RFD Franklin

55 W Madison St, Franklin
(317) 733-7333

Recent Reviews

Cindy V.

Met another couple for dinner on snowy Wednesday. Arrived and our friends were raving about the bread and spread that was delivered. A nice olive tampanade. Hostess was a bit cool. Server was the bartender, Jasem, and he explained a staffing issue (ok, happens, no issues for us). He took our drink order and appetizer; Woodford Manhattan and I asked if could make a Negroni, he never had. Asked my gin preference and delivered a perfect NegronI. Friends very pleased with Calamari, tender, nicely breaded, not greasy and they loved the pesto flavored aoili type dip. Jasem well informed of specials and enthusiatic with recommendations. I had pan seared cod with leeks 3 ways and fingerlings. Cod perfectly cooked and sauced. Presentation very good, plate warm. Very creamy sauce topped with melted and fried leeks. Just wish the fried leek had another 30 seconds. Fingerlings were seasoned with herbs, I added a bit of salt. They were small fingerlings, perhaps would have been better just halved or left whole, but still quite good. hubby had pork tenderloin with brussels sprouts and mash. Very good but perhaps slightly under seasoned. Friends both had 6 oz filet, one with baked potato and one with mash and both with veg medley. Raved about the filet "melt in your mouth." Good local beer list, simple adequate wine list. We passed on dessert, maybe next time. Charming decor in old post office, comfy chairs, a biy hollow sounding, but not many diners tonight. Highly tecommend.

Cindy F.

Service was awful!! Took over an hour to get our food and had to go to the bar to get our drinks refilled! When we finally got our food it was good but cold! Complained to management but didn't seem to make any difference

Robert O.

This place sucked. Sorry. 35 min wait for a hamburger. When it arrived it was so crispy I wouldn't give to my dog. No manager on site. The poor waitress comp the bill 50% First of all this is not a troll. I have my copy of our receipt. Second you did not have a manager on duty. We were informed by two different waitresses that there was no manager and that they couldn't do much to help as they had no clearance. I find it insulting and unpthat instead of a simple apology you accuse me trolling.

Kristy B.

Such a unique and delicious place to have a nice dinner with your spouse or a small group of friends. Love there is a such a high caliber restaurant open in Franklin now.

Kathleen S.

Had dinner at RFD on a Thursday night with a group from work. It's great to have a local place that will take reservations and seat us as the group begIns to arrive. Our server was welcoming, informative and attentive. We tried a variety of drinks, appetizers, entrees and sides. RFD offers a unique atmosphere and a varied menu, ranging from a burger to pan seared scallops. The restaurant was not busy on this Thursday night, which lead me to check out the recent Yelp reviews. Our group had a great experience and I hope this review will encourage others to check out RFD. It's the kind of place that lets you relax, enjoy a good meal and conversation with friends or family.

Joan B.

Highly recommend this restaurant. The food was very good. The crab cakes, roast pork tenderloin and apple tartlet and brûlée were all delicious. The bartender Tim was a knowledgeable mixologist and made the experience very pleasant.

Fred F.

So we called ahead to see if they took reservations, we were told that they do not take reservations on Saturday and Sunday. So we drove to Franklin and when we checked into the hostess desk, she asked for our reservation. Really???? So in understanding her explanation as to why she ask that, for which it sounded like the impeachment hearings we gave out name for a party of three. She was about spot on with 1 hour wait. Dinner was so so. I can't say it is something I will write home about. Our waitress was prompt to ask for drink order but slow to bring. By the looks they are under staffed on the floor. We are not a drinking group so ice teas around. So one of us had Shrimp Penne, comments from it was the pasta was dry or overcooked but still tasted good. Another was the pork tenderlion and from his call of it the vegetables which was a grilled brussel sprout medley was way over salted to bring any flavor to it. Pork tenderloin was tasty and good. Ribeye was cooked per request of medium rare but no blue cheese crumbles were on top. We had to ask for them and they were brought out in a metal cup. The green beans were also overly salted with a season salt. Twice baked potatoe was good. Atmosphere was very loud but that is due to design of an old Post office as it is hard panned ceiling and walls. Decor was nice. We discussed amoung ourselves and we won't come back. The reservation/non needs to be worked out. Too much salt seasoning. But the ice tea was good.

Aaron S.

