The Hoppy Gnome

203 E Berry St, Fort Wayne
(260) 422-0070

Recent Reviews

Abigail G.

Very modern and industrial inside with great food as well. We went their for brunch and got mimosas and guacamole. It was very tasty and hit the spot. Nice serving staff with a great view of the city from the windows.

Laura B.

Came in for dinner tonight while staying in Ft. Wayne for the night. Sat in the bar area, and we had a great server! She was very knowledgeable about the menu and how we could find items that fit our dietary needs. The menu clearly marks their vegan items. We got the chips and salsa, sushi roll, vegan bowl, tofu and veggie tacos. Everything was good. The vegan aioli on the sushi was delicious, and the broth in the vegan bowl was really tasty. The front of the house staff greeted us nicely, and the door was opened for me on the way out and in from the restroom. Seemed to have a nice crowd, and the outside and inside areas were both visually appealing. We were happy to have found this place. I looked at food being delivered to other tables, and it all looked good. We ordered beer and a cocktail, and I saw someone order a bottle of wine as well. Seems like they have a bit of everything.

Courtney L.

Sat at the bar for a quick bar flight and tacos. Service was great. The beer produced by the gnometown brewery was great! Our favorite were the Blonde and Hoppy Wheat. Super yum citrus flavor with the Hoppy Wheat. Then we ordered tacos for lunch. The tacos were what they were known for on the menu. They did not disappoint. Wow! I wish I could share the smell through a photo. It looked and smelled amazing before we even tried it. We had the Steak, Mahi, and Bob Marley in our group. All were so good! The Bibb lettuce option was unexpected and wonderful. Having people with dietary restriction made it more accessible. I really recommend this place to anyone traveling through downtown Fort Wayne. Great food and beer!

Nicole H.

I definitely liked this place, but high prices put it at the 4 stars. This is a trendy modern restaurant - clean, high ceilings, lots of windows. You walk inside the building and enter a lounge area, with bathrooms to the right, the brewing area to the front, and the restaurant and bar to the left. Our server, a younger woman, was great. Friendly and personable. We got: - portable mushroom and goat cheese taco with arugula- definitely a great flavor. But should be $3.50 or $4 max, not $5 - Marley jerk chicken taco - same. Good flavor, some heat. But should be $4. - Mahi Mahi taco - good. Yes. But $5 is too much! They just don't overstuff the tacos like Condado Tacos does to charge $5 - paprika poblano mashed potatoes - good! A nice side. Again, good flavors. I know they brew their own beer, but I didn't try anything. I know they say their tacos are their specialty, but I didn't find them too special (not for the price). Maybe downtown Fort Wayne is a pricey option to rent, and thus they need to mark up food?

Payal P.

This was a cute little spot in Fort Wayne. In all honesty, I thought the apps were just okay, but the ambience and service were so great. The tacos and the jicama slaw were DELISH!!! The drinks were also very good. If you are in Fort Wayne, definitely worth a check out!

Christopher Cavadini

I went here with a couple co-workers on a business trip. We ordered beers, the Huarache, the Whiskey Puerco, and tacos. Everything was absolutely fantastic. If I'm ever even remotely close to the Fort Wayne area in the future, I will definitely make the effort to come back to The Hoppy Gnome...and you should, too.

Alex MacDonald

This is one of my most favorite places downtown. Every experience has been phenomenal. There was a lunch special that they were discontinuing and it was literally the greatest meal i've had in my entire life. I wish i could remember what it was and if they have it back. You can never go wrong with choosing 3 or 4 different tacos. They have a huge beer selection. This place should be a downtown Fort Wayne staple for years to come!

Brandy Last

We stopped in for the first time Saturday, 07/27/2019. Great atmosphere, courteous staff, excellent food! Our waiter was Dillon. He did an excellent job answering or menu related questions & never made us feel rushed. We ordered an array of tacos - which were the best tacos I've ever had! Such a unique, explosion of flavor in each bite..... delicious! Before our tacos we ordered a starter / appetizer & were pleasantly surprised right from the get go with their vegetarian sushi. I love sushi, but this sushi was so fresh tasting-- I'm sure it wasn't sitting anywhere for awhile before brought to us. We enjoyed our drinks, hibiscus tea & regular ice tea unsweet, both non alcohol this time. For dessert we had a Strawberry Shortcake with fresh whipped cream. It was such a treat! We were able to have all of this delicious food and our bill was about $55. I don't think that's bad at all!

