Fu Yuan Restaurant

118 W Liberty Dr, Wheaton
(630) 668-8770

Recent Reviews

Tyrone Williams

last night was our first time we visited this restaurant. But It is surely not the last time. We enjoyed the evening a lot with the excellent service, with the excellent cuisine and booze and with the friendly price. We will absolutely come back again.

robin wulf

The best Chinese cuisine of downtown Wheaton! I have lived here for two years and this is my go-to spot. Family owned and operated very kind & friendly staff. The woman there is always serving tables and getting carry out orders out, she works hard and is very polite. Food is always hot and delicious. I have only had carryout but cute and clean dining area as well. I 10/10 recommend if living or visiting Wheaton.


Hot sour soup very yum

E Smid

Love love love. The house tea is so good. Fresh vegetables in the dishes. I like the almond chicken and the hot and sour soup. The portions are very generous. My husband and I share a dinner and add a soup ( because one soup already comes with the dinner.) We have a delicious dinner for about $13. Fortune cookie says “ You will find a hidden gem on Liberty Drive!”

Allen G.

My niece says if she were to die today this would be her last meal. It's good Chinese food that has been consistent for 20+ years. It's American Chinese food. It's not amazing but this place does it well. They have some Korean dishes as well which are good as well. The lunch specials are amazing and a steak. Dinner is a little pricier but well worth it. They also have their own homemade kimchee (a little on the sweeter side but will please most of the eaters and is a good intro to kimchee.

Jonas Terrell

This place is worth a try. They have big portions for convenient rates. Regularly well kept and with awesome vibes. Highly recommended.

Lori S.

American Chinese food that is served with forks. We were given hot black tea and water to drink. I don't even know if they offer other drinks, I didn't see any on the menu. The egg drop soup is the best I have ever had; very strong chicken broth and large egg pieces (We almost thought they were wide egg noodles). The General Tao's chicken and Hong Sue Tofu were very good and the wait staff was very nice, we will definitely be returning to try other entrees..

Abraham Sung

Lunch Special is great here especially in a sunny day

Chris G.

Expensive but fresh and tasty. I went to a couple other local options as they were 15% less expensive for same basic food order: pork efffuyoung., General chicken, egg roll, won ton soup. Fu yuans food is better!

Landen Juarez

Had a great experience in here with my girlfriend. The food comes out quickly and the service is just excellent. Prices are affordable.

Susan Isacson

Delicious meal everything we ordered was outstanding eggrolls vegetable fried rice chicken egg foo yong sesame chicken out of this world and Kung pow shrimp

Hyo-Kyung Lee

They have Korean-Chinese menu items such as Ja-Jiang-Myun and they were all good and authentic. I thought I were in Korea at the first bite.

Regina J.

This is our favorite place for Korean-style Chinese food. We usually order Samsun jajang, tang su yuk, and gochu jap chae - all so good, especially with the spicy cabbage that comes with the meal. My father prefers this little place to the larger well-known establishments Koreans frequent closer to Chicago.


We have eaten here and have ordered out many times and have never been disappointed. A family favorite is the hot and sour soup.

tess scott

Such a beautiful place. I have been coming here ever since I was little, the food and service has always been the same; amazing.

Jim Kaiser

Great food; allow for plenty of time for carryout or dining in.

Dennis McLees

Very delicious especially the shrimp canton 5 star for sure 👍👍

Lynn T.

I loved ordering food from here. Sometime I prefer vegan food, I ask a requested to not have chicken broth to my Hong sue tofu, they actually made with only water. It's not salty. The fried rice is good. Black bean noodle is really good. The noodle is soft.

Velu S

Ordered sesame chicken and chicken fried rice for carry out.The place was clean with friendly service.Food taste was average


Very good food, parking is hard at lunch time but doable with some effort, fair price

Diane M

We’ve been regular customers for 20+ years and always enjoyed delicious food and service. Carry out or eat in. Very nice family-owned restaurant. Two kinds of hot-and-sour soup, both yummy.

Robert Boden

Love the Mongolian chicken. Fried rice with the lunch combos are great. They do takeout, as well as dine in

John Smith

Lazy servers they don’t clean tables after customers leave for hours. It takes more than an hour to get your food.

Laura B.

Fabulous food, made fresh by a family-run business. It takes sometimes 15 min to get the food, but it's totally worth it. We eat there 1-2 times a week.

Dawn Finnegan

Best Chinese restaurant ever! Been eating here for 40+ years. The egg foo young is amazing! But really, entire menu is awesome!

Sage Kim

I love their Samsun Jajang. Definitely will come back again!!!

Ruth F.

