2303 W Monroe St, Springfield
(217) 546-4319

Recent Reviews

Brian Copp

Good service good food

Diana Prince

More often than not our order is incorrect here.

dave anders

We seem to have a problem with mcdonalds in jacksonville, il as twice in past week fries have been cold going thru drive thru. Have eaten mcrib which I love and out five times going thru 3 times the mcrib has not been hot at all. It seems they ran out boxes twice and wrapped them in regular wrap and they were smashed plus the bbq sauce was all over the sandwich. Took it back and told them and they gave me another with basically no sauce on it. I am not sure what the problem is but if food, fries, etc isnt hot then why are they sending it out.

Alli Donaldson

The drive thru always takes way longer than it should. The food is never ready so they pull you up and you sit in front of the restaurant for almost 10 minutes. I have NEVER waited longer for food in my life. I could have went to a sit down restaurant and gotten food quicker!

AJ Hicks

Was good, don't normally go to McDonald's, but it was late and i was out of town, and wanted quick food as a Pescatarian, so i got fish sandwiches, not the best on this diet, but better than nothing..........Service was good

Michael Marion Lohrenz II

I ordered large fry and got a fry contain that was only filled partially way up

Kathy L

It's very close to where I live the food tastes good the people are nice good atmosphere

k Blessing

Slow, dirty, no sweet tea and they left out my husband's order. They weren't busy, yet the staff ignored him several minutes while he stood at the counter waiting . Finally, I called the store and asked to speak to the manager . When he identified himself as the manager, I asked if he would turn around and take care of my husband who had been patiently waiting for several minutes. Never going back to that location

George Blessing

Terrible McDonald's to say the least. My experience here was so bad I am DONE with ALL McDonald's for good !!!!

Oscar Ortega

They forgot to add my wife's apple pies, but still got charged for it


It seems as though every time I've come to this location they fail to get the order correct. I understand that it may throw off the person making the order when we order my daughter's hamburger with no bun and no onions but seriously it prints out a tag for the person making the order. IF they are doing their job correctly then they would READ the directions on the TAG before they just assume and proceed! I'm taking 2steps away from your work (not that it hard to make a hamburger) but it also saves the company money and time! This honestly will be our last visit for a while.

Stephen O.

First off, y'all can't even get the orders right. And you had one job to put 10 nuggets in a box. Can you count? There's only 9 in there. Also your staff is completely rude and unprofessional. Please work on that.

april Juggalotus

This review was change from a 4-star to one star and the only reason there is one star is cuz I can't leave negative I just left this McDonalds at 9:28 on July 20th the little girl in the window was so rude at the board couldn't even take my order completely inconvenience when I went in to talk to the manager he was semi helpful the restaurant was discussing still didn't get food ended up leaving and going to Burger King McDonald's really needs to contact me and this store they have a huge problem look at the review

Jonathan Irwin

Polite crew, clean dining room

dfhj jh

speedy service, cool workers, treat us great all the time.

Nancy Winterbauer

Cant live without my Mocha good .

Chad Williams

The staff at this store was phenomenal, They take their jobs seriously

Eboni Haley

Great food. Great service

Aaron DeRossett

My son stood at the counter for over 5 min before the doordash girl got the attention of the manager for him. Guess they didnt want our money...

Maximilian Ruszkowski

This is a solid McDonalds. I live nearby and am here all the time, they're fast, consistent, and...the prices are controlled by the chain, not necessarily the franchisee.

Heather Womack

This has to be some of the worst food ive ever had. I dont know if they are using different meats or what but mcdonalds in general is just awful anymore

Matt Bilinsky

Mediocre food served by harried workers. Food is always consistently bland. It is what it is. At least they have overpriced coffee drinks if you you have too much cash and not enough time to buy whip cream and carmel at the store.

Britten C.

Your drive thru order will be wrong 90% of the time. No matter if the screens correct or not. Your inside order will be correct 90% of the time. Basically if you want to go to a drive thru, go to Chatam road.

linda Martin Turnbull

Ok food/prices not to slow for a drive thru

Brian Sheehan

Same McDonald's food, cleaner than usual environment

Angela Smith

Three strikes, you're out. I order a quarter pounder with cheese ONLY onion. I know that this is different, but it is my order. 3 times now, I have received my burger with everything BUT onion. I understand everyone is human and mistakes happen - but 3 times in a row?

Carmen Stokes

One of the better McDonald's locations in Springfield.

Jordan Crawford

This is quite possibly the worst location in town. Don't waste your time, there's another more consistent location down the road.

Ron Monier

Stunk on ice! Could not understand the order taker and when I voiced my concerns they acted like I was the problem. Never going back.

TIM Mannisi

Always slow and never have good customer service. Food is cold and not fun place to go

Steven Phillips

Everytime that I frequent this location, the service is slow. It appears that the staff have no idea as to how to perform their jobs. It seems that management is constantly apologizing for the delays but they never do anything about it. Maybe they should actually train the staff on how to be more efficient and to use the equipment properly.

Joe Apsey

Drive through was fast got my order correct

gloria pate

Some how there were Pickles on my Daily double. But I took them off. Otherwise nice place, clean, friendly. Just moved here and it's close to my house. So I'll be going,, a lot.

Debbie M.

An employee saying a 6 year old deaf child is a weirdo, retarded and pointing out the fact that he talks funny. The managers resolution was to order on line next time and don't come in the store. Just wow.

Tara O'Dell Geving

On 6/29/2018, my daycare provider took my deaf son, my daughter, my niece, and her two children to this store. She was surprising them with happy meals before an afternoon of swimming. When yourIGNORANT employee got annoyed with how rowdy the kids were being, she used words like "sounds funny" and "weirdo" to describe my sweet son. After discussing our concerns with the manager, the provider was offered a free lunch. No thanks...we will never step foot in your store again! Why don't you focus on training your employees on kindness and accepting diversity?

Kenneth Hollis

I come in there every other day and the food is always good.

Suzie Gutierrez

After getting my cold Medicine I figured I?d get some breakfast! I ordered a bacon egg and cheese begal combo with a large OJ and a large ICED AMERICANO. They gave me a hot Americano and had no strength to even dispute it so I took it. I get home and I have a steak egg and cheese begal in my bag. Ty but not what I was craving so I took off the icky steak and just had a egg begal. Not happy at all and it cost me 10 dollars to have a wrong meal.

greg young

I would give this McDonald's any stars but had to to leave this ...i wouldn't ever go back was fast...but food was cold..fries ice cold..but was told there fresh...fresh out the cooler...

Rachael Buraski

I dread when my kids beg for McDonalds. This is the nearest one and it is also the slowest one Iâ??ve ever been to. It never fails that I am waiting in the drive through for at least 15 minutes. 80% of the time they forget the yogurt in the happy meal too. They must have some sort of business deal with a wine distributor because every time I come home after this experience I have to drink at least 2 glasses.

Doug Dillon

Hey..... It's Mcdonalds. What can you say? It's a newer franchise. Clean and well appointed. Good service too.