Phillies Cheese Steaks & Salads Plus

200A Main St, Evansville
(812) 422-0777

Recent Reviews

Joey Graves

This place is such a great hidden gem. Freshly made food and very nice staff!

Dave Dyjak

Seems to be closed! I went by today at 12:30 and the place was locked with all the lights out and no signs of life. Hopefully everything is ok and they'll be open again soon. I was eager to try their Philly.

Lance Greer

Having one of the very BEST Philly Cheese Steak sandwich you will ever put in your mouth..The Lamb Gyros was Incredible..Fries hot spot one..If you work downtown, they will deliver free on orders $30 and more..

Joe Prince

Very fresh ingredients, friendly staff, wide variety on menu , clean

Caitlyn Demoss

Love the food here!! The new owners added so much more flavor to the food. Phillies is a great place to grab a quick lunch when downtown.

Jessica Bechtel

Soooo good! The gyro was so yummy and the Phillies cheesesteak is the real deal!

Tim Watson

Don’t miss this place. The service and food are top shelf. Help support a local restaurant. We need these places downtown.

John Freed

The decor is nothing special, but if you want a good Philly steak sandwich I highly recommend you try it out. Marinated ribeye on an Omaroso roll with all the toppings and choice of several cheeses make this worth stopping in for.

Tom Bippus

The service was excellent, very friendly staff. I ordered a baked potato and it was tasty. The problem is the potato was not washed prior to baking! Dirt in my food, dirt in my teeth, so bummed

Phillies Cheese Steaks & Salads Plus

200A Main St, Evansville, IN 47708
(812) 422-0777