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Tod T.

Really wanted something to warm the soul on a cold winters night so off we went for a deep dish. We pre ordered so we wouldn't have to wait 40 minutes if ordering when we got there but even with that it was still another 20 minutes. I didn't mind because I ordered well done but as you can see it wasn't well done and not hot in the middle. We sent the pizza back to be cooked longer in hopes it would warm up the center section. It returned to our table 15+ minutes later somewhat hot but still didn't burn our mouths and lots of the toppings ran to the missing spot from our trial piece. The sausage was small and almost non existent and blended in with the mushrooms. The waitress was nice but for $33 dollars for a 14" pizza I'll try someplace else next time.

Reed S.

Stopped here on a whim - and I found a new favorite in the area! This is one of those places you walk into not expecting much (if you're unfamiliar) and get blown away by great food and great service. Our server was at our table multiple times, came with water refill's without asking, and was fast too! Our sandwiches came on the softest and freshest ciabatta bread I think I've ever had at a restaurant. The chicken was flavorful, with FRESH mozzarella on top and comes with a side of marinara sauce. I got a side of soup instead of fries and was pleasantly surprised with how filling this meal was for only $13. I was beyond impressed with the flavors and freshness for what I thought would have been an average pizza place. This place is a must-stop if you are reading this. I can't wait to come back and get another one of these sandwiches. To finish this review I would like to let the audience know my plate, soup bowl, and water cup were completely empty and my stomach, extra satisfied. Do not miss out on a gem like Giordano's!!

Kimberly Hoiness

?????????????????☃️Our Christmas Party was held at Giordano's last night. Everyone had a great time. Our server was awesome! Raul was very accommodating to make this fun holiday event affordable. Thank you, Raul and Giordano's. ☃️ YOU ARE AMAZING!?????????????????Food: 5/5

Nicholas Joyce

Hands down, the best deep-dish pizza I've ever had to date. Just absolute perfection with every bite. The sauce is perfect, crust is perfect, blend of ingredients and cheese is perfect. PERFECT.Food: 5/5

Drew R.

Eat here on most of my visits to Rockford. Consistently good Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Generous toppings. Well not really toppings since there on the bottom. Tons of gooey cheese and a well balanced tomato sauce. Ordered carry out and it was ready on time.

Trista W.

Came in around 1pm for a quick bite with the MIL. We both got personal 6" pizzas, one topping. She opted for the lunch special which came with a side (soup, salad, or something else which I can't recall). I just got the pizza. Silly me--she saved a dollar and got salad. I could have ordered the lunch special just to save $1 and not even have the salad. What was I thinking? Lol Clearly not about saving a dollar! Service was splendid. The pizza came out a bit slow, but worth the wait. Seriously, worth the wait. This place also has frozen pizzas to go. What?! Awesome!

Patrick Chiesi

Good ingredients, good beer, heavy (very heavy for me) but delicious pizza! This is not like Italian pizza but the original Deep Dish!!

Margaret G.

The only pizza I can eat. I've eaten a lot of pizza in my time. Most of the time, you get a pie, it's hit-or-miss. Usually, miss. Giordano's makes the world's greatest pizza and I have had A LOT OF PIZZA. The small extra thin crust will feed 2-3 people, it's REALLY huge. I get it with three meats, sometimes anchovies, and always onions. It always tastes the same; it always tastes good; and it always sits well in my tummy.

Joe Knows

YUMMY!! Very good stuff here! Just like my favorite VITALES in Clinton Iowa. I would put them next to each other for sure.. Great pizza!! Fair price! Clean atmosphere... And good vibe...

Erica A.

I go here alot and the food is wonderful. The staff and service are very nice and we had my son with one day and they gave him some dough to play with which he loved

Among I.

Absolutely terrible. The service was horrible, and then MY FOOD TOOK AN HOUR AND A HALF. My sandwich gave me food poisoning and my familys pizza tasted horrible. Don't waste your time. Go to mod pizza or portillo's.

shaggy 505

First time, ordered take out on a Friday. Staff was super nice and they were busy so five stars there. Boneless wings my son loved and they were tender, cheese pizza for my other son he wished more sauce. Stuffed was just not our favorite compared to others we’ve had but it’s personal. Crust like pie crust but cooked perfectly, would’ve like more sauce in it and sausage but overall they did a good job.

Eric Kammerzelt

Chicago deep dish at some of its best.Good service here but the deep dish pizzas can take a while to cook. Might want to order ahead.

Ray Ray

A great place for Chicago style deep dish pizza. Even better than alot of places ive been to IN Chicago. Deep dish orders take a little to get to the table but well worth the wait. Highly reccomend the calamari as well.

Evangalos Vassopoulos

Ordered individual stuff pizza but I received this because now they changed their recipe. Where's the sauce??? I'm going back to Nancy's! The original. You decide.***Update worse problem is, evidently the pizzaslid during the delivery so there wasn't evencheese on pizza let alone sauce.Such a shame, I just ordered last month, anL stuff pizza with Italian beef. Excellent. Smooth delivery, no sliding!!! Oh by the way my Italian beef sandwich, I even asked for a side ofau jus, but I didn't receive any, What changed in the past six months??? Oh well, study pictureLAME! This is acceptable??? Ha you’ve just lost a lot of business!!! That’s your response?!? Bye-Bye! I’m going to Nancy’s South Elgin, haven’t tried yet but should be much much better! The original! Gio-Barfos! You figure it out

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