The Hoppy Gnome

203 E Berry St, Fort Wayne
(260) 422-0070

Recent Reviews

Ashley M.

TLDR; cute vibes, great service, good tacos - lotta beer choices, 1 cider, and decent beer The Hoppy Gnome is on the corner of the street with a little outdoor covered patio. There's no private parking lot but a ton of street parking available (at least when we went on the weekend). The inside of this brewery is super cool! There are gnome motifs everywhere and they have merch for sale - t shirts and such. They have 5 home brewed beers but they have a ton of beer selections from other breweries. Their smoked porter was pretty tasty! you can get a growler to bring home if anything tickles your fancy. The flights were $14 for 4 choices. Each taco I had was very yumm. I don't think you can go wrong with a taco choice! It was $14 for 3 and $10 for 2. I would recommend stopping by for a drink and taco if you're in the area! Wasn't too busy on a Saturday for lunch, server was awesome and nice, and food and brews came out quick.

Michelle T.

Have been here 5 or 6 times, always a good experience. Our waiter, Sterling, was fantastic. Food was great, view from picture windows of downtown Ft. Wayne is very nice as well. I had a traditional sangria as well as a jam jar sweet Shiraz wine, both very good as well. You should check it out if you're in the area.

Kyle Metzger

There are three things to look for, right? Atmosphere, food, service. They hit the ball out of the park on all of them. No frills space, but still chic and classy. The food is some of the best in NE IN. And the food comes quickly. They always have enough staff. Side note - Gnome Town brewing is great. They hit all of these same marks, and the brewing experience and staff are awesome.


Whenever I travel from Wisconsin to visit my son in Fort Wayne, I try to visit Hoppy Gnome. HG is a very comfortable place that has consistently had excellent service and great food. I particularly like the variety of Tacos and would enthusiastically recommend. I also felt the prices were fair and reasonable for the quality.

K. Leidel

Connor the bartender was awesome. He was friendly and talkative. The only issue I had was the selection of beer they brewed, although tasty, was limited to 6 beers. I didn't eat there but their food menu looks impressive. I'll be back to try some tacos!

Faybian T.

Pretty decent place! Great service! The beer was certainly hoppy and the tacos were DELICIOUS! For spicy fans try Dante's inferno

Robbie H.

Looking for a newer place i haven't been to before. So here we are.. Came for the beer selection and left with a full belly of food. Got the chips and salsa.. Was pretty good but the guac was super good.. A little pricey at 10 bucks. But was bottomless chips and the salsa. So tacos at first look on the menu was a eye shocker at 3 for 14 bucks! Since work was buying thought i would give it a try. Got Mahi, Korean beef, and duck.. First 2 great third on was yucky! Duck didn't appeal to me. Changed it in for a brisket taco.. Much better! With wifes tacos and drink and my 2 beers the bill was just over 80bucks

T Ferguson

Beer only review. Good selection, house made beer was decent. Upscale modern decor.

Theresa Thieman Lennartz

Stopped in today for lunch and we had the best service (wish I got the waitress’s name) and the food was great! Very impressed with atmosphere!!

Andrew Wagler

The atmosphere is neat. The food is subpar, if you are hoping for a traditional meal. They have modern trends in tacos that push the regular fan out of their comfort zone.

Amanda G.

We appreciated the authentic choices on the menu. Any restaurant that offers draft sours gets kudos from me. The Chips, Queso & Guacamole were on point. Our top choices were the tuna, Bob Marley tacos & cauliflower taco. We were not impressed with the flour tortillas nor the steak tacos. The mahi mahi was not warm or tasty. My man didn't like his first beer choice & the waitress was kind enough to recognize this and comp it. The staff & ambience were enjoyable. It's more for an adult palette.

Jenny Davis

Their tacos are different and very tasty. The service was on point with drink refills and letting us eat without too many interruptions. We will definitely be back.

Mike Ballinger

great food, great beer, great service, the Bartender was very knowledgeable about the beer. I'll definitely be back

Jonathan Young

The Duck confit, the brisket taco, and ask for Caleb.

Caitlin Conley

This was a great spot, and we had an excellent server that was very patient with a party of 11, including 4 toddlers. Huge selection of draft beers, including their own brews. They have a great selection of vegetarian/vegan food, including 4 different V tacos. I tried 3 of them (you can mix and match tacos).

