Super China Buffet

331 W Golf Rd, Schaumburg
(847) 843-8683

Recent Reviews

Kathleen Maniar

Out dated. Food wasn't fresh at all!

Erion A.

This food was not prepared well or tasted good. The employees had a big attitude and was not friendly. The food gave us bad stomach aches. There was not much variety of food to take and most of them were out and did not have the right utensils for the food to eat. I don't recommend this place at all, think twice before you go it will give you problems!

Alex Chwalisz

Please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. I’ve been to many buffets before, some good, some bad, some worse than bad, but I’ve never been to a buffet this bad. Maybe it’s because of COVID, maybe it’s because it’s 7pm on Sunday, but most of the food trays were empty. The food looked unappetizing and some of it was cold and wasn’t fresh. The only good thing about this place is unlimited soda refills. We paid $29.10 for two adults. I will not be visiting again.

Olateru Abiodun

Good, trying to come back to the level before covid 19

Maria Panagopoulou

Horrible We are not coming back here The food is disgusting Most of the trays Were empty and you couldn't touch anything

Yvette Pachter Olsen

Food the best in the area! I can't wait till it reopens. I'd rate 5 stars!

Guadalupe Navarro

excelente variedad. y muy buena atención.

Alistair Mack

We arrived at this spot for dinner. This place was recommended to us by a friend. Well, we were not disappointed. The crew welcomed us with a smile and we felt very good. The meal was fresh and delicious. We had a great time and we shall absolutely come back again. Warmly recommended.

sue robinson

A lot of the food was barely warm and some of it was cold. I will not be going back there again

Ileana G.R.H

We went here and enjoyed good food. The prices aren't bad and they have a pretty good variety. They even have pizza that works great with fussy kids. Will definitely be back.

Boone Burton

I really like the dishes and customer service, great location right next to my residence. The employees are always welcoming. Would recommend to others.

Alexandria Moran

This is a typical Chinese buffet. It has a few American dishes as well. It's my favorite buffet. The food is very good and the variety is just right.

Kelvin McDowell

The place offers a vast variety of fresh food. I enjoyed dining here. The employees are always very kind, pricing is affordable and the place is always kept clean.

Just a Robot Not A Person

Clean, quiet atomsphere, decent food for the price

Kawla Jane Ballesteros

Worst buffet I've ever been to. Went here for dinner on a Thursday night, plenty of parking outside. Got inside and interior is clean. The lady was having her dinner and checks us in. Not that much food to choose from and they're very small portions and some you will know that are very old. Dessert table is the same, there's nothing good to be honest. The only good thing is that the drinks are included but apart from that the place is horrible. I'm so sorry. I really wanted to love it but my experience was a huge disappointment.

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