Jimmy John's

2047 Milwaukee Ave, Riverwoods
(847) 947-8932

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Michelle Kosir

My sandwich was wrong again! When I tried to speak to the manager, he was so rude kept talking over me. Last time for Jimmy Johns. Many at my office order from this location and over the last year have had a lot of problems.

Ubaldo M Gomez

Cold! Fresh ! Sandwich ? so yummy kills your wallet is worth every penny!

Jordan Arnold

When you order on line they offer the option of as early as 10:45 am. Come to find out no one is actually at the store until 11:00 am. No one bothers to call to apologize, they don't want to fix the problem. My meeting will not have food as planned. Forget this place!!!

Erika Golder

Took an hour to deliver. Maybe not so freaky fast. I wish they would give you a delivery estimate so you know what fast means; or on this case, how long freaky slow is going to be. When I called, the person on the phone said rudely we have other customers you know, 10 people in front of you.

Brian Langkan

I visited this Jimmy John’s location for lunch on a weekday. There was the usual lunchtime crowd from an array of local businesses. I walked up to the counter and placed my order. The lady took my order and as I was in the process of paying, took a phone call for a phone/computer order and never returned. My sandwich was called out by the sandwich artist while I stood at the cash register wondering if my payment went through, if I would get a receipt, or if the lady that took my order would even acknowledge my existence. Nope. So, I picked up my sandwich and spent the rest of the afternoon in a state of confusion. Welcome to another episode of.... The Twilight Zone.

Dining Bunny G.

Not fast for delivery. Forgets part of order. Difficult to get thru when you call. They need to step up their game as they are making Jimmy John's look bad.

Pri Pri M.

Food was delivered an hour after the order was made. Co-worker got her delivery before I did.. When my food finally arrived, it did not have the hot peppers and mustard I had asked for..

mEnAcE25k .




John B

They couldn't figure out what I was ordering or where to find it on the cash register. Not fast at all. Other JJs have the sandwich seconds after I order. No one else in the store and it several minutes here.

Sagar S.

As a vegetarian, I'm kind of a sandwich guy. I rotate between some of the sandwich shops in the area (Subway, Potbelly, Jersey Mike's, grocery deli, Jimmy Johns etc.). My comments here are not about the service or food quality, both of which are at adequate for this location. My complaint is about the fact that I live ~2.2 miles from this location, and they refuse to deliver here, or contract with an external delivery service. I couldn't care less about freaking over fast subs, the fact that I can take a 20-25 minute bike ride here and they won't deliver to my home is unacceptable. And no, it is not always feasible to whip out the bike for an hour-long round trip to pick up a sandwich from a place that isn't insanely better than the other shops in the area (which do deliver).

Larisa Savin

Not honest people working there!!!

Pina Iacovella

Yummy sandwiches

Dan M

Won't deliver in their same town

Jonathan Zacsh

Their veggie sub should come with way more vegetables on it. Also it's kind of sad and empty inside everytime I visit.

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