Schwartz Family Restaurant

6738 W Governors Trce, Eckerty
(812) 338-9000

Recent Reviews

William Schaub

Worth the dive off of 64 to get there. Just plan good homemade food. Not fancy. Good value for the money. Friendly staff clean and neat.

Patricia W

We ate there for the first time Friday evening. Food was very good -shrimp tastier than most other restaurants. Everything was very clean, including the restrooms. And the girls waiting on us were so friendly and helpful. Thanks for a wonderful experience! We definitely look forward to returning for a second visit!

Mark Haney

I don't go past the route 37 exit on I64 without taking the 5 minute drive north to Schwartz. Normally cafeteria style is not my style but Schwartz is NOT normal, it's exceptional. The baked chicken was perfectly tender and the corn....folks this is farm to freezer to fork. They raise it right there on the farm. It's bicolor sweet corn in January! Amazing!The atmosphere is always friendly and the staff are always helpful.If you've never been to Schwartz, you have to go.

Raizor M.

We stopped in for a late lunch/early dinner. It is set up as cafeteria style. There is a choice of buffet or meat and two. We choose meat and two with dessert and that was plenty of food for us. The fried chicken was delicious as where each of the sides. The resturant was clean and the staff was friendly. If you enjoy a cafeteria style resturant with home style cooking, this is as good as it gets.


Pretty standard food, nothing super special. It was alright. This type of food is pretty much all you can find around this area

Richard Koss

My family and I arrived here at 6:30 pm. The restaurant was not very busy. The food was very good. Fried chicken, meatloaf, lasagna, and Salisbury stake was on the bar. My wife and I had all-you-can-eat. I did go back for seconds on lasagna. It was delicious!

Felicia E.

This place was amazing. Country style, home cooking. The fried chicken was amazing as were the fried potatoes. Can't wait to go back.


My wife and I and a friend were traveling across Indiana and I saw this place on trip advisor. Thought we would give it a try. I like home cooking and I've had the good,the bad and the ugly. The reviews were mixed so I wasn't expecting too much. For all you folks who complained about the need to give it another try. Amazing! Best roast beef and meatloaf. Fresh corn cut of the cob. I am sad I could not eat more. It's a buffet! Stop complaining about the service. Get off your butt and getter done. Great home style cooking. They had a dozen veggies to choose from. Chicken and BBQ and much more. I went through the line twice. Pie included. If you can't find happiness here, you ain't gonna find it. I will be making the drive from KC more often. Dreaming about my next visit!

Crystal Lewis

Delicious!! Kids enjoyed the playground!Just enjoyed 2nd trip. Got kids meals and adult meals to go. Delicious like last visit!

Daniel Coppa

This place serves, by far, the best home style food I’ve ever had in a restaurant. The fish was so tender and juicy I could barely pick it up with my fork. The cake was so light and fluffy with a generous amount of icing. I’ve been driving past this place for years and I’m glad I finally stopped. I will be back


Plenty of great food served cafeteria style. They have an all you can eat special but we settled on the 1 meat and 2 sides option. It was more than enough for each of us. It's located almost 5 miles from Interstate 64. Well worth the short drive from the interstate. Much better than fast food.

Dave Grehl

Some of the best food you will ever eat, great service. Hey Phillis Dukes, you probably complain about everything. Trying to get a free meal, if your that picky just stay home. She complains about tipping, first off you don't have to tip. Second you look old enough to know that with a buffet they don't come to your table. How did they trick you ? When you pay theirs a opinion to tip. So to everyone that has ever thought about stopping at this great family owned business, do yourself a favor and stop in. We had lunch for 13.99 thats for everything they have over 20 types of pies. I will never pass this place without stopping again. So for children running a business you are doing a great job. We were very impressed. Thank you Schwartz family for a outstanding experience. See you soon, Oh BTW we are 200 miles away.


This place is delicious! We both got the all you can eat. Had dessert, salad, so much home cooked food! It’s Amish recipes and everything was so tasty and fresh. The girls were really welcoming. Highly recommend

Kristi R.

We stopped here on our way home from French Lick. If you love down home country cooking, this place is worth the drive. Cafeteria/buffet style with all the fixins.It tasted like Sunday supper in my Grandmothers kitchen. Exceptionally clean and friendly service.

Kathy M.

This food was nasty for a Friday at 5 pm expected hot food it was not manager Alma Riley did not offer to give me some money back on my meal she said basically to bad it's not a Amish restaurant will never stop again thanks a lot better food at golden coral

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