nmt Drink

2233 S Perryville Rd, Rockford
(779) 423-1301

Recent Reviews

Michelle S.

Bartender Tuesday night had a real attitude and obvious personal problem with me. Wouldn't serve me even though I had paper State ID, vertical drivers license, and passport. Not to mention I had a debit card with my name and none of my identification was expired. I don't work all day being nice to my customers at my jobs to have a bartender at a small bar treat me like that. Won't be back. Also I was wearing a belly shirt and I zipped up my jacket once I saw her friend was staring at me when she then said "that's a good idea". It's 2019 if a belly shirt offends you why do you work at a bar.

Valerie S.

Walked in tried to say hi to the bartender so I could order. She was so beyond RUDE! Looked right at me and turned her back and proceded to do stuff at the counter. If you dont want to deal with customers, get a different job! Never got my drink and will never come back!

Todd Anderson

Nice beer selection.

Debbie Anderson

It was nice but not somewhere i want to be if you really want to have fun.

Chuck Jones

Wally is a blast. Period

Dyan Toepfer

Great place to meet friends...

Melinda King

Good drinks nice bartender if you go try "the diva"

Chris Cervantez

I work at the mall and we are always looking for new places to eat. My co-worker and myself have ordered carryout a couple of times and both times have been delicious! I have tried both the Buffalo Burger and Al's Steakwich and both were excellent! The steak fries are also well seasoned and delicious. My co-worker has had a Cajun Grilled Chicken sandwich and I think I will try that the next time I visit.

Christo ski

Went for a drink and slots. Good beer selection; wide liquor selection. Made good drinks.

Bryan Maiman

I love this place! They have a wide variety of quality alcohol, the food is simple but really good, they bring in awesome musicians and Alex is the absolute best.

Melissa Lundblade Nordheim

Great spot! Friendly bartenders, good menu selection, food is great !

Tannette Gauvreau

Alex is the best bartender!!! It's a great place!!!!

Todd Bankord

Was there for Tuesday night bingo, great Wait staff, had a fun experience and won several prizes

Oscar M.

Met with some friends and relatives in Rockford for a life celebration. We stopped in at Drink to all meet up the night before. Lot's of good food choices and good music vibe. Had fun trading stories and before I knew it we had been there for 3 hours! Bartenders were great and plenty of Drink choices. Steve the owner is a great guy and the prefect custodian of this local spot.

Teri Draper

We typically hit Drink for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It is an incredible value $4.99 for eggs, toast, potatoes and a meat. They have good biscuits and gravy as well. We have been there at all different times of day and the staff is always friendly. One of my favorite local watering holes.

Thomas Ciciura

Great Friday fish fry! I also love the blackened chicken avocado club sandwich. Awesome beer selection.

Paige D.

Honestly the music consists of screeching bagpipes and the drinks taste like water. I am convinced I am drinking dyed water. Very disappointed considering the hype!

Charlotte Zinke

Very good but service can be a little slow sometimes

Thomas S Ciciura

Try the Friday fish fry and you’ll be hooked. I also recommend the chicken bacon avocado club. Bell’s hopslam on tap (when available). A Rockford gem. The original bar and woodwork from North Main Tap was moved and restored. Located next to Menard’s acrossl from Cherry Valley mall.

Dave French

Super friendly staff, delicious food, amazing drinks and great times!

Todd Sorini

Nice little place. Staff was friendly. Made it their duty to engage with all the customers. Decent selection of craft beer. I will return to try the food

Karyn Y.

Best drinks in town!! Generous pour and great prices.... New and clean with friendly staff.

Ashley Noto

Went for breakfast on a Sunday morning. I don't think they were prepared for a family with kids to come in. But the biscuits and gravy were absolutely delicious! Some of the best I've had in town! Will definitely go again for breakfast!

Andy Z.

Haven't tried the food except appetizers, which were average. And the atmosphere is not good.... You feel like you're in a strip mall - which you are. There are so many places to drink. Why here?

John O.

I was here on a Friday night to celebrate my birthday. I ordered the fish fry to go and was very disappointed. I received three small portions and a small amount of fries for $9.99. One ounce of tartar sauce and that was it. No salad, coleslaw, ketchup or bread. A couple of fish fillet's at McDonalds would have been a better meal and cheaper.


You can have anything from micro brews to single malt scotch at the drink. All while watching a game or listening to local live music on the weekends. Fun place to spend some time with friends or play some slots.

Chris C.

I work at the mall and we are always looking for new places to eat. My co-worker and myself have ordered carryout a couple of times and both times have been delicious! I have tried both the Buffalo Burger and Al's Steakwich and both were excellent! The steak fries are also well seasoned and delicious. My co-worker has had a Cajun Grilled Chicken sandwich and I think I will try that the next time I visit.


I was invited to a birthday party here, having never even heard of this place before. Many of the 'regulars' I spoke to called it a neighborhood watering hole, which they frequent often. In other words, those who continually frequent this place, do so for a reason. Being that the party was catered in-house, I can only vouch for the pizza and wings, both were sufficient but not world class. The drink menu is littered with creative brews and cocktails, the latter of which lean a little on the heavy-handed (strong, dirty) side for my taste, but I'm not much of a drinker. With respect to atmosphere, let me put it this way: If Rockford had a 'Cheers', this place would be it. Far from the bi-polar rude service of Carla, our waitress attentively and faithfully sought to our every need. The building size and furnishings suggest hole-in-the-wall bar, but that's probably what you expect from a place like this. The live music, though acoustically unbalanced, was decent enough to lighten the mood for a Saturday night.In short, with a name like 'Drink', you can tell their emphasis is squarely on the bar. Plenty of opportunities to 'get your Drink on'. That being said, the food is above that of average bar fare, enough to make you want to come back and try another dish. Urban yet secluded location. Great service. Solid B

Armando S.

