The Original Root Beer Stand

824 E Lake Shore Dr, Culver
(574) 842-2122

Recent Reviews

Pam Garab

I love this place. They have good food. Great staff.


Wow, friendly service and very affordable food. We came here for a quick bite during a short visit at the Culver Academy. Very friendly forks took our order.

Gracie Hamilton

Great food, great atmosphere, everyone is a hard worker. A little slow, but that’s because it was a holiday weekend and everyone and their mother came! With such great food, no wonder!

Scott Sorg

Very friendly, good food but need more staff

Bryan Neubauer

I got two cheeseburgers and some french fries, it was great! Runner was very friendly.

Autumn Pennington

great food fast service, they were very busy today, that's a good thing, so glad they are back open

Chris Smith

went there yesterday, took a few minutes for someone to take our order of two shakes.... waited 15 minutes at least watching others get their orders and left... with no shakes.... service has gone down so bad the last few years not sure I'll even try again

Kathy Granberg Formella

wow 45 minutes for ice cream. ice cream good. extremely slow service. difficult with young children

Catlynn Siple

Took 45 mins to get our food. We ordered 2 burgers, 2 onion rings, a children's 5 piece nugget and fries and 2 root beer floats. The root beer floats were warm, ice cream was melted, the fries, nuggets and onion rings were super greasy and the burgers were so sloppy they just mushed in our hands.Over priced food, that wasn't good.

Ryan Jackson

Love this place, the food is great along with the service. The coney dogs are amazing

Brittney Davis

Food wasn't to bad but the employees could have been more friendly

Angela Pearish

Great service and food! We love it!!

Cyan Sparkle

We ordered our food. The server was sweet and nice. Talkative and understanding we had two separate orders. But food doesn't taste as good as it used too. My friend used to go all the time said her nuggets were like mcdonalds nuggets. They had to have swapped food carriers to something of lower quality. The hamburger tasted like hotdogs. And I got sick after eating hamburger. I just wish that they tasted as good as they used too. :(

Ambere Mauldin

Loved this little place ! Great burgers and rootbeer ! Friendly and quick staff !

Trent B.

Not sure if they're short of help or just aren't able to track who pulls in and out. I sat there for 15 minutes waiting for someone to come to take my order. I'm a frequent customer and it's always an effort to get someone to your vehicle. I decided to move on and try again some other day.

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