Rosati's Pizza

2936 S 6th St, Springfield
(217) 679-1522

Recent Reviews

John B.

I'm born and raised in Chicago so I know what CHICAGO and rosatis pizza is supposed to be like. I ordered a 14 inch deep dish pizza and there was less cheese on the pizza than a thin crust pizza. The crust was like a pan style crust, which is far too thick for a deep dish and they loaded it up with so much sauce to cover the fact that there was no cheese that the crust actually became soggy. The rosati brothers are turning over in their graves. Avoid

Kathleen M

I have been a regular customer since Rosati's opened in Springfield. I gave them free advertising by word of mouth about how much I like the ? pizza. Five STARS just went to 1STAR, my last 4 orders have been wrong. Spoke to the owner tonight, making excuses and saying... I'm sorry is not good enough! No remakes, or refunds, are ever offered! I'm done, I will never do business with you again!

Conor Johnson

Two words salt and salt, we ordered two pizzas and they were both unnecessarily salty not the crust but the sauce. There had to be a mistake like twice amount of salt in the sauce if not triple

Rachel LaFave

Great good. Great service. Very reasonable prices.

Seth Stone

They have some of the best ? in Springfield. Terrific ? service! Thanks

Charlie Child

Went to Rosati’s for the first time last night and I was really impressed. The service was great and the pizza and breadsticks were phenomenal. I had a couple tall Revolution IPAs, which tend to be an expensive draft beer and they were highly reasonable. Overall a great experience. Restaurant was also very well maintained and appealing to sit in and enjoy a meal. Check it out!


very delicious... pizza was cooked perfectly with crispy crust

Lynn Wilson

This spot is so Yummy! Worth the drive..... You get your money's worth.

Julie Brennan

Great service. Both items, lasagna with meat balls and Italian beef sandwich w/au jus were excellent! Generous portions. I will definitely go back.

Apurva Patel

Terrible service, no employees at front to take order finally after waiting for 15mins someone showed up to take order and just for side order we waited an hour. Definitely not going back at this location

Meagan Ward

Very average pizza at best. The cheese had a plastic consistency and the crust almost crumbled. The sauce had this weird sweet after-taste. It was okay, but I’d honestly would say go for the deep dish over the thin crust or regular crust pizza. The breadsticks looked almost like chicken fries. You got a lot, but they were definitely unusual from what I’m used to with breadsticks. Haven’t tried their pasta yet, but I definitely won’t be trying their thin crust again.

Monica Smith

Never order! They actualmess up your order n treat you as a villian! I promise I will literally make it my mission to spread word all over n definitely call health dept on secrets former employees have shared.

Devon Seger

decent food but always a terrible wait. Everytime I go in to pick up I'm told "it'll just be a couple minutes " but I sit there for 20+ minutes waiting. food is hot so they must just not make it until you show up.

Mister MG

Fantastic service. Our waiter says he was the cool and was helping out. He did an outstanding job and was extremely professional. Food was delicious.

Thomas Gebhardt

Nice place. Good food. Gangster drink prices. $3.00 for an Ice T and Coke, EACH?!?!?! WHOA!

Anthony Trapani

Absolutely terrible. Been the three times and this is the last. Horrible service and management. Every time I've ordered, it's been missing items upon pickup and I have to wait. Tonight I waited 25 minutes because the counter clerk took my money but failed to go back and get it. Another girl brought it out after i asked and it was missing an item, not to mention a substitute item replaced my original because they "ran out. " Now I'm enjoying cold pizza and not what I ordered. There's a reason they closed the first time and I suspect they'll be closed again soon.

Steven P.

***Update*** Stopped in today with two other people to celebrate 217 Italian Week and I hold firm with my previous review. The pizza is good, no one complained about the food but the service is lacking in multiple areas. We ordered two Italian Week $5 specials and a separate gluten-free crust meats pizza for me; almost no leftovers, the pizza is decent. It was 12:30 lunch hour rush on Italian Week and there were 9 tables of people with one waitress. The iced tea was brought out without ice and then we had to ask twice before we finally received ice in a glass to dump into the current glass of warm tea. People who were waiting for orders or to pay at the front were becoming visually frustrated as no one was at the register. The waitress was trying but she was not quick enough to cover everything that was happening. I do not put the full blame on her, management needs to figure out these issues as this is the same style of service we had a year ago!

Mister V.

Fantastic service. Our waiter says he was the cool and was helping out. He did an outstanding job and was extremely professional. Food was delicious.


As close to authentic Chicago style food as you can get. Friendly staff. I will definitely return.

Megan Philpot

We love Rosati's, it's our go-to pizza in Springfield. Dine in or delivery, you'll have a great experience!

Craig Thorpe

Great food and price. Really good service too.


