2303 W Monroe St, Springfield
(217) 546-4319

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Ella White

Every time I go here they get my order won't and then force me to wait for them to fix their errors. Today the manager came up and did not ever apologized for THEIR mistake. Has anyone else had these issues with employees constantly getting it wrong and then the management being overly rise and walking away as I try to express my continuous issues at this location?

Wayne Gorsek

Bunch of losers this store and DoorDash canceled my order after being 30 minutes late, I hope they both go bankrupt!

Paul Hocq

I work here and we have the fastest drive thru in Springfield

Wayne G.

Bunch of losers this store and DoorDash canceled my order after being 30 minutes late, I hope they both go bankrupt!

Kevin Panting

It is a flashy clean location. One of the newest in town. Food is always hot and fresh. The only criticism I can state, is the wait time is nearly always long. Short of that, pretty decent place.

Mark Davis

I have visited this location memory many times and usually have gotten good service. The last several times I have gone the service really bad. Waiting in a long line after placing my order. These visits were not during busy hours. Realizing this can happen how many reasons I did not have too big of an issue. However, this last visit I ordered 2 meals and the burgers we're both barely seared on the outside and raw in the middle. Just seems as though management is losing control.

Miriam Minnesota

Friendly service and quick even though line was long

Mindy Brown

My daughter went to pick up a large order for Emergency room staff around 10 pm on a Wednesday night. The drive thru speaker was apparently having difficulty, so she walked into store to place the order. The manager Corey was very rude to her, didn't get the order correct and she ended up at a second McDonald's on Jefferson to get the rest of her order. When I called he was just as rude claiming he wasn't rude at all and had no apologies.

Lida Tuttle

Friendly. Love the fries and sweet tea!

marilyn powell

It was horrible, the people making the food never gets my food right. And it's a hit and miss with the cashiers. It's always the night crew. Tonight they made my sandwiches over 3 times and they still managed to put mayo on them and alot at that. I just let and threw my 25.00 order in the garbage..

Chris Heinemann

Idiocracy is too high a compliment for their staff.

Flex Guy

Worst employee's!! Especially the night shift crew! They’re terrible!!

John Scheller

I appreciate the social distancing that is being practiced, with that said when I came in with a mask and my toddler when he had to use the restroom (as anyone with kids that age knows you don't get a warning) after ordering, if I would have been aware we would have been kicked out even after explaining the situation I would have had my wife pull put of the drive through. Last time I order from your location.

Grayson W.

Poorly managed, very slow, and can't keep a regular crew. Rotten fries too..beware Fuck this place fuck this place fuck this place


I have been a frequent guest for 2 or 3 years; and always enjoy ordering my drinks with soda water; to customizing my order with a favorite of mine egg Mcmuffin on a hamburger bun. The service from the managers to the front counter have been excellent.. Wishing all best of wishes. THANK YOU!

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