Birdseye Dairy Barn

8 IN-145, Birdseye
(812) 389-2220

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Brandon Sisson

I had a very unpleasant experience here. On the way home from a softball tournament in Jasper I decided to stop here with my daughter for food and treats due to the good reviews.We arrived just before 6pm, the Google hours said it closed at 7pm. We look at the menu and go to place a food order, but when we go to the window to place a food order they said they were no longer taking food orders because they were closing early. So my daughter decided on the Oreo avalanche, which looked great. We got on the road heading home and she said there was a giant piece of ice and I looked over and it wasn't ice but a piece of glass.I'm obviously very upset but also want to let them know in case something has happened that way they can fix it. I immediately turned around and returned shortly after 6pm and they were already closed up (not 5 minutes after we left). I banged on the window with no answer so I went to the side door and someone answered. The person said well I think that's plastic(see picture) and I'm not sure how that got in there almost seemingly acting like we put it there. They then blamed it on the packaging. They tried giving us a new one but I had an extremely traumatized 10 year old that is now terrified of ice cream. They did give me my money back in the end.I really don't think this was on purpose but regardless it was a very disturbing situation for my daughter.

The Reslers

Worth the 15 or so minute drive from Sycamore Springs park. We got fried pickles, chili cheese fries, and a “garbage can” which were all delicious.

Jennifer Jahn

No restroom!

Ace Rhodes

The flavors are amazing!My favorite one is blue raspberry!

Robert Domst

Make sure you order the baby size cone or else make sure your an ice cream eating champion, they make the next sizes for the best cone connoisseurs to tackle. Great family atmosphere, delicious food and ice cream !!

Lou Ann Greene

We took the babies for lunch and ice cream for their National Dog Day celebration!

Mindi Keiner-Rummel

Always great service. Wonderful ice cream and good prices.

Ed Prow

Nice place to grab ice cream with family and friends. They also have a small selection of food and drinks to choose from if your in the mood. Just be aware this place does not stick to it's open times so you could show up and they are closed. There is nothing like driving 20 mins just to find out the lit open sign is wrong and they are actually closed.

Jaslyn Loya

The food was good, but the service sucks. We got our food but one thing. We waited 5 minutes to see. Then we went up to see if they forgot it. We asked if they forgot it and one of the lady’s said we in a really mean voice “I just takes a minute, so you need to wait.” Also we went at 11:30 and all they served for ice cream was shakes and food. Don’t know if we will go back.

PyRoTV ליהוה

The ice cream was good, but the young girls who served us need to work on there customers service skills.

Sheri Rue

Food was awesome! Ice cream was great! Had a fun time with the family

Stephanie Martin

Really miss the quality from the previous owners :( sad you get soft completely melted ice cream because “the line is too long and the machine is hot” never had this problem before Chocolate does not have any taste of chocolate whatsoever 2nd trip this year and will be the last unfortunately

Jay H.

If you close at 9pm, that means you close at 9pm. Not 8:30. This need to be better. If you're open until 9pm but refuse to give the customers what they want, then close at 8:30. Insane. Be better Dairy Barn.

Peggy Judd

Ice cream is so smooth and creamyYou get alot of it. It's always busy at the Dairy Barn but the wait is worth it.

Lissa Hutton

ice cream was amazing!!!!

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