Cafe Max Eatery & Tap

113 S Main St, Culver
(574) 842-2511

Recent Reviews

Demond Jefferson

This place should be on a Food Network show. If you love a "home cooking" kind of menu, you should try this establishment at least once. I had the Philly Omelet and loved it. The French toast is great too. Both dishes will melt in your mouth.The staff could give a clinic on how to take care of a guest. From start to finish, the wait time is almost nil. Someone is checking on you all the time, but not too much. They walk the line well, balancing the middle -- enough attention to make you feel that the staff cares about your comfort, not so much that the service is annoying.Culver itself is a beautiful town, bustling in the summer; sleepy in the winter. It's a perfect setting for this gem of a restaurant.

Pam Garab

It was ok. The food wasn't that great. This is the second time we have had breakfast there and it wasn't the best. Won't be back for breakfast. I ordered a Frappuccino and they don't have straws to drink them. So I left most of it.

Vivian Crisman

How can you ruin a breakfast?? Over easy eggs were over cooked like hard yolks, pancakes were heavy and too dense. Sausage links undercooked from frozen probably. Maybe the Monday cook didn’t show up for work but honestly it’s not difficult to make a basic breakfast!

Vicky Harper

Great food! Super nice people! Pet friendly patio! Highly recommended!

Reg Johnson

The food is excellent! The smoothies are delicious! The in-house-made raisin toast is great!

Deniese Jernstrom

Delicious, prompt and very reasonable prices.

Hawley Williams

Bloody good bacon infused bloody mary, great breakfast!

Andy Nifong

Shrimp tacos, chicken avocado, and chicken fajitas were great

Meghan T.

!!Careless Cook!! Been pretty upset with this place lately. It was really good last year! I don't know if they switched cooks, or what, but this cook seems to be pretty careless about what he/she is serving. Last time we went in for breakfast & we ordered the breakfast burrito. It's supposed to be topped in cheese & jalapeños, but it didn't even have that on there! We had to ask for it. Today we ordered take out & the paper from the cheese was inside my omelette! Do better! ‍We did call and complain, and they said they'll comp our next order and speak to the cook, & have the owners call us... we'll see if we will be going back.

Scott Sorg

Great place, good food, very friendly

Lindsay Rapsavage

Great food, amazing service and pet friendly!

Jesse Dill

Gotta say, I was impressed with quality of food.

Wayne Johnson

Great waitress, good food, can't ask more than that

Devaughn Harris (Von)

Installed huge television for owner, she was so rude. Gave me a bad review which is sad because I came early prepared. She was over zealous and felt like she needed to help when I'm a professional not her. She seem cool but will down you behind your back. She offered me food but I would have to wait 4 hrs. I asked over and over was everything ok and said yes repeatedly. Almost killed myself to make her business look good and she approached me like I had no idea what I'm doing or I was going to steal from your restaurant. Maybe you will have a different experience but im really sadden by the snake in the grass. Her coworker was more friendly and not running around like there was a criminal in the building.

Michelle Whickcar

Nice atmosphere, good food although my salmon was overcooked. My husband reccomends the burger. We did wait along time for our drinks even though they were not busy.

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