1111 S Clinton St, Fort Wayne
(260) 755-2173

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Anamaria Keeler

If you come to this locations drive thru...please be prepared to wait. It wasn’t even busy and I waited a total of 15 minutes before ordering.

Brian Johnston

Worst subway i've ever been to, and i'm sure it'll be the worst subway that YOU ever go to.

Seth Silance

Had to find my away around this store because my home store is in waynedale.

Donn Hussey

Fast service, followed my requests.

Nick di drummer

Worst hospitality Worst Subway in fort Wayne don't go there factsssss

Alexa Juarez

messed up my order, called and the place they hung up on me. lady or teenager was disrespectful if i could give it zero stars i would


Sandwiches made to order. Always 'tasty'. Anywhere they are at. She likes the Turkey Break and I am partial to the Ham. And we each have our own special toppings.

cyndi tittle

Good food but not hot coffee.

Tony Martin

Order was accurate and timely, and nice staff

Stephanie S.

My husband brought home Subway for us tonight and after taking my second bite I felt something hard...pulled it out and it was a tack. Tried to call the store multiple times to report with no answer.

Kenneth Petty

Service is okay. Food typical Subway fare.

Tavius White

My fiance and I didn't want to go to a fancy restaurant and were in the mood for some cold sandwiches and some cookies. I'll be honest. It was a good date even for Valentine's. The place was quiet and the servers were really good and precise with our orders

Elizabeth Richhart

Some lovely and amazing employees and some that seem very upset always. Tends to be a long wait in drive thru and their speaker is very quiet. Hope they can get better staffed so their speed of service improves.

Don Hernandez

Sub was good. Service was prompt, even though place was somewhat busy.

Faith Steup

If I could give it no stars I would. The two men working there ignored the drive thru completely, didn't even have the headset on.

Brian Getz

Tried to order food. The neon signs said "Drive through open" and "open." I pulled around and the worker waved me away. I said, "Your sign says you're open." "We're not" she replied gruffly through the closed window. "But the sign is on." "We're closed." I went to Wendy's and when I left 20 minutes later, the signs were still on.

Brian J.

This is how my "wrap" looked. I was the only one there and the girl at the front was so slow that I waited 10 minutes for her to fool around with her co-worker and make me a terrible "wrap". This was the worst subway I've ever been to.

Julie Asbury

Very long wait at the drive thru. Employees were frustrated. Food was good.

Julie Karn

Good food great prices!

Jaycob M.

Tonight was the worst most absurdly rude experience I've ever had at a Subway or maybe a restaurant in general.. While being the only person in the drive through and no one in the store the cashier was clearly going unnecessarily slow and getting an attitude with every word, I get to pay and my total was 5$ and change. I proceeded to pay with a 20$ bill and the exact change which clearly annoyed her for some reason. She gives me my change (14$)and I was unsure of how the change came to that and not the 15$ even I was expecting. I didn't receive a receipt so I had to go in to get one and when I walked in she looked at me and went back to playing on her phone along with the manager totally ignoring me until I had to ask for a receipt across their kitchen. Realizing the cashier had given me the wrong change I asked for the dollar back and explained how it had been wrong while she was arguing with me proceeding to blaming me for the error for paying with exact change. I am on my way home and very confused as to how a manager watches and lets that happen or how someone like that even has a job. After all the attitude and unnecessary rudeness throughout the transaction then to blame me for her giving me the wrong change and me having to come inside to get the correct change... crazy.



1111 S Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802