Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

2222 S Perryville Rd, Rockford
(815) 332-2000

Recent Reviews

David Calvin

Great customer service and very clean restaurant. Helpful and cheerful with a great menu and good section of products.

Robert Boro

Give me their chicken strips with hot gravy dip and toast any day!!! Make your own soda combos too. Not just for ice cream.

Andrew Hart

Very friendly staff. Restaurant was very clean. Service was prompt. Most importantly, the ice cream was delicious!

Keith Liveris

Great tasting comfort food. Excellent ice cream choices.

Jean Devore

their banana splits are great as are their shakes & blizzards - love their chili dogs!!! personnel are always friendly & helpful!!!

Bryant Tucker

Great chicken club sandwich. I was very surprised


I'll definitely go back to this dairy queen everyone is very nice and polite. I got my son a small chocolate cone and a 2 for 4 meal chicken strips and fries and they were all very delicious

Steph J

It's one of the few Dairy Queens I have ever stepped into that is clean and friendly. It's my personal experience that you don't get that, but this is the exception.

Ruby Patton

I had the summer Berry cupfection, it was pretty good.

Frank Brown

Stopped in for lunch. The young man at the counter was pleasant and patient. Food was served quickly. The place was wonderfully clean.

Gerald Westbrook

Just like the name says; get something off the grill & then chill as you eat some great food & relax (chill)!

Badboy Blu

Decent place to eat, they actually got my order right the 1st time unlike "other"places. Flavorful slushies great sundaes and the blizzard gets turned upside down lol

Cam K

Average DQ. Didn't mess up my order.

Jessica Bauer

New chicken and waffles is the bomb. But you have to eat on the right way I mean your chicken and your waffles yeah put your hot sauce on if you awake and then you cover all of it and syrup even your chicken and you take a piece of your waffle and you take a piece of the chicken and eat them together some most delicious day in the world! You just got to be willing to try something new and if you don't like hot sauce like me then you Don't need any hot sauce. That's my greatest dishes from the south! Thanks ð???ð???

Jula Lulu

Love this place, I come in there with my grandpa every once in awhile. The staff is also really amazing!!.

Donell Chester

Waited for 15 minutes for service with only one person in line. It was fully staffed! I left and took my business elsewhere. I'll never go back. They could care less.

xRanger Simone

Burger and Blizzard's were good, Frappuccino was alright at best.


Love Dairy Queen!!

Susan Baumgardner

I ordered a turtle pecan sundae but it didn't taste like when they were really really super cheap with a chocolate in the pecans and caramel. quite disappointed

Danny Bardwell

I found this place to be comfortable the service was great

Tina Childs

Good service, clean place and quick service.

ray gunn

Good ice cream & Burger's.

William Sims

Good but high in calories.

Don Armstrong

Always good service and some good food deals.

TomiSue Frick

what can you say about DQ.. the blizzards are the bomb. the foods ok but it's fast food.. so it beats having macdonalds all the time.. DQ IS A NICE CHANGE OF PACE....

Shareen Franklin

Love this location clean and great staff. Food is always hot and fresh. We eat at this location about 2 times a week.

Ta-Wan-Sa World!

Nice clean environment! My chicken sandwich was not all the was cooked, but they made it over with no problems. Kids meals are basic and nice. I got served and this is a fast food place. Ice cream always good! Marshmallow topping is a must have!!! Recommended on a hot day before entering CherryVale Mall.

David Schulz

Terrific ice cream. The blizzards are perfectly mixed.

Cynthia Camargo

I will not come back definitely they treat you very badly and with a bad face and the bread was cold in my hamburger

Julia D'Amato

I like dairy queen. They have good food and yummy blizzards!! Their cakes are good too.

Karan Miles

I like to walk in to a restaurant and be greeted with smiling faces and a hello. Here, i got the opposite. The cashier was not even a little friendly, said as little to me as possible. So i was very nice and friendly to her in hopes to brighten her day

Josie Wright

We had the $5 lunch. It was great. Good food cheeseburger, fires , drink and a sundae It was awesome!


Last week I used the drive thru-Ordered 3 pc chicken tender meal, took it home and had to throw away the chicken, So hard I could not bite it, Never ever had any other food service serve chicken like this, The week before had to send back my smoothie, because it was the wrong size and was so runny-it looked like juice.

Brandon Hultman

Horrible customer service and good quality. Waited in the drive thru for over 15 minutes to fish lot get my order and no apologies for the wait then they give me cold food with again no apologies. Why even try?

Craig R. H. L.

This DQ was training a new person at the register, so ordering was slow. It took them five minutes to make a malt.

Shaunice Thomas

The triple chocolate brownie or the fudge stuffed cookie!!!:)

Jason M.

Stopped in while our car was charging at the mall. Kids loved the kids meal with chicken fingers. Place overall seemed clean, bathrooms were clean. They have the cool coke machines where you can pick your flavor. The ice cream service was really slow and they seemd confused. Asked for a dilly bar, got an ice cream sandwich. And our blizzards took forever! You'd think an ice cream place would have serving ice cream pretty much mastered. Maybe adding the food aspect causes the slow down.

Nicolle K.

Have now ordered ice cream cakes from this location twice and the first time I ordered 7 days early and they sold the cake to another customer, even though I ordered in person and pre-paid. So this year, we ordered 10 days early, by phone-did not pre-pay (learned my lesson) went to pick it up yesterday and it was a blank cake-nothing like we ordered. No apologies-nothing. Terrible service and management doesn't seem to care.


Should a manager from this place read this review, you have two problems:1. Your drive through is horrible. I have tried it several times now and there's no reason it should always be as slow as it is. Look out your window, when you see that many cars lined up around the building and they're not moving, that's not what it should look like.2. Please train your employees how to make a Blizzard. it is not supposed to be a cup full of ice cream with the toppings just placed on top, they are supposed to be mixed in. I know I have seen blenders there, just show everyone how to use them.

James R.

If you've ever been to a Dairy Queen... er sorry DQ Grill N Chill, you know what you're going to get. This one isn't any better or worse than any of the others you've been to. However, it has those fancy soft drink machines where you can program it to make the drink you want giving you much more options. The only issue with this place is its location. It shares a drive with the neighboring Taco Bell and during busy times it can be difficult to get in and out. Also, the address says it's on Perryville, but you have to access it from the road behind it, Barnes Blvd. It doesn't have direct access onto Perryville.