420 S Perryville Rd, Rockford
(815) 397-2917

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Samuel Voeller (xCykrix)

Decent experience. Food itself was warm and made properly but fries were cold as the bag was handed to me, definitely not recently made.

Belinda Thompson

Just had soda pop and went to the bathroom. They were very clean or had just been cleaned. But did a very good job.

Ed W.

Once again went to this location in a truck I can't use the drive-through because I'm in a truck Walked up to the lobby door at 5:40 and it's still not open. Change your hours. Or get more help. Whatever the excuse is fix it.

Starr Price

Just grabbed a coffee and caramel macchiato... There macchiatos and coffee are always good. Friendly staff.

adam cavenagh

Orders are mostly right. But poorly put together smashed in to a bag. Burger under cooked.

Steve Dzik

24 hrs? just went to order from speaker. nobody was there to take my order.. on my way out, saw someone in a car in parking lot.. huh...


Seeing some of these comments on restaurants makes me so angry. Some restaurants are understaffed because nobody wants to work anymore. Some of you guys are plain rude to literal kids for a literal burger or wait time when they can’t do anything. Make your own food or maybe try working there. Fast food is not an easy job with rude customers. It’s embarrassing being a middle aged adult yelling to a 17yr old because they don’t have the food out fast enough for them. Especially when you only have 5 people working and a full line of people expecting to get by in a minute. There’s also not enough workers to keep it up past 12. They just clean & go home because they have school and all. Or when a single person is taking orders, taking money, and packing food to hand it to you. Don’t even get me started on how some of you guys leave the lobby dirty. Common sense to clean after yourself. Not just here but literally anywhere you go. It doesn’t take much to be kind :)

Jordan Grillo

Mcdonalds is a good place to eat when your on the road and really high definitely would recommend and the sprite always hit different


COLD food. Food SLOOPILY thrown together..gave us WRONG drinks. Unfortunately staff very unfriendly. Staff seemed to have no answers for questions and did not seem to be aware or know procedures or things happening in store and what items they had. Got our order wrong and food was cold and awful. WILL NEVER RETURN.

Teresa Trevino

Horrible!!! No stars-- long wait in drive up...30 minutes!!! 20 mins in drive up lane, jump line to walk in n another 10 mins. All that for my fudge Sunday with NO frudge??. I mean freaking really? That's it I'm done-

Carrie Zaragoza

Never get order correct even when you agree it's correct on the screen. People are rude and get mad when you ask for anything extra or add to order.

Angela Eagles

The staff was friendly, and kind. I was definitely over the top, saying I was on my.period, while asking for extra chocolate, and the person behind the mic made me feel very understood, and even empathized with me. Came here after being ignored by the one on State and Alpine.

richard harris

Very nice place to visit the service was great and the food was good

Mike Rose

It's Monday night 11:33 now I've been sitting in the McDonald's parking lot 420 South Perryville for 15 minutes I've drove through the drive-thru twice nobody answered me I haven't seen one employee walking around there are three cars parked in the parking lot all the lights are on inside I've seen more than one car go through the parking lot and nobody gets an answer yet the door say this is a 24-hour McDonald's the sign is clearly on and lit up the lights are on inside the drive-through lights both menus are on I would avoid this place this isn't the first time I've frequented this establishment and had questionable service and items that I ordered that looked very poorly assembled trust me go to Walmart buy some hamburger make it yourself avoid this McDonald's

i think therefore i am

This location has never messed up an order of mine. While the staff could be a little more courteous and respectful to their patrons. I can only complain about the speed no matter what you order if it isn't drive thru you are a second class citizen and will wait at least ten minutes.

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