Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

6367 E State St, Rockford
(815) 399-3176

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Fred Allsen

Food was cold..had to wait 25 minutes to get food..and didn't get our drinks..very disappointing..


I use to be a bigger fan. Alfredo sauce is good. Husband is a bread stick fanatic. Service is good. Just overpriced for what it is.

Sonic Speed 97

Great experience everytime I take my brother there with me! Service is great, waitresses cater to your every need as far as table seating! Most importantly the food is outstanding and done right, so I'd recommend going here for a family reunion or a friendly gathering!

LaDonna Callison

I love this place but they didn't have what i always have. Because they don't have a lot the food anymore??

Carla Hicks

Chicken scampi is my favorite and the salad is always wonderful. Service is spectacular.

Saunda D.

I enjoy coming to the Olive garden. The staff is friendly. The all you can eat soup and salad is great for a hot or cold day. I like the egg plant parmesan it's very good. They have a variety of good selections on their menu.

Ann R.

Not a good experience today. Waited five minutes after being seated to see server. She breezed by and said I'll be right back. After 10 minutes she came back. Husband ordered Diet, and when server read back order she said Coke, and I corrected her and said, "Diet Coke." When she came with drinks she had Coke. Also my ice tea had no ice. Gave our order, and server said that she would be right back with Diet Coke & glass of Ice. 10 minutes later flagged down another waitress to send our server back to us. Finally she came with Diet Coke, but no ice. Asked her again for a glass of ice. Soup and Salad came, and finally got my glass of ice. I started flipping the salad in the bowl, and there wasn't one drop of dressing on the salad. Finally flagged down another server to find ours. Server finally came over and I told her that there was no dressing in the salad, and she said, "There has to be dressing in the salad." I said no. She asked if we wanted new salad, and I said to just bring some dressing. It took awhile but we finally got dressing, and she brought seconds on our soup and bread sticks. I understand things are tricky with the Covid thing going on, but I felt so sorry for this server because I don't think she had much training. Probably go back, but not for a long time. Bottom Line!! Make sure your wait staff have adequate training!

Luisa Hernandez

If you need some quick pasta, Olive Garden is the perfect place. Quick service, cheap food, good pasta and soup (Gnochi is my personal favorite). With the pandemic, they distanced the patrons nicely and the staff was great!

Floyd Fluaitt

It seems anything other than the soup salad is over salted. My steak was so salty I had to drink water with every bite. The sever we had was great though.

Karli Tillema

Olive Garden was amazing! Waiter was super nice, checked in frequently, food was delicious.

Miriam murray

Great food and great service! Adrian was our server and he was amazing!

Rosina D.

Man this place is really went downhill with food and service. I went there to get a to-go order and possibly a glass of wine the lady behind the bar clearly didn't want to help me she was busy doing extra activities that didn't concern dealing with people it was very dead so I understood why she was acting busy. my ID which wasn't current not realizing that it was my old id because I have left my other one at the bank earlier that day I did happen to have it on me though instead of asking me for my other ID she got all short with me and demanded that the manager come out in a bad angry tone. Almost like she felt threatened or something and I'm not even sure why. it was almost just like she didn't want to help me and she had to make a scene about it. the manager wasn't much better she was very rehearsed an animated totally explaining siding with her employee not relating at all to what I was saying or how it was relevant to the situation. with a woman running things I'm not surprised a man would have never handle it this way and I'm not even a sexist person. She ignored me. She criticized me. Questioning me about where I was going and then proceeded to insinuate I was lying.the only thing that's funny is I hope somebody reads this review and only goes to Janesville Olive garden the sauce was dry and old the noodles were hard and terrible I will never go back to this location I ate there once a week and probably spend at least $100 depending on who I'm with. It's not hurting me. It's only in a restaurants best interest to have me places. I guess they can go without my business. Also why does it seem like the breadsticks are cold and hard and never fresh.???? The red sauce there is like a paste it smells and tastes old. and the noodle sometimes look like they've been sitting out for long periods of time with a coating over them.... Never in my life have I seen such laziness in the kitchen. Or maybe just trying to cut corners and stretch A Buck

Allen B.

I was staying at hotel near to Olive Garden Rockford, IL. I ordered Shrimp Alfredo to pick up & go. Three minutes back to hotel. Also ordered breadsticks and marinara dip. Opened packages and breadsticks were superb! The Alfredo Shrimp was like a "solid paste cake"! Trying to eat it with the totally flimsy plastic fork was impossible. I gave up and just ate the shrimp and "bits of fake shrimp". Not impressed. Will not reorder EVER. So much for their ad about dipping your breadsticks in any extra Alfredo sauce!


I always come here for date nights. Pasta is amazing!! I would totally reccomend this place. I've always loved going here. Great service and food is always hot and good :)

Monique Collado

This was our first dining experience from being quarantined and it was lovely. It was also the waitress' first day back at work so she was quite excited to serve! She kept the soup, salad, bread sticks and drinks full. We rarely had to ask! We were in an entirely different room from others dining. Food was just like a I remember ?

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

6367 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108
(815) 399-3176