Gnometown Brewing Co.

203 E Berry St #104, Fort Wayne
(260) 422-0070

Recent Reviews

Carlos L.

This place is has good beer and a good beer selection as well. The food is good but I e noticed the it is a hit and miss place as far as food freshness and portions. I've been 100% happy with the beer and 50/50 on the food.

Marcus W.

Neat place near the courthouse in Fort Wayne. Cool inside with a relaxed feel. The outside seating area is decent sized. The food looks and smells awesome, but I just ate at Pint & Slice before coming over, so I didn't eat. Now for the beer. Flights are $13 for four 4.5oz pours. I got the Project XIII (Brown), the Cole's Smoked Porter, the Amber, and the Baxter (Scottish). The brown was a bit underwhelming. I really expect a strong nutty flavor in Brown Ales and it just wasn't there; not bad, but kind of forgettable. The Porter was excellent! Very strong smoke flavor and the porter wasn't too heavy or thick. The amber is good, coppery with a bit of hops. The aftertaste is a bit bitter and lingers. The Baxter was a bit unexpected. A bit hopper than expected and a really strong whiskey note. It doesn't say it is barrel aged, but it sure tastes like it. Very good, but the Porter is still the star. Definitely worth a look.

James Hicks


Leslie L.

Decent selection of beers, nice atmosphere, waitress/bartender were great. Nothing really stood out for me enough to come back though.

Matt Brooks

The Gnometown flight was tasty but even more tasty was the Caramel Apple Salad & the Smoked Brisket tacos. Service was quick and courteous. Definitely requires a return visit.

Nick Huffman

Better than I expected. Great list of some regional craft beers in addition to their own brews. Awesome wait staff with good recommendations, looking forward to coming back.

Mike Maggart

Great brews and service! Wonderful food. Try the brunch.

Mike Maggart

Great brews and service! Wonderful food. Try the brunch.

Jay Auer

Good service guess I was expecting too much.

Robert Altemier

Awesome tacos awesome beer great staff!

kip mitchell

Always good beer and food

Harmony P.

Great experience here, came with 2 coworkers. Abby was our waitress she was awesome! Great with suggestions and quick service. I ordered the 3 taco dinner $13 and 2 sangria cocktails $7/E. I got through one taco and played with half of my 2nd one I was already satisfied. We had eaten chips and salsa and their great guac for an appetizer. I had tofu, Mahi, and the shrimp tacos. Shrimp was my favorite one!

Kathleen E.

Nice updated place. A little more geared toward youth. Delicious beverages. Although we didn't eat, the food smelled delicious!!!!


Has something for everyone, great food, lot's of beer choices, and good atmosphere. We even did a brewing session this year, very cool experience.

Mr9C1Driver .

Has something for everyone, great food, lot's of beer choices, and good atmosphere. We even did a brewing session this year, very cool experience.

Peter Shuey

So good! Great service. Great beers!

Michael D.

We enjoyed their craft beer and we just have an appetizer but it was excellent. Bartending staff was very friendly and easy going

Mike Coleman

It has been a year since eating here and I wound up ordering the same. Very tasty trip to Ft. Wayne.

Mike & Beth Savieo

Great service and food. Just a little pricey.

Blake H.

We decided that it would be really cool to brew our own beer for our wedding. Gnome town brought that idea to reality for us. The experience was a lot fun. Brewmaster Mike is the man. We knew what kind of beer we wanted but not an exact style. We passed on our desired flavor profile to him and he came up with a killer recipe. It was all ready to go when we got there. By ready to go I mean water boiling, grains sitting there ready to be mashed in. Brewmaster Mike is very hands on and helpful along with educating you along the way. So if your not sure how it works it's basically like this. If you where to go to a home improvement store and say hey I want to build a kitchen table. They will give you the plans, the material, the tools and Norm Abrams to help out as much as you need it. The cool thing is he makes you do the work. He tells you when and why your doing what your doing but your doing the work, yes you are brewing beer. Not that it's work. It's totally fun and super easy. It took us right about 2 and a half hours to brew our beer. So that gives you plenty of time to enjoy some hoppy gnome tacos and some of there own brews. The only complaint that we had was that about half way threw our session they opened the seating up to regular patrons. I get it, those where empty seats that need paying ass's to be in them. But it got loud in there and the vibe kinda changed. We thought that space was only for people Brewing. We paid a good little chunk of change to be there to brew some beer and it felt like we were bothering the people that where there to just enjoy some chow. But that was the only real complaint. We RSVP'ed 'this back in November. We agreed on a price. at the time this was just an idea of they were going to do not an actual product yet. Since that time the price changed quite a bit and we were informed of that about a month before hand. We told Mike about it and he made good on things with us. Brewmaster Mike is the man. He makes this thing go. Great dude, super welcoming and very friendly. This was an awesome experience we had a total blast!

Tessa G.

GnomeTown Brewing Co is the coolest new place to join the beer scene in Fort Wayne. First things first, YOU can brew your own beer here. Yep, you heard me right. You can hang out with brewmaster Mike for a few hours and start processing your unique brew. So here's how it works. You contact GnomeTown, set up a time to come in (they accommodate groups), brainstorm what style of beer you want, they get all the ingredients, and you start the brewing process. On the day you decide on plan on dedicating a few hours. The process is fun but there is some downtime during the different stages. Which conveniently you are right next to The Hoppy Gnome and can enjoy drinks and a meal. I believe you can place an order and they will do the whole process for you (not 100% sure so double check). A group of us came in to brew our wintery, chocolate stout with hints of mint. IT WAS AMAZING. They really know what they are doing! The process was fun and Mike was very informative. A few weeks later we came back and got to experience what it is like to bottle our own beer. I set over a design to the GnomeTown team and they whipped up some labels. The bottling process was fun and our keg produced about 43 22oz bombers. Cheers! Now about the space. Very sleek. I would call it industrial chic. It has a similar feel to their counterpart, Hoppy Gnome. There are a few high top tables and then a few community tables. Very spacious. Great for renting out. They also have a bar rail and currently they cannot sell their beer, BUT soon they will have original GnomeTown brews on tap! Check this place out! Perfect for a unique wedding favor or the perfect place to brew your beer if your wife kicked you out of the garage.

Ray M.

This experience is a unique and wonderful addition to downtown Fort Wayne. GnomeTown Brewing gives you the opportunity to experience brewing your own craft beer using their facility, equipment and even ingredients. It's bound to be a hit with groups or for special events. Imagine brewing your own beer in advance of your Birthday, Wedding, or anniversary or and then when the day arrives, serving what you made, complete with your own label. Our visit lasted several hours (maybe a little longer than normal but very enjoyable) and we were guided by Mike through the process, a very knowledgeable and friendly brew expert! During the the wait time in the process you can order food or drinks from the Hoppy Gnome restaurant next door. There are several picnic style tables for you to sit and enjoy time with your group. I can even see an opportunity to plan card or board games, or watch the big game on tv. They also have a bar area where you may have an opportunity to taste some of their own craft brew experiments. Definitely on my to-do list for a future family function. And I can't wait to go back and sample the product we made today!