Walmart Bakery

2760 N Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield
(217) 993-5662

Recent Reviews

David B.

Go to cash a check at 10 pm like I have done 100 times an now they changed it. I will take my business some where else an not ever return

Baby B.

I brought a Grille as Walmart on Dirksen Springfield, Illinois. The guy who helped me was(Mr.Ric) He walked me outside to pick a grille for Bar B Oue.His kind and politeness made my day.He stopped what he was doing to help me. Then. He made sure my name was on it, phone number. This is the professional attitude we are looking for from a Walmart. I will Recommend this Walmart on Dirksen drive.

Robert W.

I am a disabled veteran and my wife was out of town. I needed groceries but was unable to get into the store. We tried their pickup service. The website was easy to use, the groceries were reasonably priced and their system was extremely organized. I told them when I wanted to pick up the groceries. The had numbered parking spots with their telephone number posted. I called them and within a minute, their employee came out and loaded them in my car. Their website says they do not accept tips but smiles are welcome. My neighbors unloaded the groceries, so it really made things easy for me.