Jacob L.

Definitely a fan of The Hoppy Gnome! Not only is the food and the beer delicious, the service is also spectacular. We had a 14 top table with most of us being either vegan or dairy-free and our waiter was able to easily guide us through the menu and let us know what we could order. As someone who used to be a waiter, I know how stressful that can be, but everything was flawless and our waiter has a great attitude. Additionally, when one of the sides that we'd tried to order wasn't vegan friendly the waiter surprised us by bringing a custom order prepared by the chef that was vegan. These guys are super accommodating and will go out of their way to meet whatever your dietary restrictions/requirements might be. The food is fantastic. I had 3 tacos, two of them being the tofu taco and 1 of them being the mushroom taco (no cheese). These are some hefty tacos - they are not small! & they're definitely tasty. 10/10. The beer list is pretty extensive and the waitstaff is more than happy to guide you through it. The Thai PA is definitely worth a try if you like IPA's. Keep it up Hoppy Gnome! Love this place.

Nate James

The food was excellent, the staff was quick, clean, and knowledgeable. The drinks there are unique and excellent. Specifically recommend the margarita.

Shaun Austin

Faster than the last place. Good beer. Good chips and salsa

Dave S

The beer was ok, food tasty, but both were only about 80% of the way to great, with both lacking intensity/commitment: Crispier braised pork. More depth to the confit. More hops in the IPA. $13 for a flight of four and mid $20 for an entree - too expensive for what you get.

Melissa Engelson

Needed a quick bite and drink. I went with dessert for lunch at the bar. Excellent customer service by Dylan (sp?). He checked for me in the s'mores. We found out that the marshmallows AND the chocolate were made in-house. They tasted amazing!!!

Cathy S.

Great beer selection. Thats the draw here and they change the selections often. Great place to try new brews you havent had yet. Not a big fan of the food - just not my fav on that score. It is a bit noisy inside but the outside dining in warm weather is nice.

Andrew C.

Good spot for a meal and a beer in Fort Wayne. Very kind staff. Kid friendly. Love the variety of drinks, very large menu to choose from.

Scott S.

I stopped in for a quick lunch after landing at the airport. I sat at the bar and asked the bartender which were his favorite tacos. He recommended the pulled pork as well as the mahi mahi so that's what I went with. They each had decent flavor. Nothing too special. I thought the pork was better than the mahi. $5 each seemed a little steep. This isn't the first time I've been somewhere downtown in Ft. Wayne and thought the price point was too high.

Isaiah Ross

My Bartender Dylan, upon our initial interaction, only had the best of reviews from me. He was personable and remarkably able to maintain flow in conversation.

Isaiah Cole

My Bartender Dylan, upon our initial interaction, only had the best of reviews from me. He was personable and remarkably able to maintain flow in conversation.

Martha Snyder

Tried a fantastic brew! JoDa was great, I'd drink it every time if you carried it! :0)

Yun L.

Best taco ever! Can you imagine me a 100 pound girl had 5 tacos because they were too good! Taco, must order! The chips were very thin and fresh made, the thinnest chips I ever had, and the salsa so tasty! And the sunset sangria was soooo good too! S'mores were fun to make and the chocolate was good chocolate. Everything we ordered was perfect! Very satisfied!

Peggy B.

What a nice upgrade for downtown FW. Great food, fun atmosphere and a super selection of beers. They could stand to work on improving their house brews though. Service was friendly and on point. It made for a lovely date night.

Michael Yanez

2 tacos for $10?! That’s crazy! I get they’re “GOURMET,” but let’s be honest...... it’s a taco. I tried the shrimp taco and the Dante taco. The Dante I liked! 5/5 stars for it. The shrimp taco had A LOT of something, cabbage maybe? I took most of it off and finished the rest and it was a little bit better. 2/5 stars on that one. The service was great!! Our waiter was quick with orders and drinks. Maybe I didn’t enjoy my visit as much because I didn’t get much into the beer menu. I’m gunna give that a shot next time and see what’s up because I usually hear a lot of hype about this restaurant.

Jesse Miskovich

Amazing food, bit pricy but worth it. I had the steak pasta and my boyfriend had the lamp chop, both were fantastic. One of the best restaurants in Ft Wayne. Highly recommend.

Abigail G.

