Shooter's Bar Grill

4007 E State St, Rockford
(815) 399-0683

Recent Reviews

Christopher Lawler

I'll concur with the other reviews regarding this particular establishment in that if you seat yourself, you won't be politely greeted or served... and with this obtuse demonstration for the lack of adequate customer service skills, and in the last few times I have made an appearance at this establishment; none of those times have I seen any more than 10 customers seated anywhere within the confines of this establishment and quite possibly for this very reason.As per my recommendations for where to go to spend your free time and your hard-earned money... well, there's plenty of other places in the immediate area to patronize that would be more than happy to earn and win over the privilege of serving you with a decent menu offering and beverage selection in addition to remarkably superior customer service skills.My money is definitely better off spent some place else who actually appreciates me as being a paid customer. With this said, it also has become clear to me that this establishment is also not military veteran friendly, as the staff here acts as if you don't even exist.

Chris Olsen

I sat at the bar for over 20 mins with no service. I had to go track down a bartender to even get a drink...


100% would recommend any other establishment for your evening enjoyment! Terrible service, music, and ownership. Makes me ashamed of my home town, honestly.

Cassie Jibben Hubbell

so much fun and so much to do. great food. friendly staff!

Sher Bear

I love country night on Wednesdays and Monday night kereoke!??

Bree A S.

Tonight my husband and I decided to grab dinner and a drink from shooter . First not one , not two but three bartenders walked past us as we sat at the bar . Finally after about 15 min of sitting there with not one acknowledgement a bartender comes over with no greeting just looks at us waiting for a drink order once we got drinks and a menu we sat another 10/15 mins menus closed as we were ready to order . I finally flagged down a waitress just for her to tell us she will be back in a minute .... NEVER came back . We then order with someone else . Food was pretty decent . As we sat there ready for boxes drinks empty since BEFORE we even got our dinner I ask for boxes and check again I am told we have to wait because only the women who took our order can give us our ticket . We finally got our ticket and paid but as we sat at the bar a couple actual tables had people at them as we were getting up to leave one bartender proceeded to yell to a bouncer so everyone can hear "are you going to take care of these tables so we can have a dance for or something " one of 2 said tables were still eating and the other just sat down to order . If you do not enjoy people maybe you shouldn't be a bartender . We will never be back .

Luis Martinez1977

Good music good food...bowling ? lanes are clean

Thomas Sione

Great selection of drinks. Great services.

Gonzalo C.

I gotta say ninika was by far very attentive and very comical. She should get a raise. But I gotta say not having galaxy on tap was quite disappointing. Other than that very good experience

Paul Stephens

It's a cool little place to go have a little lunch and run the ponies

Jacqlynn Schmidt

Very poor service. It's a Sunday afternoon during football not a lot of people in there. Waitress ignored us completely, but made sure her tells were taken care of. Waited ten minutes and left.

Dustin Arreguin

I went to a. Friend's birthday ..

Melissa Morrison

I could only imagine how packed this place is on a weekend. Good service and there's a bowling alley and arcade right next door!

Larry James

The horse names and the crazy ladies that are there!!!!

Brandy Carpenter

Great ppl.... Love this place. My husband n I go there at least 2-3 times a week for an hour or so. ❤

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