Cindy Harper Brewer

Great food, drinks, service and atmosphere! We love sitting outside. One of our favorite places.

Leslie Williams

Amazing food, amazing service! We will definitely make this place a favorite stop

Tela Nicholson

Great food, drinks, atmosphere, and staff!

Matt R.

This was my first time actually visiting downtown Fort Wayne. My co-worker kept on raving about the taco's he enjoyed at The Happy Gnome so we decided that the commute from Aurora was worth while. I have to say that he was completely correct. The taco's all have such non-traditional ingredients but as far as I could tell, none of them lacked in flavor or presentation. I really like the atmosphere of this location, you could definitely tell that it was new. Normally you'd expect a lot of bumps along the way when running a newer business but this place had everything from the food, down to the service, on point. Our waitress was phenomemal. Very kind, very informative, and just all around seemed to enjoy doing her job. A different waitress brought us the food and to the correct persons. One of the kitchen staff helped take our empty plates away. So I just love that type of commradary and how well it keeps the flow of service going. I chose to get the Duck Confit taco along with the Korean Short Rib taco together for $10. I absolutely loved the Duck Confit. I sort of went away from my norm and figured I'd try the Bibb lettuce wrap and I am so glad I did. I had such a better sense of all of the unique flavor this taco had, plus it wasn't too filling as I was not starving and I was aware that these aren't the smallest tacos. There was this sweet taste that it had, unlike nothing I'd ever had in a taco before and I had to double check because it was such a perfect addition. A cherry salsa. Genius. I will say that I wasn't as enamored by the Korean Short Rib. That could be because I suppose I really am just not a fan of flour or corn tortillas, it seemed to make the taco feel dry and dull in flavor. However that would in no way stop me from coming back and trying the rest of them next time I am in town (most likely with the lettuce wrap). I really do not have anything bad to say about this place though. All in all it was a wonderful experience. Great food, awesome that it's a brewery and I was able to try out their own IPA. Excellent service. Great location. I now have a newfound appreciation for Fort Wayne! Cheers.

Bronny Crompton

Started with the guacamole and a margarita. Guacamole was a huge serving that was fresh and delicious...more smooth than chunky. Margarita was very good and loved the chili spiced salt rim! Chips were a tad stale though. I ordered the Dante’s Inferno with sauce on the side and the Steak and Rajitas on corn tortillas. I wasn’t impressed with the Dante’s Inferno, but the sauce was spicy and very good.

Basha U.

See taco, will review. Not too shabby. Not my favorite, but not bad. I had the shrimp taco and the duck. The duck was not very good, the shrimp was alright. I can't say I'd go back. The service was great and fast otherwise!

Deena Dufour

Ya know, just not impressed. Ordered 3 different types of taco for a quick lunch, and really wishing I could get the taste out of my mouth. Cooked well, nothing burned, just not very tasty. At all.

Avery Robbins

Enjoyed my time at the Hoppy Gnome. The food was pretty good. Had better. The service was amazing though and the place was so clean and high quality.

J Thurber

I'm not sure what happened to this place but the food quality has taken a nosedive.

Paul Nieto

Very good tacos. Not your typical Mexican tacos, but rather something unique. It's great if you are off peak meal times and get a seat outside. The staff was very friendly and the food was great. Lots of specialty beer choices also. Its not what i would call inexpensive; more like competitive prices. It is well worth it.

Christina W.

