Gyros stop

2345 W Monroe St, Springfield
(217) 546-3442

Recent Reviews


Best Gyros in town. Fries are always good too.

Kimberley Moore

Love the fellas here and the food!!! And the fries! They always make you feel welcome!!!!

Dave Messmore

Good food great customer service

Jeff Murphy

Food was pretty good and staff reasonably friendly. Restrooms are the main reason I?m leaving a 3 star review - they need a good cleaning/overhaul and feel kind of like a dead end town gas station?s restroom.

Josh C

Gyro was great. it was a lot more than i thought i would get. fries could of been a little better though. i will for sure be back!

Al K.

Love this place!! Only one store offers the Gyro in a spinach wrap, same price as a regular gyro, and I'm HOOKED. Spinach tortilla vs bleached white flour tortilla??? Slam Dunk! You can get it w/o onions if desired and on weekends????? Currently 3 for $15!! Me, my father, and my sister. Beats a Pizza!!

FreeSky Studios

So good. Love thier variety and variations on the traditional gyro they have while still making a very good traditional one. The philly cheese gyro is really good. Plus they have great burgers, Chicago dogs and sides. Fridays you can get 3 gyros for $15 which makes for an easy (and delicious) "Finally Friday" dinner.

Maximilian Ruszkowski

Great gyros! Clean restaurant, and they had the almighty pizza puff! I haven't had one of these since high school and I'm glad to see a place that sells them. Awesome atmosphere, friendly staff and owners.

Andrew Saurs


Tom davis

Great food, great people.

Robert Smith

Good food, try the Ditka dog!

Emily Blissett

Fantastic food, always hits the spot, accommodating, friendly, fresh product.. I could go on ! Love this place

Christopher Boward

Really good food!

Bob Hartman

Love this place. Try a cheeseburger here. I know, it is a gyro place. Do yourself a favor. Have a cheeseburger. 1 of the best around. You can thank me later.

Michael Blevins

I Always go to gyros stop for the best gyros around.

Erin C.

Dumbest hours ever. They close at 6pm on a Saturday. Why? Who eats that early on a Saturday? Food is great - only gyro I'll eat in Springfield but I always drive up to get food and 75% of the time they are closed.

Will Patterson

Good cheese sauce and meat, wait wasnâ??t too long. Only complaint is that they pronounced my name wrong. it ainâ??t that hard, son

Mario Gutierrez

Cooked to order every time. Love this place!

Nick Daugherty

A fine local restaurant for fast, delicious authentic Greek food. Great prices and daily specials!

Mario Gutierrez

Cooked to order every time. Love this place!

James Bellm

Not big on space but big on taste it works

William White

Delicious and well stuffed gyro. Friendly staff

gloria pate

Been there a few times now since moving to Springfield, loving it!

Kim Dinnon

Location was dirty, walls and doors (interior) could use a good washing. Tables looked like they were washed with dirty water. We were pressed for time and had to eat that's why we stayed. Food was edible although the gyro meat was dry. Wouldn't go back.

Michael Orama

The guys that work here are always nice and polite and that food is amazing. Never a let down

april Juggalotus

Staff is friendly food is good weights never very long for fresh cooked food

Hannah Hood

I did like their food it took forever to receive the food however the food was very fresh I didn't care for the rice too much however there was a lot of meat on the plate and a huge serving of food


Stopped in for lunch pickup service to take back to work. Gyros are excellent as always with good sized portions. Staff are always attentive and friendly. However, this is about the 4th time that my fries come out of the fryer as warmed raw potatoes. No one has yet to figure out timing on a deep fryer to cook the fries all the way through, so I had to toss half of them into the garbage.As much as I love the gyros, I did notice something of concern. Next time you are inside this place look above where they cook your meals in the back and notice the vent and plastic light covers that are drenched in filth and dust above. I can only imagine what lucky few are perhaps having some of that along with their meal. Hope next time they manage to clean a little bit better.Gyro 8 out of 10Fries 3 out of 10

Claire R.

I just had quite possibly the best salad I've ever had here! I ordered a gyro salad and was expecting iceberg lettuce and a couple chunks of unripe tomatoes. Was I wrong! Excellent spring mix lettuce - very fresh, decent tomatoes-they'd clearly been allowed to ripen, cucumber slices, gyro meat- generous amount and onions. The salad comes with Greek dressing and teziki sauce. And a small pita that they grill. I'm not sure if they make the dressing from scratch or if it's bottled but if it's from scratch, they should bottle it and sell it. I'd buy some! It didn't take long at all to order and get my food so it's a great spot for lunch. Staff is very nice and they were totally cool when I knocked my soda off the counter with my purse. Bottom line yelpers-- go here!


Stopped at this little hole in the wall spot when I was passing through Springfield and tried the gyro horse shoe. Wow was it good. I wish I would have taken a picture, but I think I ate it faster than the camera could have snapped it.

Olive B.

If you are considering a gyro, hamburger, hot dog, grilled chicken, hummus & falafel or salad, THIS IS THE PLACE!!! These guys know how to cook and always get the order right. I have never had a bad meal here, and I am frequent customer. Always fresh, delicious & filling. Love the Monroe St Gyro Stop !!!


In my opinion these are the best gyros in town. Gyro meal comes with a large drink and fries. A bit pricy but worth it. Gyro pita is warmed on grill, meat portion is generous and just tasty.


The g is silent when you order one of these. The meat is a blend of beef and lamb I do believe. It is very good. If you have never tried one, now is the time.

Kriscenda M K

This is the only place authenticity of the Gyro is in effect! Love the boys that work there! Great fries!

Joseph Blewitt

Good gyros and quick lunchtime service.

Pamela Schuett

This is great place to eat. Food is wonderful & staff is very pleasant

Jay Tomten

Awesome new location.