The meal we had was good -- there's some room for improvement, but it's a great start. Franklin could use a lot more good food options and I really hope this place succeeds. The calamari and crab cakes we had to start were very good. Some of the better crab cakes I've had in my life, actually. Three of the five of us ordered the cod, which we all found to be pretty bland, unfortunately. It was billed as being seared but it was actually breaded, and the breading was sort of mushy. It wasn't bad, but it needed some seasoning, needed to be heated a bit more, and it should have been labeled as breaded rather than seared. My cousin ordered the soup of the day, which was listed as being some sort of chicken soup, but she ended up getting tomato soup when the food was delivered. Apparently they had misprinted the soup of the day on the specials card for the night and didn't bother checking. When the soup arrived, it was not particularly warm, according to my cousin. They fixed that for us, but food temperature was a recurring theme of the night. It's also entirely possible that my cousin is a difficult person, but I wanted to pass this along, anyway. The server was nice to us throughout but she gave two of us the wrong dishes, which definitely happens, but not if you're paying close attention. We got there before the busy part of the night. The desserts were great, although they took some time to come out of the kitchen and I don't think any of them required heating, which was a bit puzzling. The chairs are sort of odd. I get that they have rolling chairs to preserve the floors, but I've never seen rolling chairs at a single other restaurant, and I don't think it works. You could achieve the same level of floor protection by adding felt to the ends of the chair legs. Last piece of feedback -- it was freezing while we were in there. I hope this restaurant can tweak a few things to make this a more polished experience, but they have a lot of potential, and I wish them all the best!

Susan Miller

Wonderful old building, original post office in Franklin. Came here to celebrate my birthday, and the server was wonderful, the scallops we're cooked perfectly, the steak was done just right.

Deborah Coomes

First visit....fabulous! Friends ordered the filet and the strip steak...both stated everything was delicious. Staff was very attentive, very professionsal.

Richard Northern

How can someone like me after eating there one time make an accurate comment on such a bad experience. It's a new place and I believe they haven't found their mojo yet. What food I tasted had good flavor but was only slightly warm and my salad arrived after the entree with a request again to our server. Food was ice cold after about five bites. Sodas were flat. I think I will wait about 6 months before going back.

David Eastes

Really good steak, salmon, calamari. Owner gave us an historic rundown and the service was exemplary. $20-30 entree's

Will L.

Chef really needs to taste his food prior to serving. Way to salty. I rarely complain about food, but my server wouldn't even try mine or wife's. Great service, but not so great food. Won't be back

Bob B.

Location and building are both great. Steak was average. Deviled eggs were very tasty. Pacing of plates was way off as salads arrived with entree. Nice enough place but meh

Karl M.

I came here to the RFD to try the steak. Many of my friends recommended it and kept insisting that I drop in and see the new restaurant in the old post office. I enjoyed the food and it was cooked well. The place was decently new when I went. I couldn't quite place my finger on the smell, but I feel like I constantly smelled hydraulic fluid. I'm sure the smell was a remnant of the buildings past, but I couldn't shake it. I suppose the drinks were typically priced and they did have some offerings that I was surprised to see in such a new establishment. My only gripe would be with that odor. I will have to return and see if time has erased the smell.

Jeremy Hickman

Our new favorite place in Franklin! Fantastic food and drink options, including a custom cocktail list. Outdoor seating is ideal for dinner too. Looking forward to trying Saturday brunch soon!

Anthony Goben

We made a reservation for Saturday evening @ 6:00p. We arrived @5:55p. The hostess asked if we wanted to sit outside or in, we choose to sit outside as it was a nice evening. The outdoor seating is very nice and has a good amount of seating. There were 3 tables that had already been seated outside, we were the 4th, not sure why we all had to sit so close together. I only saw 1 table that had been seated inside. The hostess gave us water and our menu's and said our server would be with us shortly, she was very nice. As we wait for our server to come and take our drink order, other servers were tending to the other 3 tables, all making eye contact with us but not acknowledging us. We sat patiently for a bit, but I was getting frustrated as time went on. After 25 minutes since the hostess left our table I had enough and walked out. We were really looking forward to trying a new place, but not sure we will return. I can't even say that the service was terrible, due to the fact we didn't receive any.

Brittney Buker

Really good food, drinks, and service.