Walking distance from local hotels. This place is a great spot for eating dinner after driving all afternoon (from Chi Town). We all ordered the 3 Taco Plate for $14. I ordered one Bob Marley: smoked jerk chicken, hemp seeds, pineapple salsa, fire roasted red peppers, sour cream. Korean Short Rib: 48 hr braised beef short rib, Korean bbq sauce, cilantro-lime cabbage slaw. Chili Glazed Shrimp: breaded Shrimp, chili glaze, jicama cucumber slaw. I wish I ordered two Korean Short Rib tacos. Hubby ordered one Dante's Inferno: garlic-chili tempura chicken, pepper jack cheese, 7 levels of h*** hot sauce. Korean short rib Chili glazed shrimp Teen son ordered: one Mahi Mahi: blackened Mahi Mahi, pineapple salad, guacamole. Two Chili Galazed Shrimp. He wishes he had ordered all there Mahi Mahi. Also ordered an appetizer of hummus with carrots, cucumber, and pita triangles. And a dessert of churros with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. All very delicious. We would definitely come back!

Michael W.

A really epic place to eat! The food is great! We all got the tacos: everyone got the Chili Lime, two of us got the Korean Short Rib. The other hit was the Mahi-mahi. The tacos are great but do not overlook the fact they have a brewery attached. - Three Floyd's Rabid Rabbit was the favorite for our table. This is a tasty Farmhouse Ale and we simply loved it. I and my wife had one. It rings in at 7.4% ABV so this is a 14 oz glass. - The other favorite I had was Boulder Beer Chocolate Shake Porter. I LOVE Porters and this one is EXCELLENT! The Chocolate Shake taste is amazing and this is dessert! Would we come back! In a moment! I would order 2 Korean Shortrib Tacos, 1 Chili lime and a Three Floyd's Farmhouse Ale!

Jenn T.

First time visiting Fort Wayne and have been pleasantly surprised by the food here so far. This was a fun trendy place with super yummy drinks and tasty food with a Mexican flare. They have large offering of taco options. Food & drinks are reasonably priced and the customer service is awesome!

Lisa P.

I will say it again, I love it here! And last night on my birthday! So much fun! Try a Lady Stark with Tequila straight up! In fact have 3 and enjoy fabulous, courteous and smiling service by the incomparable Hilary! Savory Tacos, an amazing beer list, S'mores and Sangria? Yes Yes Yes! Servers/staff are always knowledgeable and quick to smile, they seem to really like it there and that goes a long way!

Kate C.

We were going to an event at Headwaters Park but arrived between events so looked up places within walking distance to check out and kill time. We had great service from the waitress and the beer was great. We ordered chips and queso and 2 inferno tacos to share. The queso was unusual, not bad at all but you can tell they make from scratch and it strongly tastes like chicken broth. The tacos were as spicy as expected and good, but my only complaint was that it wasn't warm, like at all. The chicken in it was room temperature.

Jen G.

My husband and I were looking for food and beer on our way through Fort Wayne on a Friday night. We grabbed seats at the bar to avoid the wait for a table. I'm glad we did because we got to talk to the bartenders and servers. What a great group of people. We started with chips, salsa and guacamole. All of it was great. I tried the steak taco and the duck confit taco. I don't usually like peppers, but they tasted great on the steak taco. Maybe because I ate the duck taco second, but it didn't seem to have much flavor. The cherry concoction on top was good. My husband said the beer selection was great. I think they had 40 beers on tap. The mixed drinks must have been great, too. I saw several very interesting looking drinks going out from the bar. Fort Wayne is a bit of a hike from our home, but we'll be back next time we roll through town.

jeanne y.

This is my second time here, and first time trying the tacos using lettuce as the shells. I have first start off and say that the tacos were really good. I tried the Bob Marley, tofu, and the Korea's short rib tacos. My one complaint is that they only provided one piece of lettuce to use as the shell. So, it turned out that I was eating a salad rather than a taco. Next time, I'd ask them to use a few more pieces so that the tacos hold up.

Sarah Spenn

We always have a great experience here. Wonderful food and excellent service. Tonight we enjoyed a beautiful night on the patio and Linnea was fantastic as our server. Ask for her if you go!

Doug P.