Clean bar, bartender was attentive. Food was good, beers are cold and affordable. Wife and I had the Rueben and the flat meatball sandwich. Food was good a little better than average barfood. Bartender was very polite. Would definitely come back and try something else off the menu. Bar is small and somewhat quiet prolly due to it's location. Ample sports on the tv's. Come try it out. Will come back and try when it's busy. Came on a Saturday night about 8. Only 6 people in the place but again prolly due to it's location.

Stephanie H.

This is a cute hole-in-the-wall bar. It's small but usually isn't too crowded. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. It has a casual, but modern vibe. One thing I recommend if you're eating there are their fries. Because of the small size of this place, it can sometimes be tough to find a seat at the bar area, but they have tables too.

Jarrod W.

Had the Buffalo Burger. Ordered it Medium but came out Medium well to Well. Didn't matter because it was great!!!!! Great service great atmosphere!!! Definitely recommend this place

Clayton S.

Best priced bar in Rockford for the quality of drinks. They run great specials and the food is good. The late night menu is also good. Would highly recommend. Good entertainment packed into a relatively small bar.

Nicholas B.

Service was excellent my waitress Courtney was very attentive and helpful with the menu the food was good as well I had the homemade pot pie it was very good along with the pretzel sticks. The prices are perfect the food and drinks are cheap.


Didn't know about Drink before a Groupon offer came that sounded interesting. For a fixed price we got 2 entries, 2 drinks and an appetizer. Drink is located in a plain strip of shops and was a bit off putting. Inside it is a typical bar style with the expected sport's screens on all walls. We expected to make the best of our offered selections and move on, but the surprise began with an order of Onion Rings. Absolutely the best we had ever tasted. Very light and crispy. We thought of ordering a second batch, but decided we had better see what my Buffalo style Cheeseburger and my wife's Reubin would be like. The delights continued. My burger was huge 1/2 pound at least and very good. My wife's Reuben was similarly generous and excellent. Our waitress was working alone when we arrived and had lots to do, but she covered all the bases without being flustered. We will be returning.

Elizabeth B.

Great place to gave some drinks and enjoy great bar food. The mac and cheese is awesome! Its also a pretty lucky spot for me to play slots. They also have a really good friday night fish fry. Deliciousness. Definitely would recommend

Jeff C.

A bar with ok food at best. I asked for a Lagunitas Pale Ale just like on my coaster. She brought me Lagunitas IPA. There is a difference. Bacon cheeseburger arrived without bacon. A laughable amount of lettuce was given with the sandwich... see the picture. Stella Artois picture on the wall says served in the 16 ounce chalice. It was not. Waitress showed up with a 12 ounce bottle even though it was served on tap. Girlfriend said Caesar chicken wrap was very bland. Asked for extra sauce but the sauce was bland and did not help much. The coleslaw was very good but I'm sure they didn't make it. Glad I used a Groupon or would have been even more disappointed.


Stopped for a quick lunch after noticing this unassuming spot located in a small strip mall. From the moment we entered, we were impressed by the cleanliness and decor. The bar and backbar are beautiful and impressive. Tables well spaced an everything was well lit and clean. Very friendly and helpful staff explained the menus (drinks & food). Drinks were well made, however the highlight was the fantastic food. my wife ordered the BLT and Cole slaw and I had a cheeseburger and fries. Both were outstanding! One of the best burgers in town! We have heard that they have a great fish fry on Friday nights and can not wait to try it. this is a wonderful addition the the area!

Liz G.

Enjoyed my experience at Drink. Great selection of beers with a regular rotation of microbrews. Check out untappd for some good recommendations of beers they rotate through. Food exceeded my bar food menu experience. A great homemade mac n Cheese and Chicken Pot Pie. Live music most Saturdays over the dinner hour. Wide range of one man bands to three man bands.

Richard Edwards

On past visits "drink" has been a nice break from typical local bars. My most recent visit 8/20/15 however was a negative enough experience that it is highly unlikely I will ever return. 11:45pm and 7 thirsty guys walk in clearly after work and the bartender ignored food orders, couldn't pay attention enough to sell us drinks (he was too busy with female customers), as well as some additional idiot games being played with their jukebox. Not worth my effort to stop here again with plenty of other options out there for adults to party at

Matt Z.

The prices were good, all the food and drinks were really cheap. The food tasted fine, nothing special but it is bar food so I wasn't expecting a 5 star meal. Sadly this is where the good ends. We arrived at 7:15pm on a Tuesday night and didn't leave until about 9:30 strictly because of the poor service and long wait times. One person was working the bar and all the tables so we didn't put our food order in until 7:45 (which only happened because we grabbed his attention) and the food didn't come to our table until 9:00! How long does it take to cook a few burgers and fries? This place needs more workers. At the end of our meal the bartender/waiter came over and introduced himself to say he owns the place and apologized for the wait which was very nice, but not enough to make me want to go back. Overall i do not recommend this place. There are dozens of other bars in Rockford with same or better food and 10x better service.