Shing-Lee Chinese Restaurant

215 Main St, Evansville
(812) 463-6969

Recent Reviews

Rickey Dye

This place is a downtown institution. It is very busy at weekday lunch and empty, but open, in the evening. It a source of Evansville's Cantonese dining history, which is oddly extensive. If you just tell them the sort of thing you like, you can have an absolutely unbelievable genuine Cantonese dinner here. It is my favorite Cantonese.

Sarah Hartman

Ordered take out and was disappointed. The crab rangoons were burnt and the sweet and sour sauce was congealedThe rice, chicken, and egg rolls tasted good but the sauce ruined it.

jewel pickerill

Everything they make is delicious best place in town

Dolores Ellington

Everyone who eats at Shing Lee will be in for wonderful food and great service. The atmosphere is really cozy and comfortable. Enjoy the fine food and service.

Mike Holschbach

Awesome food great place

Morry Hayhurst

The vibe in the cafe is great for working, studying, having coffee with a friend, etc. There is alway plenty of space, although the outlets are sparse and there are no windows for natural light which is a down side. They do not sell food, however there is a baker in the same building who sells some great baked goods.

Brad Johann

Best Chinese restaurant in town


We have been a regular here for almost 50 years. The very best. Frankie will fix the food to your liking. Great!!!!!

Jason Cormier

More than 2 stars less thab 3

Richard Camp

The best sweet and spicy soup ever made, period. Great deal for the price. 2 entrees easily serve 3 people. Bring an appetite.

Larrie Jo Hatcher

Have been dining there for yrs. And still has the same atmosphere. Enjoyed our waitress to the fullest. Chatted with the owners. Matt and Mr. Frankie share the same birthday!

michael stoker

very nice owner and food tasted amazing

Sean Smith

Best Chinese I've ever had and great staff. They better not ever close down.

Brenda Greulich

The food was great! They needed to turn the air conditioner on they only had fans running it was an hour before closing.

Jessica Thomas

Simply the best for nearly 50 years.


Great mom and pop restautant downtown.

Cheri Spicer

The most nostalgic & delicious Chinese

Kaylee S.

I'm surprised at the good reviews, people must prefer flavorless food. I've tried the cashew shrimp and the low mein and it was so bland and tasteless. The best way to describe it is "wet". The 'pork fried rice' wasnt fried rice at all, there was no pork or veggies. The only redeemable thing are the egg rolls, which were decent. Dont waste your time, it's not worth it.

Cindy Motz

Always superior food and service! Thanks Jayne!

Pat Fisher

Best egg rolls in evansville, love there Shing-Lee chicken... everything is great there....

Joshua Reese

Best Chinese restaurant I have been to!!

Christopher Potts

The freshest and best tasting Chinese restaurant around. The egg rolls are the best I have ever had. We love going on a Saturday night. They start to know you, what you order, like/don’t like, and always make my daughter feel so at home. She requests to go there now for Chinese food.

Dr. Larry W. Lewis

My favorite Chinese restaurant! They happily accommodate customer preferences as they prepare entrees cooked to order. Their egg rolls, egg drop soup, barbecue pork, and garlic chicken are wonderful! The proprietors and staff are the best.

Sue Lewis

Best Chinese restaurant in Evansville. I have been going there since the 70s, never disappoints.

Dave Dyjak

One of the best Chinese restaurants that I've been to in Evansville. I ordered the gung bo chicken lunch combo, which came with soup and an egg roll. The egg drop soup was very nice - probably among the better versions I've tried. The egg roll, though, was excellent. The outside was freshly, perfectly fried, crunchy and delicious. It was served with bottles of hot mustard and sweet and sour. Both had a texture and taste on a far different level from standard fare at other restaurants. The sweet and sour sauce actually tasted freshly made, and I wouldn't be surprised if they made the mustard too. I'm big on condiments, and this attention to detail impresses me.


This is hands down the BEST chinese restaurant in Evansville. Lady up front is always nice and I love their banana bread. Reasonable selection of meals to pick from.

Tom Fisher

Great food very clean great service

Brian Hartman

Good, well made Chinese food. Prices and service were really good.

JD Scott

Best Egg rolls in town! Great lunch menu selection and pricing. Great family too!

Heather O'Nan Mills

This was our first time at Shing Lee and everything was fantastic! We tried several things on the menu and everything was impressive. The owners and staff were exceptionally nice and we will be back.

Pamela Raleigh

The food was awful. Egg rolls had no favor and overcooked. Ordered cashew chicken got mo go gi pan with cashews thrown on top was disgusting. My husband ordered shrimp lo mein got something totally indescribable. Got our daughter chicken fingers and fries got the chicken they use for sweet and sour chicken and they were overcooked and totally nasty but she liked the fries. Very unpleasant experience and will never order from here again. What a waste of money.

April Reynolds

Best Chinese food in Evansville!! Others are good but Shing Lee is by far the best.

Sheila Carman-hall

good food employees very nice cozy great owners very kind there love for the city is awesome

Bianca Singh

Very nice place and the owners are very nice and great food

Sheila West

Great food. Love this place. Customer since 2002.


Amazing food and amazing people. Definitely a place to go to. I have been going since a kid, and I can assure there is not other Chinese restaurant that can compare.

Cynthia H.

best chinese in evansville. sesame chicken is a no-brainer, gotta get that. egg rolls and fried rice is top notch!! get it while you can, this place is for sale!! hate to see them go :(

endia crowe

I'm so glad they have opened..the food hasn't changed, it still very delicious and tasty

Jamie B.

The best homemade Chinese food! They do it right. The egg drop soup is the best I've had. I, personally, love their spicy red sauce, you have to request it. Also, the vegetables are super great with chicken. Oh, and their hot & sour chicken is like no other, just saying. Great place hands down.

Tom Summers

Awesome food and staff! One of our favorite restaurants in town.

Shing-Lee Chinese Restaurant

215 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708
(812) 463-6969