Kathie Weaver Weston

We enjoyed every aspect of our visit. The old post office was transformed into a very unique and comfortable restaurant. The menu is small but there is something for everyone. My husband had fried chicken an I had a filet that was cooked to perfection. We couldn't have asked for a better waiter. We will definitely visit again when we are back in the area

Gary Hildenbrand

Were there on a Fri evening for dinner. The food was good. The service was good but it took over an hour to get our food and then it was semi hot. I found it odd that the owners came in to dine and our waitress took care if them before us. The owners should have been in the kitchen helping out instead of expecting our waitress to cater to them.

Elaine G.

I was really excited to try this place. My boyfriend had picked it out and since we only see each other once a week i was looking forward to trying somewhere new. I drove down from Westfield and made my way to Franklin. Walked in and were told there was no outdoor seating even though i saw plenty of open tables outside. We were sat inside and noticed the menu had changed quite a bit from the one posted online. Understandable since it's a new place even though the prices went up on almost every item. The place was very loud, distracting even. Perhaps it's the high ceilings or the table of 10 men we were sat next to even when there were other open more private tables available. We waiting for someone, anyone to greet us, offer us water. We decided on what drinks, starters, and entrees we wanted. Then kept waiting, and waiting while other tables were offered water and food orders were taken. 4 other tables had given there order and had drinks and we had not yet been greeted. We waited 15+ minutes and due to a movie we were seeing in an hour we decided to leave without anyone ever speaking to us. I have never left a one start review or felt the need to leave and establishment due to service, but i feel this is deserved. Hope this was the first and only terrible experience you have. We had a wonderful time at The Mint down the street. We got our delicious drinks and food quickly. Highly recommend!!

David T.

We stopped in last night for the first time. Having heard the steaks were great, we both ordered a 6 oz filet with twice baked potato, half a house salad, and a bottle of Pinot Noir. We ended by splitting a peach cobbler. Everything, including our helpful, bubbly waitress was superb. Nothing more to add, except this is on our restaurant rotation now.

Tom D.

the staff was friendly and helpful. the steak I ordered was supper salty and the twice baked potato was not cooked through so the main body was hard. The wedge salad was good. Unfortunately we will not be returning.

Kane Robbins

Service was good. I ordered a mid rare filet that came out well. Also the most salted food item I’ve ever had. Server politely said..i’ll let the kitchen know. My wife shared her spaghetti with me that wasn’t bad. No manager apparently

David S.

Great food! Good service. Beautiful and unique ambiance. Acoustics aren't the best for conversation when crowded, however.

Jane Sample

Had a most pleasant dinner. Enjoyed how the owners have kept most of the old post office atmosphere. No loud music to interfere with conversation. Comfortable seating. Food good and reasonable prices. Definitely will return and will recommend.

Lisa Tranter

Great food, great building, wonderful staff! The scallops and crab cakes are fabulous! Love the wedge salad and deviled eggs. Something for everyone!

Ken McDowell

We went there for the first time to celebrate a birthday. We found the atmosphere to be really cool. Some of the items were from a different post office, but was nicely decorated. I had the filet steak that I found very good. Came with a twice baked potato...that is all. Entrees come with only 1 side, no salad or bread (unless you ordered a sandwich). It left room for desert. So we had the creme brulee. It to was very good.

Kirsten Anderson

The fried chicken was delicious. Lightly breaded but very flavorful. The creme brulee was fantastic. We will definitely be back.

Jared Campbell

Props for the concept. Favorable prices (unpopular opinion amongst the old patrons, rather the only patrons). But the scallops turned into food poisoning for my better half and the filet stank. My life is now like a Seinfeld episode explaining a stinky steak to friends and family. Who has ever heard of a stinky steak? I don't know, but had the steak not stunk, it might be worth another shot.

Tina K.

We had a wonderful dinner at RFD. The food was outstanding! The owners have done a very nice job with renovating the old post office.

Brad E.

My wife and I had dinner here on Saturday evening. The renovated post office is beautiful. We started with the deviled eggs with candied bacon-delicious. What's not to like about candied bacon? I followed that with the 6oz filet and chose to have the brussel sprouts instead a potato. The steak was cooked perfectly and maybe the best I've ever had. My wife had the salmon, while it was good, the risotto accompanying it was fantastic. We finished our meal with coffee and share the angel food cake. The coffee was excellent and the cake was a light and very tasty dessert.

Lyn M.

