223 E State St, Rockford
(815) 977-5855

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Joshua Blackwell

Never had sushi before, so I guess this was a good place to try it out. I ordered the steak Ramen and yellowtail rolls. Everything was presented beautifully and the food definitely exceeded my expectations. The waitress was very attentive, excited about the food, and generally pleasant to interact with. My sister and I were celebrating my birthday with a new experience for me, and I loved it. The waitress even ran after us to give my sister the leftovers of her burrito. That's the kind of service that will keep people coming back. I highly recommend this restaurant even if you don't think you'd be a fan of sushi.

Michael Carroll

Wait staff was great, and the sushi was pretty good. Clean establishment. The fried rice was over cooked, like super sticky. The teriyaki chicken was just okay.

Chilled Youngin

My first time having authentic ramen and I gotta say im impressed. Next time I come in im giving the chef my number ?

Brad Walker

Enjoyed a quiet dinner out and was extremely happy with how everything turned out. Edamame appetizer, Rainbow Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll, wine and beer.

Melissa Allen Young

Just not good. Service was as best as the server could do(given the fact that the owner didn’t seem to care) but it didn’t make up for the only adequate food. We love to support local but we won’t be supporting this local establishment in the future.

heather scudder

Wow! Flavor heaven! We happened upon this place to beat the waitlists at other places nearby. And I’m soo glad we decided to give this place a try. The presentation was soo beautiful I hesitated to eat. Once I took a bite, I was throughly sold! This place is a hidden gem. Beautiful atmosphere and friendly staff. Can’t say enough great things about this place! Sushi was impeccable and the steak teriyaki was cooked to perfection! Did I say, flavor heaven right here!

Michael E.

(I wrote this e-mail to the restaurant, and it was kicked back so I felt it is necessary to post here to allow everyone to know what our specific experience was on the evening of August 14th, 2021). I don't give out single stars lightly. "Good morning, I believe you guys should be aware of the dinner we had at your establishment last night. Eight of us came in to have a corporate dinner, and we appreciated your ability to accommodate us on such short notice. After an evening of reflection I feel it would be absolutely disingenuous to not e-mail you the following information vs. sending this to you via social media. There were a number of issues with our dinner last night and all stem from flavor and freshness of the products you were serving. Dinner started off on a good note and set a lot of expectations of dinner. Both the stuffed avocados and the tuna tataki were excellent and delicious. Unfortunately, that was the only enjoyable part of the meal. To start off three people ordered your seafood ramen with no modifications. All three bowls came out tasting differently. There was an excessive amount of chili oil in two of the three, and one had little to no chili oil. The noodles were bland and overcooked. The calamari was cooked well but was absolutely flavorless. All the scallops were rancid, metallic and putrid, and were either pulled out or spit out. Each bowl had a different amount of items in it, with some having a lot of one item and only one of another with no consistency between them. The only saving grace of the bowls was the soft boiled egg and the fish which was well cooked and tasted good. All five sushi rolls were bland. The sushi rice was gummy and significantly under seasoned. The flavors had one note. The Mexican roll specifically was poor and the only flavor from that roll was the jalapeño. The lettuce used in the two Caribbean poke bowls was old and had turned. Along the same thread of the sushi rice above, the same could be said here. We did bring up one of the mistakes with one of the seafood ramens as it had spicy noodles added that weren't asked for and also had the heaviest addition of chili oil making it unpalatable for the gentleman who ordered it. Elixabeth voided the meal from the bill, and we appreciated her correction on that."

Sarah R.

All of the sushi was very good, nothing stood out but everything was solid. I want to give a shout out to the crispy pork belly fried rice. Holy moly, ideal drunk food in a bowl. Will certainly come back for it.

Kristopher Childress

Nice place in the Rockford Riverfront area. Easy to get to and parking is plentiful around the area, even with a big fair happening just over the river. The decor is nice and the waitstaff was friendly even though they were very busy. The food was absolutely amazing. Portions were perfect for the price and my whole family left happy. Definitely recommend for a date night or family night out. We will be back for sure.

Rachel R.

$16 for these two small salads. *Prices on website incorrect* Dressing put on top of salad for pick up. Rather odd considering an industry standard is to not put dressing on top of salad for pick up. Additional charge for extra little ramekins of dressing (our total would have been $18) Do not recommend.

Victoria Green

It was great food but definitely do not bring your small children with. It was super frustrating trying to hold my one year old while eating. They don’t have high chairs. Took him to the restroom only to find there aren’t any changing tables. The food was great, but just a warning, no small children. Definitely not the audience they were aiming for.

Athena Higgins

Our experience was great! Food and service was top notch!

Julie Weis

When I first walked in, I felt like I had interrupted the waitress's napkin folding... Since I was the only person in the place for a late lunch, the service was very quick. I had The State Street roll... it was delicious!!!The decor is urban city modern with exposed brick and some of the original decorative plaster ceilings and mouldings. I would go back again.

Brittany Zimmerman

I don’t go out of my way to rate poorly on google so I guess this is saying a lot. I visited with my partner’s family - all Japanese - and we were pretty bummed by the quality and presentation. I’m from the Midwest, have had excellent sushi in rather landlocked areas, so I feel like location is no excuse for bad fish. Menu does not even contain a proper Omakase. Lowest grade cuts of fish I have ever had. My roll had toothpicks in it. Soy sauce was sitting in an oil olive dispenser, and there were no cups to dispense it into. The server brought out 6 people’s dishes within a 5-10 minute increment of one another. I would have rather waited a half hour for everyone’s food instead of dying watching my food sit while we waited for everyone else’s food to come. Such a bizarre experience.

Sasha S.

I'm usually highly satisfied with Omakase, in fact I order out at least once per week. Today however I ordered my usual, 815 roll and jalapeno bombs with spicy crab mix. Only to find out the prices went up and my order total would now be $29 and some odd change. Which I was still fine with seeing this is one of my favorite places to eat and I always order the same thing. The disappointment came when I got my food home only to find the jalapeno bombs are significantly smaller and I didn't receive any garnishes that come along with the 815 roll. It's not fair to your customers when you inflate prices but the value of your product goes down.

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