6239 E State St, Rockford
(815) 398-7374

Recent Reviews

Paige Raupp

I come here every day before work. They know my name and my order. They are MUCH faster then the other Starbucks in Rockford. I LOVE THEM! Their service is amazing.

Michael Gardner

Vanilla bean Frapiccino's were very good but service was slow given the no wait in the drive thru and order only 2 drinks and the inside was closed too, so not sure why it took so much longer to make, but that's why they didn't get 5 stars. Service was friendly and inviting though, to which I would expect from Starbucks.

Ariana Sanders

Great experience during these crazy times! Starbucks is always reliable for great service

Madelyn Pattison

My morning go-to! I miss Bryan. He was super chatty with the customers and got to know us. The current ladies do are still friendly.

Michelle Arnold

I was ignored the whole time, while the staff got my order wrong. I watched them make it, then had to verify my OWN order. They sat talking to someone instead of making drinks. I was in a rush it took them over 20 min for one screwed up tea, instead of remaking it she overflows the tea then takes tea out with a lid.. and hands it without a sleeve or double cupped. I burned my hand on the hot tea from the lid. When I asked for another cup or sleeve I was given attitude. I Will never go to this location again. It took 4 people to make/prep a tea. Tea wasn't right anyway and bakery item wasn't warmed up either. Maybe if they had been listening to customers instead of talking to someone else, they'd get better reviews or tips! A lady next to me ordered two drinks and they also got hers WRONG. How sad, to give attitude to customers making us feel like we don't matter to them. NEVER AGAIN.

greg benjamin

afternoon staff always shorts me on espresso shots. Morning staff fine.

Matthew Swanson

Tasty treats and beverages like coffee and tea are sure to please.

Gerardo Rubio

Fast service, good atmosphere.

brooklyn balsiger

I love Starbucks. I also go a lot so yea

Mike Cochran

Got free mugs with reward pts

Samuel Medina-Conchi

Friendly people and convenient location. But 1 bathroom was out of service and the other was clogged.

Geminnis Enriquez

Can we appreciate the hard working staff of this location?? They were open on Christmas day and were able to maintain such great customer service. There were several long waits, which was expected...they still got my order correct and were wonderful!!! I came in today to get my regular coffee and Connor went above and beyond to greet and ask about their service yesterday. Really appreciate that. Thank you!!!

Amy Kearns

One of the best Starbucks in Rockford always nice,fast and friendly. I am so glad they are open on Christmas day. Staff was very quick with my order, and he was so pleasant!

Josh Techlin

Friendly staff and quick service.

Pat M.

Stopped in to Starbucks for my free birthday treat, and the super sweet, easy on the eyes young man that took my order made a big deal about my birthday, asking if it was today. I said yes! He said HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I ordered the grande cafe Mocha and a cheese danish, he asked if I wanted to use my points for the danish and I said sure! He said you're all set! Both items for FRRE. Danish was toasted perfectly! Coffee made perfectly. Coffee maker asked if today was my actual birthday? I said yes! He also told me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Started my day off perfectly! Thanks, guys!!!

Hillory R.

So I love Starbucks but this one is disgusting. I wasn't bothered by the boxes placed everywhere but the bathrooms were so disgusting I left without ordering to go down the street to the other E. State Starbucks. I'm not THAT picky but there was crap all over the toilet and the sink looked like it hadn't been cleaned in days! Ew!

Kevin McFeaters

A bit expensive but on the road sometimes you just want a good cup of coffee. Lots of choices. The staff always seems so pleasant in all the Starbucks I've been in.

Lizarella Duncan Monroeski

quick friendly service and delish coffee

Pam Paulson DiBenedetto

friendly staff always , quick, accurate orders

Ebony L Moore

The morning staff there are so amazing. Very friendly from the moment you walk in. They are so good to me. I love their recommendations when I want to try something new. Everyone there is an absolute pleasure to see whenever I go

Bret V.

