger, a gyro, and an order of chili cheese fries. Upon arriving at home, I tasted the gyro meat because it looked a bit dry. It was VERY dry and it was tough. And instead of my burger, I was given a container that had green beans and corn in it. I didn't even try my fries because they looked subpar at best. I returned the food and was given a refund. The only positive about this visit is that the guy working the front counter was very polite and professional. He was apologetic about the situation and even acknowledged that he saw my burger in the kitchen after I had already left. The quality of the food needs to be better and whoever is packing the orders needs to double check that that right items are going to the appropriate orders

Alan Oakley

Lemme tell ya, you need to try this joint. It looks like an old school drive up and it doesn’t have the biggest dining room. You have a choice off of two menus which may throw off a bit but hang in there. They have a buffet you need to look at before you decide. My go to is the burgers and chili cheese dog. I’m going to try the chicken because that seems to be half the draw here. Anyway they also have a very good breakfast menu that’s cheap and delish. The help, here is the thing. You may not find nicer people here. They younger employees always impress me whether it’s taking a tray to an elderly person or just how dang polite and happy they seem. Go check it out, and don’t forget the homemade pie on the way out‼️

Lestat Bonelli

Went for a couple burgers. After ordering we wanted to change one of the fries to chili cheese fries. They upgraded the order no problem. food came out fast and the burgers were fantastic. chili cheese fries are wonderful, love the chili they use. great service, great food, fair price.

Victor Javier Marte Hernandez

love it. I'm always satisfied with their delicious mashed potatoes and gravy.

Cindy Lavender

The food is sooooo good here. we had the burger, wings and the best pork tenderloin ever.

Latonya Myers

Loved my burger & the gyro was good but the sauce was to runny like it had water in it. Won't stop me from going or getting it again I will just get it plain. Overall food was great like it always has been.

Nesa Perry

The drinks and soda are always flat!! Never flavored THREE TIMES IVE ORDERED! 3! Never again EVER their soda/pop is FLAT AND OVER DILUTED!!!!!! A shame and it ruins the entire meal! I Won’t support again I’m fed up beyond measure !!! Not to mention the unauthentic gyro meat it was ALL BAD ! Like I said NEVER AAGAIN !

O L Rooster. 1

Phenomenal food ,great service ,excellent selection of meals

Chris H

Nice little dive burger joint

Sarah Willma Catalina

Gyro burger and fries. Delicious! Friendly staff and good prices.


We were just passing trough Rantoul and saw this place on Google. The pictures 100% did it justice. This place surprised me. The chicken was seasoned nicely, juicy, and tasted like homemade. The Philly cheesesteak nachos were perfect. The meat was tender as were the onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Great hidden gem!!

Michele Macaraeg

Best fried chicken ever! Love this place!

Earl Maurice Winfrey Sr.

The food is amazing haven’t had a bad meal her at all and the Sevice is A1

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