Bucciferro Family McDonald’s

314 N Mulford Rd, Rockford
(815) 398-7117

Recent Reviews

Cindy Turner

Great service and great tasting food!!!!

Steve Horvath

Good service, it's McDonald's

S Poznan

Staff accommodating when my app wouldn't connect. Food was fresh and tasted good. Tables and bathroom were clean.

Gerald Westbrook

If you want some good live flowers that last all summer long if you water them properly, this is the store for you.

ron criel

Great breakfast burritos

Mike Lawrence

Kinda slow and not the greatest service

Kate Skate

Fairly fast service, accurate orders, and they wear masks during this global pandemic. Good in my book.

Cindy Tipton

Never can get your order right

Joy Weyhmiller

Have been to McDonald’s on Mulford road in Rockford, Illinois twice, and have experienced the same problem. NO ONE WANTS TO WAIT ON CUSTOMERS!!!! I just left the first time, second time 4 people behind counter. Two at window hiding, no cars…one cleaning shake machine, no shakes or fancy coffee drinks that morning. Was looked at twice, finally after 5 minutes someone waited on me. The place was almost empty at the time. This took place on Thursday December 2, at 9:30 a.m. I will NEVER go back!!!! The priority should be the customers. Joy Weyhmiller

Margaret Gel

It was fine.

Garrett Smith

Staff was very rude, took forever to get my order, and they want to charge you for every little thing. 35 cents extra pickle on my sandwich ...really!

John Bolen

Great service

Pam S.

This McDonalds is the worst in town. We always avoid it if possible. Today cars parked around building waiting. This is unsatisfactory. I've been waiting for happy meal and chix nuggets for 15 min

Rodney Gates

Well Jenna ( Jay ) was a great cashier.

Morgan D.

Every single time I give this location a chance they always mess something up, one time I got a chicken wrap and the chicken looked like ground beef it was so burned. Another time I ordered 2 smoothies and both of the cups were only filled just a little under 3/4. Another time I ordered a caramel iced coffee and got a nasty pumpkin spice one along with a bacon and egg mc griddle with no cheese and they decided to leave the bacon off and put the cheese on it. It's almost like they do it on purpose

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Bucciferro Family McDonald’s

314 N Mulford Rd, Rockford, IL 61107
(815) 398-7117