Very modern and industrial inside with great food as well. We went their for brunch and got mimosas and guacamole. It was very tasty and hit the spot. Nice serving staff with a great view of the city from the windows.

Laura B.

Came in for dinner tonight while staying in Ft. Wayne for the night. Sat in the bar area, and we had a great server! She was very knowledgeable about the menu and how we could find items that fit our dietary needs. The menu clearly marks their vegan items. We got the chips and salsa, sushi roll, vegan bowl, tofu and veggie tacos. Everything was good. The vegan aioli on the sushi was delicious, and the broth in the vegan bowl was really tasty. The front of the house staff greeted us nicely, and the door was opened for me on the way out and in from the restroom. Seemed to have a nice crowd, and the outside and inside areas were both visually appealing. We were happy to have found this place. I looked at food being delivered to other tables, and it all looked good. We ordered beer and a cocktail, and I saw someone order a bottle of wine as well. Seems like they have a bit of everything.

Courtney L.

Sat at the bar for a quick bar flight and tacos. Service was great. The beer produced by the gnometown brewery was great! Our favorite were the Blonde and Hoppy Wheat. Super yum citrus flavor with the Hoppy Wheat. Then we ordered tacos for lunch. The tacos were what they were known for on the menu. They did not disappoint. Wow! I wish I could share the smell through a photo. It looked and smelled amazing before we even tried it. We had the Steak, Mahi, and Bob Marley in our group. All were so good! The Bibb lettuce option was unexpected and wonderful. Having people with dietary restriction made it more accessible. I really recommend this place to anyone traveling through downtown Fort Wayne. Great food and beer!

Nicole H.

I definitely liked this place, but high prices put it at the 4 stars. This is a trendy modern restaurant - clean, high ceilings, lots of windows. You walk inside the building and enter a lounge area, with bathrooms to the right, the brewing area to the front, and the restaurant and bar to the left. Our server, a younger woman, was great. Friendly and personable. We got: - portable mushroom and goat cheese taco with arugula- definitely a great flavor. But should be $3.50 or $4 max, not $5 - Marley jerk chicken taco - same. Good flavor, some heat. But should be $4. - Mahi Mahi taco - good. Yes. But $5 is too much! They just don't overstuff the tacos like Condado Tacos does to charge $5 - paprika poblano mashed potatoes - good! A nice side. Again, good flavors. I know they brew their own beer, but I didn't try anything. I know they say their tacos are their specialty, but I didn't find them too special (not for the price). Maybe downtown Fort Wayne is a pricey option to rent, and thus they need to mark up food?

abhinav raku

Best place to hangout.. and oo boy best tacos

Anna Magner

Nice vegan and vegetarian options for tacos! Could use a little more flavor, but was tasty.

Jewels Johnson

We love date nights at Hoppy gnome especially in the summer with their fabulous patio seating. The mahi tacos and house made sangria are my fave. Hubby loves their selection of craft beer. We are regulars here!

Payal P.

This was a cute little spot in Fort Wayne. In all honesty, I thought the apps were just okay, but the ambience and service were so great. The tacos and the jicama slaw were DELISH!!! The drinks were also very good. If you are in Fort Wayne, definitely worth a check out!

Brandy Last

We stopped in for the first time Saturday, 07/27/2019. Great atmosphere, courteous staff, excellent food! Our waiter was Dillon. He did an excellent job answering or menu related questions & never made us feel rushed. We ordered an array of tacos - which were the best tacos I've ever had! Such a unique, explosion of flavor in each bite..... delicious! Before our tacos we ordered a starter / appetizer & were pleasantly surprised right from the get go with their vegetarian sushi. I love sushi, but this sushi was so fresh tasting-- I'm sure it wasn't sitting anywhere for awhile before brought to us. We enjoyed our drinks, hibiscus tea & regular ice tea unsweet, both non alcohol this time. For dessert we had a Strawberry Shortcake with fresh whipped cream. It was such a treat! We were able to have all of this delicious food and our bill was about $55. I don't think that's bad at all!

Alex MacDonald

This is one of my most favorite places downtown. Every experience has been phenomenal. There was a lunch special that they were discontinuing and it was literally the greatest meal i've had in my entire life. I wish i could remember what it was and if they have it back. You can never go wrong with choosing 3 or 4 different tacos. They have a huge beer selection. This place should be a downtown Fort Wayne staple for years to come!