This is a super convenient location, as it is right in front of my work. The workers at the drive through are always so kind, and there's a few of the guys that have really gone above and beyond with making suggestions or getting to know you. I can hear them talking to customers through the speaker, asking their names sometimes and just being overall pleasant. I wish I would ask for the names of some of them so I could give them a shoutout. There is one red head with glasses that is partially sweet whenever I go there, and I told the girls from my work if he is ever there when they order, they should thank him for the drinks! All of my front desk agree this is a great Starbucks! Many are now hooked on the jade citrus mint green tea because of me! Get it with honey and it soothes your sore throat!

Frell Farscape

Actually I was at Barnes and Noble. The Starbucks is in the store. There were lots of books there. I love reading and love to have have a book on my hand not some digital firm of a book.....

Laura L. Kunkes

Worse customer service ever. Does not know how to make drinks or speak to the people. Your drive through should be fired!

Scott B.

My wife and I love Starbucks but....... this one is always so very unclean and the one off Perryville often gets our order wrong. For a place that charges $1,000 for a cup of coffee you think the employees and store would match what you are paying for. Back to this store for a second though, they didn't ask for a name and it was really busy. That got interesting real quick since everyone was ordering..... you guessed it, pumpkin spic late. So I do hope things change because we will be back. For anyone reading this and is willing to travel. The store on 173 is awesome. We have never had a problem there. Hope this helped someone.

Jim Wallace

Love it. great place good people!

C. Wright

It's a Starbucks. Great staff and quick as well. Only complaint is the cramped drive through area.

Jim Wallace

Love it. great place good people!

Sone V

I ordered a grande Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and got a drink that tasted like I was drinking cream. The color was off! I should know how my coffee taste and look like cause that is what I alway order. I then went back and asked them to make me a new one and got just the cold brew. Come on really! I didn't mean to cause any trouble, it just didn't taste right! Please train your brista how to eyeball the measurement of coffee, cream and ice ratio to put in certain drinks. On the cup there are lines for that. Customer Service was awful from the brista at State & Trainer in Rockford.

Erin G.

I'm not from the area but I had a great experience in their drive-thru today! I ordered a strawberry açaí (my absolute favorite drink at Starbucks) and the young lady taking my order recommended that I add a splash of lemonade. What a fabulous idea! It is delish and the young lady, Ashley, was just as nice as could be. I'm so thankful she recommended the lemonade addition and wish that she would come work at my local Starbucks she was so nice!

Dayle Miller

Way too pricey... I can make better coffee at home

Angie Branson

While placing an order, Raul who was at the register got a attitude when I asked questions and then got my order wrong. When I attempted to notify him and asked it to be corrected. He was trying to ignore me. When I finally was able to get this attentiom he stated, Well you are the one who got it wrong". I think that is inappropriate response when you suppose to be serving customers. He was rude from the beginning and there is no need for that when I just asked a few questions and wanted my coffees to be made correctly. Even McDonald's down the street can act better than that and the coffee is less expensive.

William Lucio

This is one of the worst Starbucks ever! Every time I come I wait WELL over five minutes for an iced coffee... it’s ridiculous. I actively avoid this location even though it’s two blocks from my house. The Starbucks in Alpine is the best location in Rockford!

Octavia renee

Starbucks you guys need to update your menu on doordash I don't see Matcha Green Tea Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème on there please update your menu on doordash

Seth Champion

An average Starbucks. I like that both private bathrooms are unisex.

Jack Dickson

Service is always excellent even when they have a full house. The service here is great. Bring your hunger - portions are large.

Frank Zimmerman

Good drinks but the seating is limited and cramped. I felt like a school child during at their desk


Good place on your way to almost anywhere in town, but can get way too busy with long waits. Staff is great,however, even with the loss of Alex, our favorite barista.

Katie Eickman

The pictures don't do it justice, but the bathroom was disgusting. Open bottle of soap to pour on your hands, dispenser didn't work, toilet paper and paper towels everywhere on the floor and on top of garbage can. Quietly told the guy that rang me up and he just smiled and said "Ok, thanks". No surprise, no apology. Don't think they care... Drink was fast and good at least.

Dionna Stevens

Convenient location. Very busy but thorough. Limited seating. Looked clean. Yummy sandwich!!


Always have our order ready lickety split. Heard Starbucks was rough on their employees. I understand minimum wages but how long does it take to go to the next pay level? Starbucks is their baristas so you better take care of them!!!