El Pueblo Mexican Grill

724 1st Ave, Silvis
(309) 755-6391

Recent Reviews

Kurt Kadlec

Excellent food for a really great price and portions were very generous.

April Juarez

Best Mexican restaurant ever food taste like it's from Mexico exactly had a had good food like that since my grandpa permit School lived here

Justin Johnson

This review is relevant dependent on the type of food you like. I like to have flavors and some excitement when I eat food, as well as some sweat beading up. The food here was certainly edible, but it didn't generate any excitement. It seems catered to the general American populace that likes plain bland food, and just after filling a void in their stomach without any fanfare. I choose restaurants outside of American for this reason, and am disappointed when I find they cater to that group instead. La Rosa, Los Charros, and Coyaz are nearby and top of my list in the area, for reference, if that helps compare my preferences with yours.

Tim Miller

Friendly, quick and a good value. Good friday lunch spot.

Jim Bowman

Tried an order of beef tacos and chicken chimichanga and was very pleased. Great authentic Mexican food!

A Miller

Give this place a try, you wont be disappointed! The owner is one of the nicest person you will ever meet. He pretty much works by himself so if you happen to go when busy just remember he is taking orders, cooking and doing the cleaning. Food is excellent, even his hamburgers are delicious, not just Mexican on his menu. Prices very reasonable. But for me, one of the cleanest restaurants I have ever been to.

Pat Raley

Very friendly people and good service. You will not leave hungry.

Tim Lindsay

Great place, the owner goes the extra mile for ya

Marion Teague

Food is amazing with prices to match will definitely come again! Great customer service! Worth every penny super satisfied even my kids loved the food!

Robert Astleford

The food was excellent. The price was even better. I'll definitely be back.

Richard Herbert

Everything good except the shells need thinner ones

Kelly Strand

I stopped in for lunch today. This place is definitely a hidden gem. Fresh, hot food and wonderful people. I will definitely be going back. The grilled vegetable Vegetarian Tacos were so full and fresh.


Great little restaurant with very fresh tasting food and a full menu of Mexican grill favorites.

martin calderon

Very authentic Mexican restaurant. Food tastes delicious and original.

Korey Thomas

A true taste of Acapulco, Mexico here in the QC

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