Bambu Che

6286 E State St, Rockford
(815) 708-8097

Recent Reviews

Staver teal

THIS BUSINESS IS CLOSED/SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD! NOT OPEN ANYMORE just went today and a sign was posted on the door stating this fact 7/10/2020

Rebekah Kumar

It was a great place to chill before but now it’s permanently closed!

Skippy juan Jones

Loved going there for bubble teas when they were open.

Rachel Nadig

Not a bad review though a little ticked they haven't updated anything about their status, including to Google. The place has been closed down permanently.

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Came to get a drink & snack at 7:50 pm on a Wednesday and they’re closed! Both website and front door say they are open till 9pm. With no note giving a reason for early closing. Any place should be reliable on when they open and close or at least have transparency with customers why they close early

Samantha M.

I'm so glad the Rockford area now has an actual bubble tea shop! It was always such a bummer and hassle having to drive down to the Schaumburg area to get some good boba! I've had many things have the menu and my favorite so far as been the Taro milk tea and mango fruit smoothie with lycee! Everything is made perfect and very fresh never had something I didn't like!

Nina Garcia

Found me a new favorite drink place when I wanna switch up from coffee

Josh Gillan

Coconut Milk Tea w/ the mango bursting boba. You're welcome.

Happy Fish

Coconut Milk Tea w/ the mango bursting boba. You're welcome.

Brian Leggero

Great drinks. I had a coconut drink.

Scott Taylor

Different Coffee and tea selections. Delicious

Jessica Caruso

Cute decor, endless drink options, and the best waffles

Liz Barber

Don't waste your time. Unbelievably slow. Overpriced. Not a great atmosphere. And the drinks are not good - especially for the price.

Colin Neuman

Standard coffee took thirty minutes before we just gave up and left. Shop is frigid. Broken couch. Uncomfortable area. It's a coffee - how incompetent do you have to be?

Julie Sosnowski

Love the staff, super friendly. And I absolutely adore their smoothies with boba in them 😍😍😍

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