nmt Drink

2233 S Perryville Rd, Rockford
(779) 423-1301

Recent Reviews

Ovidio Aldana

Aesthetically beautiful drinks

Joe 4444

Bartender Alex is awesome!!! Such a great time

Judith Guthrey

Service is great and so is the food!

Nicholas Guglielmetti

Great food. Great atmosphere. Good bartenders.... Why does it smell like sewage when you walk in the door

Jeremiah Smith

A most go place beautiful crowd, the food is delicious.

Geoffrey Rogal

Bartender was halarious. Good menu of beers and drinks!

Nyki Pastuszka

There has not been a single time where I did not enjoy myself or make a new friend.... and I'm an out of towner that's 600+ miles away! I can't come to the Rockford area and not stop for a night to visit this place. Great people, great food, great atmosphere!

Charlie Perez

Always a good time and good food

John Kennedy

nice place with great good and arsine beers on draft

Jen Boeke

Visited for the first time for a trivia night and immediately found out that I've been missing out on some awesome flatbread pizza (peppered bacon? Heck yeah). Large drinks selection, nice specials menu, and some fun craft beer too. Friendly attentive service.

Jim Guttridge

Good drinks and good beer selection.

Tony Rudolph

Great food, great drinks

Rob Kesler

Love the place, disappointed they don't do bingo on Tuesdays anymore tho

Kelly Schauf

Always a great time! Alex and his staff do a first rate job here!

Michelle S.

Bartender Tuesday night had a real attitude and obvious personal problem with me. Wouldn't serve me even though I had paper State ID, vertical drivers license, and passport. Not to mention I had a debit card with my name and none of my identification was expired. I don't work all day being nice to my customers at my jobs to have a bartender at a small bar treat me like that. Won't be back. Also I was wearing a belly shirt and I zipped up my jacket once I saw her friend was staring at me when she then said "that's a good idea". It's 2019 if a belly shirt offends you why do you work at a bar.

Valerie S.

Walked in tried to say hi to the bartender so I could order. She was so beyond RUDE! Looked right at me and turned her back and proceded to do stuff at the counter. If you dont want to deal with customers, get a different job! Never got my drink and will never come back!

Todd Anderson

Nice beer selection.

Jill Boloski

I love going here!!! The bartender Tracey is excellent and Jose is an awesome cook!!! The atmosphere is pleasant and everyone who comes in has nothing but great things to say about it!!!! Good foodies Good people Delicious

Debbie Anderson

It was nice but not somewhere i want to be if you really want to have fun.

Chuck Jones

Wally is a blast. Period

Dyan Toepfer

Great place to meet friends...

Melinda King

Good drinks nice bartender if you go try "the diva"

Chris Cervantez

I work at the mall and we are always looking for new places to eat. My co-worker and myself have ordered carryout a couple of times and both times have been delicious! I have tried both the Buffalo Burger and Al's Steakwich and both were excellent! The steak fries are also well seasoned and delicious. My co-worker has had a Cajun Grilled Chicken sandwich and I think I will try that the next time I visit.

Christo ski

Went for a drink and slots. Good beer selection; wide liquor selection. Made good drinks.

Bryan Maiman

I love this place! They have a wide variety of quality alcohol, the food is simple but really good, they bring in awesome musicians and Alex is the absolute best.

Melissa Lundblade Nordheim

Great spot! Friendly bartenders, good menu selection, food is great !

Tannette Gauvreau

Alex is the best bartender!!! It's a great place!!!!

Todd Bankord

Was there for Tuesday night bingo, great Wait staff, had a fun experience and won several prizes

Oscar M.

Met with some friends and relatives in Rockford for a life celebration. We stopped in at Drink to all meet up the night before. Lot's of good food choices and good music vibe. Had fun trading stories and before I knew it we had been there for 3 hours! Bartenders were great and plenty of Drink choices. Steve the owner is a great guy and the prefect custodian of this local spot.

Teri Draper

We typically hit Drink for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It is an incredible value $4.99 for eggs, toast, potatoes and a meat. They have good biscuits and gravy as well. We have been there at all different times of day and the staff is always friendly. One of my favorite local watering holes.

Thomas Ciciura

Great Friday fish fry! I also love the blackened chicken avocado club sandwich. Awesome beer selection.

Paige D.

Honestly the music consists of screeching bagpipes and the drinks taste like water. I am convinced I am drinking dyed water. Very disappointed considering the hype!

Charlotte Zinke

Very good but service can be a little slow sometimes

Thomas S Ciciura

Try the Friday fish fry and you’ll be hooked. I also recommend the chicken bacon avocado club. Bell’s hopslam on tap (when available). A Rockford gem. The original bar and woodwork from North Main Tap was moved and restored. Located next to Menard’s acrossl from Cherry Valley mall.

Dave French

Super friendly staff, delicious food, amazing drinks and great times!

Todd Sorini

Nice little place. Staff was friendly. Made it their duty to engage with all the customers. Decent selection of craft beer. I will return to try the food

Karyn Y.

Best drinks in town!! Generous pour and great prices.... New and clean with friendly staff.

Ashley Noto

Went for breakfast on a Sunday morning. I don't think they were prepared for a family with kids to come in. But the biscuits and gravy were absolutely delicious! Some of the best I've had in town! Will definitely go again for breakfast!

Andy Z.

Haven't tried the food except appetizers, which were average. And the atmosphere is not good.... You feel like you're in a strip mall - which you are. There are so many places to drink. Why here?

John O.

I was here on a Friday night to celebrate my birthday. I ordered the fish fry to go and was very disappointed. I received three small portions and a small amount of fries for $9.99. One ounce of tartar sauce and that was it. No salad, coleslaw, ketchup or bread. A couple of fish fillet's at McDonalds would have been a better meal and cheaper.