I like this place. The pizza is great,but they charge by the ingredients so it gets expensive, I tried the laszagna last visit and couldn’t find the meat, even though it was cheesy and flavorful... maybe I was supposed to buy a meatball!., I want this Restraunt to make it so I will go back,but I do wish they’d offer pre selected ingredient pizza to make the price more affordable, because the pizza really is delicious.

Sarah Paige

Good food, have some time, deep dish and Chicago dish are not speedy items, but worth the small wait.

Andrew W.

Great food and service. Picked up a party pack with Italian beef, chicken, pasta, salad and garlic bread - everyone loved it. Michael who waited on us was A++

Tiffany I

We are from Ohio and always look forward to eating true Chicago style pizza, and figured while in Illinois it would be pretty good. We stopped here after a long day driving from St Louis. The waitress was very attentive and the pizza was great. The Wednesday special was free breadsticks and they were also very good. My only complaint is since I was travelling I couldn't take the leftovers home!

J. Prior

Excellent deep dish pizza. Unique bread sticks that are very tasty. Clean and cozy restaurant with friendly staff. We have had issues with moderate wait times for carry out, due to them apparently being short staffed, but the food was well worth the wait.

Rich McCarty

I'm not joking, this is the best. Thin crust pizza is my choice and bless you if you think you can finish a large 😁 They have delivery as well.

William J Whitworth

Pizza, breadsticks and service were excellent!!!

Cheryl Coontz

The pan pizza had a crispy crust and cheese galore! The Italian side salad had different veggies and was fresh and crispy. We will definitely be going back for that pan pizza.

Tiffany Elliott

I’ve eaten here 2x for lunch, 2x for dinner. Once ordered deep dish, twice ordered a sandwich, tonight ordered pasta. This place has great food, but the service is terrible. Every time I’ve come here (4 times now since they’ve reopened), it has taken an hour or more to get our food. They always claim they are short staffed or backed up on delivery orders, but it has been like this every single time I’ve eaten there. When we arrived, about 4 tables had customers finishing meal

Amanda Smith

Each topping here is an additional $2.25. you don't get any included toppings no matter which size or type of pizza you get. Sorry, but I'm not paying $18.00 and waiting 40 minutes for a deep dish pizza with only cheese on it. You're better off going to Nancy's. A small unsweet tea, which is all we ended up getting, WAS LIKE $3. Ridiculous.


There were six of us of various ages. One couple got a deep dish pizza that looked great. They loved it. Another a double crust, also very good. We enjoyed a thin crust that we enjoyed. Very friendly staff and fairly fast service. There was a good crowd for a Monday. Several take out orders. Would recommend for a family. Does have a bar. Offers for GF and vegetarians.

m j

Great time was had by all. The deep dish pizza is to die for. I had the Italian beef, fantastic, poppers, ravioli and cheese appetizers were all great. Price is more than reasonable, will be back for more.

Ashleigh K.

We had a great experience here. We had a thin crust sausage and pepperoni and garlic bread. Service was quick with seating, orders and drinks. The pizzas are made fresh to order so they will not be served as fast as other pre-made pizzas, but worth the little bit of a wait. We were enjoying an appetizer and drinks so this was not an issue for us. Dalton was a great server as well!

David Vail

Very adequate downstate option for chicago style! Good set up, has a bar, lots of TVs and decent gluten free options. Have been here multiple time.


Great thin crust pizza! Staff realized they didn't make one of pizzas right when I arrived for carryout and went out of their way to take care of me as I waited 10 minutes for the pizza to be remade.

Sean F.

Got some take out, one of my 27 dollar pizzas was badly burnt on the edges and raw in the middle. Looks like some of it had been removed due to the burnt.....but why would you let this leave the kitchen!? What was not burnt or raw was not really very good. Very Sparse toppings. Looks like a pie made by a shop in financial trouble. I will not be back. Pizza is everywhere, no reason to pay for this below average pie.

Robert B.

I would give the food here a solid 4 stars, maybe 4.5, but the service, oh the service here. I've been here on three separate occasions in the past two months and the service has always been poor. I can attribute some of this to poor staffing but I was recently in and the waitress told us to sit anywhere. We sat down and waited, 5 minutes went by, no menus, no greeting, the waitress was clearing a table and wiping it down. We waited a few more minutes and then left. If you decide to go here the food will be solid, but don't expect service with any urgency.

Barbara Krueger

First time to try this place--really liked it! The thin crust pizza was nice and crispy and we got four ingredients on it which made it really filling all for only 23.50. Two of us eating it for dinner and we still had 7 pieces left to take home. Very tasty and that and a beer made dinner complete! Service was timely and did not wait long for them to make the pizza. Lots of tvs on to watch and there is video gambling in a room in back if you like that.

Scott Smith

Wanted to try something new, pizza was decent, green peppers were way too big, thus very crunchy, had to remove the rest. The super attractive young black female was trying her new job very hard, the older white staff seemed annoyed to help her. I'd go back, just to see, hope the new employee finally got some decent training. Felt very bad for her.