420 S Perryville Rd, Rockford
(815) 397-2917

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Jasmine Goble

Pretty standard McDonald's. They mess up something about half the time and the ice cream machine is never working, neither is the McCafe machine. However when your toddler wants nuggies and fries - they will come through ??‍♀️

Mike D.

These guys were great. We're from out of town, went through the drive thru and the manager was amazing! He hooked us up and made sure we were all set for a long trip tonight. Couldn't thank him more, 5 stars all day.

Aurora Nava

i asked for a 10 piece, they put a 4 piece. i didn’t get any piece

WI Explorer

Friendly service but it took 20 minutes to get from the ordering stage to getting ONLY a soda. Very slow service.

Linda Wager

My husband and I came through the drive through at about 10:30 pm. The fish sandwich we ordered was fresh, but the two burgers and two orders of fries were barely warm and old tasting. I went back in and asked for fresh, waited 10 minutes, got handed a bag, was in hurry and assumed they were fresh. Got back in car and it was as if someone has just lightly microwaved our already old food. We had no more time to go back in. The fries were simply not edible and the cheeseburgers were not at all enjoyable. My husband ate them only because he was very hungry. What poor management!!

Dale Earn

The manager Claudia is not a good manager. She is rude and was swearing at a customer . Claudia also took the money and threw it back at a car rigjt in front of me..This place is dirty and super nasty. Avoid at all cost. Requested ownership number or her bosses name and she would not give the info. What a joke. Claudia claims she's the head boss which has to be a lie since she's worthless

Ted Horton

Fish sandwich was fresh and hot but took a long time in the drive thru

Nunya Bizznes

SLOW SO SLOW and the prices went up no pictures on the menu they are all back there giggling and ive been waiting forever

Brian C

Location #4971 was properly staffed with a very efficient Drive-thru process and pleasant customer service during the breakfast hours!

Maria Alequin

It's great fast food for a night off. Everyone can chose what they want. Fast easy great service

jackie jacobson

Over 6 bucks for an egg mcmuffin hash brown and soda. No wonder I never go to McDonald's.

Emily “Kumiko” Thurow

I work here!!! Play place is now open... Masks are optional for both workers and Customers now. Yay

Zia Khan

Drive through is always backed up. It's faster to go inside and get your food.

JamerzJamesta 76

The line was super long, which was fine. But, we ordered a 2 cheeseburger meal with no pickles.. we got pickles. The quarter pounder I order tasted horrible and the fries were cold. For as busy as they were, fries should have definitely been hot and fresh.

Jess_playz_Roblox _.

We asked for Ice cream and they said that the Machine was broken so we ordered cookies and when we got to the window they were giving the people in the lobby ice cream and gave us some hard and cold cookies.

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