3021 N Rockton Ave, Rockford
(815) 209-2494

Recent Reviews

Tammy Krist

I just love subway 😃👍

Lisa Sweeney

Very friendly staff, very good service,

Chris McGarry

Not a fan of sub sandwiches

Teacup RcTC

It was okay. The staff was nice and the place was clean.

Stanley Hardgraves

I bought a Italian bmt and after receiving my sandwich I realize it had not been warmed up so I ask if I could get it warmed thinking she would take the veggies off first. and then put them back on, but she warned it with all the garnish on it. When I seen the lazy service I became angry and decided to bring it back the next morning thinking I may get better service. But no such luck! She immediately began to question my reasons for not dealing with it the night before. I just threw the sandwich in the trash. I won't be going back to this location. I have been going here about 3 or 4 times a week. They get no more of my business

Armando Leal

fast clean and good.

Armando Smith

fast clean and good.

Jt Bemley

It was good just the manager seemed to be eating all the subs

Kevin Balluff

Quick service, good sandwiches

Demetria Isabell

My favorite lunch/dinner time place to stop for a quick bite to eat..

Lorraine Clements

Know this is a great place for healthly eating!

George Shaw

Their toaster was down and because of that they ended up giving me a free sub footlong of my choice they were very nice very professional

Bonnie Butera

Was a little hot store blew a fuse so no air otherwise everything else was great

April weidemann

The sandwich artist there is amazing!! She's always friendly and speedy!

Bob Dornbush

A prime example of a great Subway location. Always a fun place to hang out. Good food, good employees that like to help. Good, clean fun.

Adam Moriarty

great service and an all around pleasant experience.

Freddie Jones

Great staff good sandwiches

Christine Cleaveland

Great food, great staff, very clean

Rachael Landry

Great food... always the same 2 women working when I go. One is as nice as can be, the other, a manager I think, is rude! But what can you expect.

Alicia Judge

Nice clean and good service

Janet Jackson

Many excellent choices of sandwiches..different choices of breads..drink..chips.. many verierties..