Frank's Pizza

711 1st Ave, Silvis
(309) 755-0625

Recent Reviews

L Rod

I respect the institution, there was good service and there's a cute family-owned vibe. Just not for this girl from Chicago, to be honest. (Tough, bland italian beef on soft cold soggy bread, wyd?) My QC-born bf loves this place and I will likely eat their pizza again, but I didn't think it lived up to the hype. That said, I wish you continued success, place was packed on a weekday afternoon. Give it a try if you're dedicated to the Quad Cities, it's a tradition.

Jacob Carton

Amazing place. The chicken is some of the best you'll ever have and the pizza is pretty good too. The only bad thing is it's a little small and can get pretty busy.

Rebecca B

Frank's has been around for ages and has barely changed from what I recall from years ago.

Steve Wind

Classic Silvis pizza place we stop at every time we visit the city. Great pepperoni pizza and beer prices. Must try.

Mike Stueland

I came hear i was young i 51 year old love come back

LongLiv Qtpie

This is not about the food more about the service. We arrived at around 1:20pm, sat ourselves and was continuously passed by the waitress. Finally the bartender waited on us.(an order that was placed ahead). The pizza was good. Service.... Not so good.

Ken Y.

Very popular place that would be very easy to miss from the outside - don't! It's got great pizza! Is it one of the best? Nope. Is it very good to the point that it's as good as what I could do but saves me the time to do it? You betcha! Their ingredients are fresh and the pizza tastes like it's from scratch - meaning the dough is flour, yeast, etc, given time to rise, and prepped every morning. The service was beyond excellent. I demand that everyone give this place a try - the chicken dinner an acquaintance got was extremely tasty and looked like half a chicken!

Andrea Olzog

Groom's dinner spot for daughter's wedding. Excellent food including pizzas and pastas. Only drawback was no cards or checks, only cash payments. Fortunately ATM on premises.

Ed Tillberg

Pizza could have been better. Soggy crust. Cheese too chewy.

Leesa Schroeder

Quad Cities pizza classic. You gotta have Frank's. People that move away, gotta have it when they come back. Also, the chicken. Enough said.

Marcia Roline

We arrived at Frank's Pizza at 836 pm. Realizing it was only an hour until they closed, we ordered quickly just before 840 pm. Our drinks arrived rather quickly, but we were not attended to by any staff for the next 45 minutes. At 925 pm, a server came back and asked if we needed any refills. We said we were okay, but inquired how much longer it would be before our pizza was ready. She said, it should be done in a minute or so. She went in the back and checked and returned to out table explaining that the pizza had been given away on a carry out order. She then said they are going to remake it but it will take another 15-20 minutes. She did ask of we wanted an appetizer, but no mention of compensation for the long wait, major mistake or even a simple apology for the huge inconvenience of waiting nearly an hour without attention or consideration. We opted to leave and said, no we are just going some where else and still no apology. As a frequent traveler and many experiences dining out, this by far is one of the worst if not the worst customer service experience I have had. Staff was not friendly, not attentive and while mistakes happen, not owning those mistakes and extending consideration to the customers needs leads to a terrible dining experience. Will never attempt to dine here again and will tell my friends and family to do the same.

Debbie Debbie's creations

The food of was okay Make sure you have cash they do not take any kind of credit cards. Didn't look like it was in the best part of the town. This was the first and only time I was there.

Dawn Ball

I have been eating here my whole life. No one can make a better sausage and mushroom pizza. Also the Italian Beef sandwiches are to die for.

Peter T.

Frank's Club Napoli Pizzeria, in Silvis, IL (part of Rock Island area) is purported to have created "Quad Cities Style" pizza. Never heard of it? Me neither, until a couple years ago, and I lived there for two years back in the day! What's different about Quad Cities Style Pizza? The crust uses malt as an ingredient, it's relatively flat but the edges are puffy and crispy. Tomato sauce has a little bit of kick from cayenne and red chili flakes. Toppings are under the cheese, (and there's a boatload of cheese) and if you opt for a sausage pie, the sausage is crumbled, not chunks. Finally, no triangles or squares on this baby, the pie is sliced into strips. Characteristics of this style of pizza include a pizza crust made with malt, tomato sauce sometimes made with cayenne and red chili flakes, toppings placed under the cheese, and strips being cut instead of slices. So here's the thing. Ordered half sausage, half pepperoni, glass of Old Style (of course), and I COULD NOT STOP EATING IT.  Wanted so desperately to take some home.  Finally pushed myself away from the table so I could get a few slices out of there. People don't go to Frank's for ambiance. They go for the pizza (and some for pasta).  They were doing a fairly brisk business even at a weekend lunch. I loved it. Serious.  Top three on my list.   Just off I-80 if you're traveling on Main Street USA.  Cash only.