This is a solid traditional type Chinese American restaurant, located close to the railroad tracks and the DMV. You can't miss it: they've got a pretty traditional green glazed tile roof. I'm reviewing them because no one's mentioned their vegetarian options. Inside are some traditional trappings (bamboo; tasseled small buddha; a Chinese painting on a scroll) and very practical double doors to keep everyone from drafts when the door opens. There's more seating than it looks like from the street as it's a deep lot. The waitstaff is knowledgeable about what's got chicken stock in it (quite a lot) and asked if eggs were OK. There are several vegetable options (vegetable medley; garlic vegetables; vegetable fried rice; vegetable lo mein; vegetable egg rolls; vegetable dumplings). Some contain chicken stock and everything's fried in the same oil. The kim chee is vegetarian! (Comes when you order udon.) Dumplings and udon are house-made; portions are extremely generous. We had the vegetable fried rice, the steamed dumplings (no ginger dipping sauce - it's got chicken stock), and a custom vegetarian udon. The fried rice was quite impressive; no frozen vegetables in sight and quite a lot of vegetables with large shreds of egg. The udon was a bit bland (made in water instead of chicken stock) so the kim chee was welcome; I'll ask for spicy next time. The bowl was brimming with vegetables and what looked like 1-2 eggs' worth of egg drop. Service was a bit slow but we weren't in a hurry; we enjoyed our meal, and were very well fed for $25/two people. You get both fortune cookies and almond cookies with your bill, which was charming. I shouldn't have waited so long to come by.

BunBun B.

I have been going to the Fu Yuan for about 25 years as a Take Away guest. They have great tasting traditional Chinese food and the staff is very pleasant. They have never gotten my order wrong nor have I ever been disappointed. Their Kung Pao Chicken, Egg Fu Young, Mu Shu and Hot Bean Curd are amazing (that is what I usually order). Their steammed dumplings have a thick dough wrapping which I personally do not like, and their pot stickers are okay but not special. I also like the outside Chinese themed decor. They are closed on Sundays. Food is usually ready in 20 minutes but it can be longer at peak times so take that into account. I highly recommend Fu Yuan for excellent traditional Chinese Take Away dining.

Ms C.

Fu Yuan is an icon in Wheaton. My family and I would order carry out for years and usually once a week. We moved away for 3 years and would pine frequently for FuYuan. We decided to move back to Wheaton and the countdown began! Fu Yuan was the first food we ordered! I love their food - try the chicken cashew - yum! They are really nice people too!

Kc Keele

We’ve been going here for years. Great food and great prices too! I recommend the kung pao chicken

Scott G.

The chicken fried rice was great. Egg rolls weren't very good. Sweet n sour chicken was good. Overall it was ok

Shaun Kedroski

One of the best restaurants in the area love the food and the service is always friendly. They have the absolute best fried rice. Would definitely be recommending this place to all my friends. Been coming here for years and never dissatisfied.

Rick T

A family owned restaurant that continued to serve dishes with quality ingredients and reasonable prices. This restaurant has been in business for many years, Every Single Time that I visited, they served their dishes consistently in taste, in quality and in quantity. In my opinion, This is one indeed honest owner doing a honest business with a sincere service to serve their customers and community.


This is the best Chinese Restaurant around. I've purposely tasted the hot and sour soup in many other Asian restaurants and have never found a better one and much cheaper than higher priced restaurants. Over thirty years, I don't think I've had a bad meal there. I try the nicer, pricier spots and always come back to this one. Lunch specials are very good deals. When I'm sick, I order the hot and sour soup to feel better.

Don J

I've been this restaurant many times over 20 years. I had very good experiences. The quality of foods is excellent and the taste is good. They offer Chinese cuisine, but also Korean style Chinese, too. Korean style Chinese food is quite unique in this restaurant. They are not exactly the same style as we can see in Korea, but they adapted foods to people living here. My recent experience is I have to wait quite a long time to get food, say 30min to 1 hour for a dine-in case. This was not acceptable to me so I often looked for another restaurant near by.

Brenda S.

It was good typical Chinese food ,good service, good price. The serving size was big

Heidi M.

So hard to find sizzling rice soup, but they have it and I love it! Everything I have tried here has been delicious.

Marla F.

I hadn't eaten here in years ( I think it was still Wheaton Chop Suey). We ordered for lunch take out. The lunch specials are reasonably priced and have a generous portion of the entree and fried rice. It also comes with an egg roll. We ordered Chicken & Vegetables, Szechwan Pork and Mongolian Beef. All were quite good. One of the perks is that while they are located in downtown Wheaton they have their own parking lot.

sandy r.

Sizzling rice soup with shrimp is the best in the area. Large portion and they do not skimp with the sizzling rice!!! We also love the Shrimp lo Mein with pan fried noodles. Loads of shrimp!! I only wish they were open 7 days a week!

Jason S.

Fu Yuan AKA Wheaton Chop Suey is the shit. I've been coming here for 20 years. Mongolian beef, fried rice, jajangmyung, jampong, mapo tofu, tangsooyuk. It's all good. Haven't had anything I didn't like. But the best thing on their menu, I always forget what it's called. There's shrimp, fake crab, eggs, cucumber, and a whole bunch of other things mixed together.