La Tuna Bakery

3840 Broadway, Rockford
(815) 708-0943

Recent Reviews

Noelle K.

We were in Rockford for the week and wanted to try something different - after reading about La Michoacana we were excited to try it! We went on a Saturday evening. It was overwhelming with all the options and I was disappointed to see that many of the containers were either low (I don't want to bottom scrapings!) or had ice crystals on them (including the popsicles) which to me, means the ice cream is old. Several ice creams had a sheen to them that made it look like maybe they had melted and refroze? I was impressed that they make all the ice cream right there, and maybe some of what I noticed is simply due to the type of ice cream. We tried several samples but were underwhelmed. Pistachio, one of my favorites, tasted like banana so hubby got a vanilla cone and I went with the mint. It was a soft consistency that I didn't care for and there were ice crystals in it! Glad we tried it but wouldn't go back for ice cream.

Alan T.

Dozens of delicious and adventurous flavors! Fresh and no can definitely taste a difference.

Linna B.

My favor, I'm addicted to this now that I've had one and this is the best in town very nice staff and always willing to put anything extra on it!

Tammy T.

Ice cream is very good here. So fresh and so many choices to choose from. They also sell them by the bar which is always great to take home but be careful on hot summer days because they tend to melt very quick! Doriloco's (I think that's how it's spelt) is a crazy good snack! It's huge and I'm sure it's packed with a crazy amount of sodium but it's so good. Elotes here are definitely a miss. The one one ordered was completely bland and salty. I rather wait to buy it from a cart. As far as service goes, every time I come here it seems like me and my friends always gets stuck with the lady that doesn't speak English very well. Makes it a little difficult since it's hard to read the menu since it's mostly in Spanish and there are no descriptions to it lmao. Last time I ordered a scoop of pií±on and they gave me butter pecan