725 W Champaign Ave, Rantoul
(217) 282-9379

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Cheyenne Elizabeth

Most subways are a 50/50 on the good and bad scale, but this subway passes the test everytime I go. Its clean and has soft bread, the workers are also very kind. I appreciate Adam's help with the #2 sandwich, I'll definitely be coming back to Jim with future orders


KIM made my sub did fantastic job, friendly service(5*) veggie were at there freshest, so were rest of crew, everything fantastic thanks guys. I’m traveling idk when I come here if I do I will stop here and recommend it aswell

Mateo L

Friendly staff, food always prepared great here, clean.

Dana McCurry

So every year on our vacation, I make it a point to stop at this specific Subway off I55. Who ever ownes this Subway should be proud. You have amazing workers who are fast, polite, professional, and work as a team.The subs taste SO much better than any other Subway I've ever been too. From the bread to the meat to the's all SO much better!

Timothy Y.

Nasty and dirty place. I had my mind on eating subway but quickly change my mind after coming here and seeing how dirty the establishment is. Bathroom was nasty, trash all on the floor, the store was dirty. Now I can understand if it was lunchtime at 12 or something but this was at 9 am ãn they had no customers at all. Why is it nasty.. they open at 8. If the place nasty then food is unsafe to eat.

Amanda Sopher

The girl working tonight has the worst attitude towards coworkers and customers. She doesn’t follow directions and complains with no regards to children present in the restaurant. She needs a good leader to iron out her serious customer service lacking ability.

Adam & Jennifer Scheele

This place was great. We had a group of about 40 people who stopped for lunch. They were able to move us through the line pretty quickly. The staff was friendly and efficient.

Cody Hardisty

The only place open for dine in past 8pm and good food!!!

Wyatt N.

If I could give this a one star I would terrible service horrible was very rude who ever management is needs to be doing some firing what ever you do do not go here I will not be coming back

Amit Thakkar

Added to much sauce and made soggy...!!!

Valerie Devoti

Clean and hard working kids and very well mannered

Michelle C369

Cleanest subway I've ever been to and very friendly staff!

danny lease

They had a deal on app but did not work so worker had to make my meal an charge me ,honestly for what you pay an for what you get ,the prices seems high ,they need to bring back the 5 dollar deal

KittyVs Media

There was only one worker on staff on Sunday when I went in but the worker was super kind. He made all three footlongs and two pepperoni pizzas without complaint and they were made beautifully exactly as we asked. I felt horrible that he was the only one on staff but he managed well and was good at his job. People like him working hard during the understaffed times should get paid more.


Well it turns out coming in from the back, touching your face and, mask, not washing your hands, and then grabbing gloves to go serve customers on the line isn't ok.The other one across town was nicer. No visible hygiene issues, and the employees of the second store all appeared to be sober.

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