We heard about RFD Franklin from a friend and decided to head in at 4 p.m. for an early dinner. Took a moment to take the place in, which I must say, is very neat. Love that they left the old mailboxes and the safe and we thought the rolling desk/dining chairs were very cool (at least until you've had a few drinks)! For our appetizer, we ordered the Pan Seared Blue Crab Cakes ($13), they were very good, loved the Caper Remoulade. For the main course I ordered the Pan Seared Scallops ($22), the better half and DD1 had the Classico Marinara ($13). The scallops were served over roasted potatoes, a bit like home fries if you will. Personally I would have liked to have seen some more green on the plate, perhaps a small spring mix, cucumber or seaweed salad to round it out but the scallops were cooked to perfection, tender and very tasty. The Classico Marinara on the otherhand, at $13, just didn't do it for me. It certainly did not have enough personality to make it stand out as a menu staple, nor do I think it garnered the $13 price tag, but the better half and DD1 seemed to enjoy it. My only real complaint (and the reason for only 4 stars) was with our server. She made our dinner feel hurried. She made little eye contact, limited conversation and she dashed to and from our table as if she were extremely busy. There were a total of three couples by the time we left and there was another server, so we know she wasn't busy serving customers. I believe in the restaurant industry, service is a large part of the dining experience, in a more upscale dining establishment with such a refined menu with premium prices, the service should reflect the same. I believe RFD will do very well with a few adjustments and once they become a bit more established. I hope they can last long enough to develop a foothold. We will be back!

Kara B.

Love this new restaurant in Franklin in the old post office. The owner was quick to greet us and explained the history of the building and provided recommendations on the menu. We had crab cakes as an appetizer, hubby had a burger and fries and I had the salmon. Everything was delicious and the service was great too. We will definitely be back!

Bryan Sutherlin

First timer and best place in Franklin to eat. An upgrade of the communities quality of food restaurants was well needed. RFD is the 1st and only one on our list of wonderful eating establishments. Priced right, fresh not frozen foods , preparation of foods ...TOPS. Welcome to Franklin Chef...you were well needed!

John R.

Met friends there for a night out. Excellent food and drinks. Not cheap but reasonable for the quality. Wait staff was prompt and efficient. We will be going back

Jody S.

A great new restaurant in downtown Franklin located in former post office. Great location, beautiful building, ample parking. The owner greeted us at the bar, where Zac poured a fantastic Gin gimlet for me and a Margarita for my husband. We had a large party and they seated us in the former post master office. Our party ordered a variety of food from a burger, chicken, shrimp, Salmon and steak. All were well portioned and throughly enjoyed. One guest commented why drive to downtown Indy for a steak when you can get same quality at RFD and for a reasonable price.

m r.

We drove from Fishers to meet a group of friends for dinner. RFD was well worth the drive. It is in an old post office and the decor is centered around the postal theme. It is a step back in time. We started in the bar until everyone arrived. My margarita was very refreshing and my husband enjoyed his mint julep. The bartender was very attentive to our needs. We were seated in a private room for dinner, which benefited the other restaurant patrons as well as our group. They were able to close a door when our party got a little noisy. I had the pork tenderloin medallions accompanied with very tasty brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes. The tenderloin was very tender and I was not disappointed. I would go back just for the brussel sprouts. They were that good. My husband had the salmon accompanied with risotto and a combo of asparagus and lima beans. He stated that all were cooked perfect and he would order this again. A friend ordered the salmon blackened and was pleased with her choice as well. There was no "doggy bags" in our group as everyone enjoyed their entrees and left with empty plates. RFD is definitely on our list of places to return for dinner.

Andrea C.

This brand new place is quaint, in the old post office in downtown Franklin. It brings a fine dining type menu with reasonable prices. We tried the Cod with 3 kinds of Leeks which was outstanding in flavor, portion size and taste, next was the Shrimp Penne with Sun Dried tomatoes, broccolini, and fresh shaved parmesan in a white wine sauce and served with crustini which was a large flavorful serving with 6 large, and wrapped it up with a ribeye steak which was cooked to perfection. The owner, Lisa, came out and was delightful to speak with. I am looking forward to visiting again when the patio is open.

Alex C.

This restaurant is amazing! It's an old post office building turned steak house that has a really cool vibe. I had the trillium cheese as an pastiest, it had a strawberry glaze on it that i didn't know if I was going to like but it worked exceptionally well together. I also had the Cod with leek 3 ways as an entree and it was phenomenal. The fried leeks really gave it a good crunch and the Cod was cooked perfectly. I will be back soon to try more!!