We were visiting Fort Wayne - it won me over. This is a great city!!! We ate at the Hoppy Gnome twice. We tried a few items. We have enjoyed tacos across Texas and California, and we were a bit skeptical that there would be good tacos here. However, we were very pleasantly surprised! Both times, our waitresses were very knowledgable about the menu (beers, cocktails, and food). I have to highly recommend the meatball tacos!! The texture is perfect, with the meatball being juicy and flavorful, with a nice crunchy texture on the outside too. The corn tacos are a must have combo too. These are the best tacos I have had in a long time and unique, as it is a nice blend of the mid-west and the western taco culture. I ordered one of these both times I came. Another taco that is worth mention and serious consideration is the tofu one. The texture of the tofu was outstanding - with a nice crispy outside. The veggies were all fresh and flavorful. The beers were excellent and fun to try. The restaurant is an inviting environment too. I look forward to going again!!

VerLon M.

Nice ambiance, knowledgeable server, good drinks but the tacos left something to be desired. Under seasoned and topping to protein ratio is off as well as the corn tortillas where falling apart, literally.

Hindi Clark

Love sitting outside. Food and drinks are great.

Megan McKinney

wonderful service with friendly and knowledgeable staff! the food is sooo good and the choices are vast. highly recommend the food, drinks and outdoor patio!

Patty M.

I am happy girl. Good beer and good dinner. I rarely give 5 stars but honestly can't think of anything to complain about. I asked about Ithe pozole so my waiter brought me a sample. It was better than pozole I have had at Mexico's restaurants. I asked for salsa and they brought me 2 kind. The salmon curry dish was even better because they let me sub the cauliflower and potatoes as a side instead of the rice. The curry was intense in a nice wand salmon cooked perfectly. Service was awesome by Mr. Hogan. Will definitely return as I saw the barramundi dish. Omg!!

Steven Duran

Delicious brew-pub in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne!

Bons Hess

Astounding bartender! !! I haven’t been here for at least 6 months —- I live in Florida and summer in Fort Wayne. When I walked in and sat at the bar Taylor said “Prosecco, right?” I’m no celebrity and have always been fairly quiet on the occasions I would pop in here for a quick champagne on my way back to our apartment..... so there is no reason I would stand out. Taylor really takes her job of customer service to a new level!! Hoppy Gnome is definitely on our Must Do in Fort Wayne list. Thanks Taylor!!

Christopher Esteves

Very cool spot in downtown Fort Wayne, IN. I travel for work weekly and found this super cool spot. Very nice selection of beers and tacos. The duck confit tacos were awesome. Also, want to give props to the bartender, Brayton , he was super personable, busted his butt as busy as it was and on top of that turned me onto some good local brews and sites. Will be back if I’m in town.

Nicole Muha

Great Tacos! Vegan options available and perfect place to have a beer, catch some sports, and have some food. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable of menu. Everything is made in house so they are super accommodating to all food allegories/ sensitivities.

Vone05 .

Came here tonight for the first time and ordered the queso. I’m not one to complain but I had to let the waitress (Heather) know it was not good. The manager (Connor) came out and delivered the replacement guacamole and not only did that but went back o the kitchen himself to make us a fresh batch. It was some of the best service I have received in a very long time. Just didn’t want it to go unnoticed. Thank you so much. We will DEFINITELY be back!!

Ricky Harris

The tacos are incredible, cheese chorizo dip is spectacular, smoked porter is dangerously drinkable. Casual dining, with a slightly modern upscale vibe. Price is more than fair for quality. Will definitely return!

Gary Schultz

Very good tacos. Unique and varied flavors and toppings.

Sue G.

Great food and drinks! Just finished some shopping in Fort Wayne and found this gem on Yelp. Great selection of food- my group went with salads, Mac n Cheese, and tacos. Tyler was our waiter. He was awesome! He told us all about the opportunity to come back and brew our own beer and create our own labels. Already planning a trip back!

Shelly B.

Breweries are popping up on every street corner these days. They're the new CVS. THIS is one you should make a point to stop at though. The food is so amazing. You're able to see into the clean kitchen where they prepare the food. The aesthetic is really cool and modern but it does get loud in there, which is fine with me. It is family friendly with lots of choices for everyone on their large menu. Tacos, small plates and craft brews are what they're known for. It's a brewery where you even get the chance to brew your own beer. How awesome would that be for a bachelor party? We were served with a few of their top items: Huarache (my favorite), chips with queso and quac (also can't be missed), Asian Tuna Tartare and s'mores with homemade marshmallows that you roast yourself!