Obed & Isaac's Microbrewery

500 S 6th St, Springfield
(217) 670-0627

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Stephanie S.

Well, I think if it wasn't for COVID-19 I would give it 3.5 COVID-19 precautions were not happening other than waiters wearing masks. Leaving beer menu's and condiments on the tables without wiping down-gross! The actual menu I doubt was cleaned in between customers either since it was sticky and stained. The table's weren't spaced enough apart. When your only about 6 inches from touching a chair as you walk past, and the customers sitting at the tables weren't wearing masks (as they were seated) but they are conversing which means germs are floating about.Once seated I touched as little of the menu as possible and wiped my hands with disinfectant wipes. I also wiped down the ketchup bottle before using. I need to state that I am not overly paranoid (I have been traveling for more than 60 days) so, when I mention these things above these are some simple practices that are in place in most of the restaurants, cities, states that I have traveled thru and would be great and easy things to do here! Remove all things from table, show wiping down the menus before you place on tables as well as condiments and such. Space/Remove tables more. If you see a customer without a mask ask them to put on when walking around. Now, for the food, drink and service. The pulled pork Flatbread was good, and much better than the pulled pork ponyshoe. The ponyshoe was covered in way too many fries (but good) and the cheese over the pork had a weird taste. The beer was good/average (I am an untapped craft beer member), the cabernet was very good! Are waiter was very pleasant and did a decent job.We sat inside the old home, and there was an outdoor garden area which might have been better for space purposes but it was a bit chilly and no heaters. The beer garden next door looked like a nice hangout with music. We almost stopped to get another drink and listen to the music especially because it wasn't crowded and he was nice to listen to but we really weren't dressed to sit outside.

Tim R.

Stopped in for lunch. The food and service was excellent. Loved the patio. We did two flights of their beers. The beers are just average. Have had better beer at many other brew pubs.

Melissa H.

Great environment and atmosphere with the outside seating. Food...Where to begin? Not much flavor and very small portions for the price. Just don't go hungry or plan on paying around $25 for lunch as you will have to order 2 enteees (I am an 135 lb. woman). Oktoberfest beer was good.

Anthony H.

Great food and drinks.. Excellent microbrews choices. Excellent indoor and outdoor seating options.

Hillary B.

It's a micro brewery within 2 minutes of walking distance from Abraham Lincoln's house. It's an old historical building with a fun outside patio that has a view of the state capital building. I recommend starting with the pierogies as an appetizer. (Imagine a wonton, stuffed with mashed potatoes and cheese, so good!) They are known for their "Horse Shoe" and "Pony Shoe" (smaller in size) which is an interesting dish. It consist of bread on the bottom, a meat (beef, pork, chicken, veggie patty, corned beef hash etc.) with white cheese and crispy French fries on top. Yup, it's kinda weird when you think about it, but it was very yummy. Right now they have a limited menu because of COVID. I have included their temporary menu in the photos as well. They also have seasonal beers and wine there too. I had the hard cider which was very refreshing.

Emily D.

Fellow Yelpers are my guide and I found my own wretched experience in the reviews. However, there were so many good reviews, it was easy to overlook the bad. When somebody writes a negative review, please read it carefully. Yes, there are people who just want to complain, are sour and unreasonable. There are also those feel obligated to share their less-than-positive experience. I am in that category.I ordered the much-hyped Breakfast Shoe. (I still have no idea what that means). It arrived quickly-a little too quickly. My dish had a waffle base on breakfast potatoes, with bacon topped with scrambled eggs. Normally, the dish comes smothered in gravy but I had it on the side. It looked like sausage gravy but the bits in the gravy tasted and felt more like mushrooms than sausage. The gravy was OK but not good enough to smother the meal or to figure out exactly what was in it.The only worthwhile part of the dish were the breakfast potatoes, which were piping hot and crispy. The bacon was fine, not good or bad. It was downhill from there. The scrambled eggs were crumbly, ice cold, and with brownish areas from overcooking. Until today, I've never seen crumbly scrambled eggs. It was obvious they had not been cooked fresh. By the looks of them, the eggs must have been sitting in a pan waiting to be put on top of a meal. They were indescribably awful: taste, appearance, mouthfeel.Wait! It gets worse! The huge, thick half a waffle was also ice cold and soggy. Remember, I had the gravy on the side so I could control how I ate it. Perhaps, if you smothered the plate with gravy, you would not realize how soggy the waffle was. The cold, limp, tasteless mess was D.O.A. My server never came to see how my meal was so I flagged down another, more helpful server. I got a new, freshly made waffle. I didn't mind being charged for a traditional waffle but $8 for one lonely waffle? It was freshly made and tasted as a waffle ought to. It was fine but did not rock my world.The only two-top was right by the bussing/service station and the flies at our table were more than an annoyance. Since I never saw my server, it was hard to inform her. It was also the only table without an umbrella, in case of rain or sun. If this sounds petty, it is only to demonstrate how completely dreadful this experience was. Any one thing is no big deal but when they keep adding up, it means everything.Did I mention the bitter coffee or the wobbly, unevenly placed table?Last night, I had one of the best meals of my life and it was Yelpers who showed me the way. Thank you all! A lot of Yelpers liked this breakfast place but not all of us. Please read all the reviews and buyer beware!What can I say? How does this

Sage Szczypiorski

The best restaurant in Springfield. The outdoor seating was nice even in the heat. Staff is always pleasant. Another fantastic experience with excellent food. Try the artichoke dip!

edgar ewing

Great atmosphere good food, nice selection of beers

Jack T.

Wowzerz, what a fantastical wonder-fly super duper awesome place to take on your next hot date and/or barmitzva party of five, do you agree or concur? I don't know a God damn thing about nothing any s'mores says I.

Anders B.

My rating is based on impressions rather than eating or drinking there as the wait was too long with hungry teens in tow. I'd like to come back without kids. The location is central, just a couple of blocks from the Lincoln House. It seems to have three buildings and offered outdoor seating around a whole block, including garden areas, which is ideal in this time of social distancing. The host was polite, the staff looked very professional and the crowd hip as any large city could offer. Now I just want to try to brews!

Molly R.

One of my favorite spots in the city. The PB&J burger is a must order!! I could eat it every day!

Donovan M.

We were waiting for a table and they decided to close the tables because the kitchen was too busy. Didn't notify us. We waited for 45 minutes to be told we wouldn't be sat.

Liana Cherian

Appreciate that everyone was masked and they made very effort to distance patrons

ann budde

Loved the buildings, the outdoor dining area and the beer garden...GREAT atmosphere! Waitstaff very friendly and the beer and food are fresh and delicious! It's worth a stop!

Kali Holt

great food and wonderful, friendly service by every staff member!

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