Socorro kuri

The worst place to order pizza the ladyâ??s we spoke to on the phone was very rude got our Order completely wrong. We called back and she said it was our fault then we spoke to the manager he was decent but he should of had his employee apologize to us. will never order again I recommend you go to godfathers.

Brad McMillin

order a Beef Sandwich.. been having them since 1959 when they were only $.50

Peter S

The originators of Quad Cities Style pizza many say. Lots of cheese, horizontal slices, crumbly sausage, lively sauce.

Connie Prada Williams

love this place not beacause I grew up in Sivis but because the food and service is Amazing!!!


Frank's pizza is in my neighborhood my husband grew up with the owners I love their sausage pizza it has great flavor but is a little greasy but that is what makes it great.

Catherine Faber

My Grandparents, Parents, Me and My Children have each enjoyed this place. It is our crave and go to Pizza. There is no other Pizza in our world that's better..

Michael Bailey

was visiting the Quad cities this past Wknd and ordered from Frank's. that's where the issues begin.

Rachel Bacon

Sometimes you fantasize about how great something was when you were young, but when you revisit it years later it is a huge disappointment. That did not happen when I ate at Frank's Pizza for the first time in over 25 years during my visit to the Quad Cities. We ordered the sausage, mushroom, and bell pepper house special pizza. There was no skimping on the toppings. Every bite was a hot delightful flavor explosion. Our server was friendly and efficient. Quad Cities style pizza is just as great as it was back before we called it Quad Cities style pizza. Before you go, they still don't take credit cards or checks, but they do have an ATM inside.

keri chambers

Ate here tonight and our waitress was very attentive and nice, had a large group of teenage boys and she was great. Would definitely come here again!

Sharon Wilkerson

When I was a kid our family would eat there when mom was in the hospital..when she wasn't dad wud bring home a 1/2 sausage 1/2 cheese..they both died and I was raised in Missouri..When i returned to the Quads as an adult my house was sold my school is boarded up my friends have moved away and my brothers are both grown so NOTHING is the same....EXCEPT FRANKS... I can count on a real live memory there..only thing missing is the little hams beer light....It was #1 with the Owen Family and it still is with ME ð???

Sean Young

Love the food and friendly service. Restaurant has been around as long as I can remember...There is a reason for that!!! It's GOOD, GREAT EVEN!!! Strongly recommend!

Zachery Gradert

Not a place you go if your on a diet or like to eat fancy. It is the place to go if you want some of the best food in the area. Biggest downside is they only take cash so make sure to bring some.

James Bonds

This place has been my favorite pizza place since I was a child, still awesome pizza and awesome service


NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. An ATM is available inside here for thier fees. The mozzarella sticks are good but taste like Sonics. You will NOT need extra cheese. The pizza has alot of very flavorfull stringy chees. The portions are very big. The pizza would be just OK if it wasn't for the thick flavorful cheese they put on it. My wifes side of the family just loves this place so we come here everytime we visit from Oklahoma.

El Jefe Sandoval

Still great pizza after all these years. A Quad Cities original that still holds up as a favorite.

Jayme Vermast

Some of the best pizza ive ever had. Also some of the greasiest but hey it's so damn good i dont even care

Peggy Hearn

went with family that came in town they always have to go to Frank's well here the best pizza ever

Amy Lee

Hi my name is Tammy Erickson. The other name is just my posting name. Frank's is easily the best in town. If you never ate there before. You don't know what your missing. Everything they make is good.The decor is frozen in time and that's another reason I love it there. Don't change anything.

Jennifer Green

Delicious as ALWAYS! if you want great pizza you'll find it at Franks

Nick Wilkens

Pizza is pretty good, though not any better than any other QC pizza joint.

Ben H.

Best quad city style pizza this side of the Mississippi! My first love is Harris but Frank's is right there with it. I tried it for the first time today after being in the QC for 2yrs. Mmmm & the environment was so relaxed & comfortable. Good job Franks!

John M.

Best pizza in the United States of America -- not hyperbole, fact. The originator of "Quad Cities style" pizza, founded in 1955. Get the sausage pizza, plus some fried chicken just cuz it tastes so good. This family-owned institution is worth a trip from almost anywhere.

Tracy Rushing

Our house too place. Affordable drinks and small family atmosphere. Great pizza, chicken, pasta, and big beef sandwiches

Amy Nedwell

Been eating this pizza since I was a little kid. Haven't had it for 20 years, and it tasted just as great as I remembered. Highly recommend!

Blanca King

The spaghetti was fantastic as always and your chicken is the best in the Quad City and second best only to my late Grandmother. we love Frank's Pizzeria

Hope Shaw

they have the best pizza ever!!