333 S Century Blvd, Rantoul
(217) 892-9776

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Ordered Philly steak sandwich with a variety of vegetables on top. What I got was a few pieces of meat and a few slices of onion in bread. No toppings at all! Extremely disappointed!!! I looked at some other reviews and apparently the waiter clearly doesn’t listen and doesn’t care what you ordered!!!!!

Kerry Stephens

I ordered my sandwich online and they gave me the wrong bread and didn’t even heat up my meat!

Daniel Herkes

The bathroom was not very clean, and the employee's boyfriend was visiting, limiting her attention.

Sharon Bortle Knight

The food has been great but the 2 kids that work in there need to find a job they like. I gave them 10 tip if I could get a smile next time I came in and I buy alot of subs!

Matt Liedman

They need to work on their orders little better at Subway put more meat on their sandwiches not less

Mark Wolford

My family ordered 4 footlongs for dinner.Not a single sub was made correctly to order.2 of the subs were steak and cheese with different toppings on each and different bread. The toppings were on the wrong subs and mine was supposed to have mayonnaise on it but they put a disgusting ranch dressing on it.My thinking is that the employees decided they would make whatever they wanted and force it on customers. I refused to go back and have all 4 remade correctly because they seem either too lazy or too incompetent to do so to begin with.Also, we sat at the drive thru window for 10 minutes and nobody even bothered to come to the window even though at least one of them looked right at us.To top it all off they didn't even put in the one single bag of chips that we ordered. We placed the order on the mobile app and I triple checked the receipt they gave us and the order was correct on the receipt.No reason they couldn't make the order correctly.They also weren't busy. The whole 15 minutes we were there we only saw 1 other customer in restaurant.I will never go back to this location again unless the entire staff is terminated and replaced with new staff that do job correctly.

Chris White

Drive through service is horrible it’s always please wait and then 10 minutes go by and still no service. The one by Walmart is much faster and better service no wait at drive thru!!!

Susan Wallin

They are fast and efficient.

Rachel b

the women's bathroom smells bad and the door doesnt even close and the ceiling leaks in places right over the booths and theres mold everywhere ?

Betty Burtnett

One of my favorites

Paige Smith

Really nice people great service

Robert W. Terry

Awesome service!

sue parker

They have really good customer service really good employees DeShawn Renfrow Thomas Parker Avery

Kimberly Lake

The crew yesterday with 2 boys & 1 girl were awesome! My family of 3 got sandwiches & each one was made wonderfully! Thank you guys! My family was very happy & grateful for such wonderful service!

Karl C.

Long wait, prices are too high for what you get

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