Domino's Pizza

4030 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis
(317) 783-3030

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thomas davis

Delivery was as expected. the driver Kristin was as friendly as can be in these times. Contactless delivery. sandwich is awesome as they have always been. glad i ordered.

Sarah Edmond

Offering no contact pick up or delivery currently. Usually pretty quick service. I recommend the app. I use it all the time and have it delivered. Very convenient, it rembers my orders making reordering fast and simple. Plus you get points for using it for free pizza. The stuffed cheese bread is amazing!

Mark Kaschafsky

So in general the food is good but recently it has fallen off. I ordered stuffed cheesy bread and it seems they aren't stuffing it anymore. When I called to complain about this, the manager was very uninterested in what I had to say.

Christopher Plaaten

1 star is really a stretch. At 9:44 the food was ordered and would be delivered in 20-25 minutes, it got here at 10:22, not that big of a deal. Checked for the sauces and the driver says oh there's a new guy not labeling things right, I'll be back in less than 10 minutes. I call after twenty minutes since I already paid, the first person says we're busy and going as fast as we can, I say it's not good enough if people have to wait it should be accurate. Then someone else comes on and says oh well he must have run into traffic(at 10:30 pm on a Thursday 1.3 miles away), i told that he said there was no traffic. She just didn't care. Nothing to rectify the situation, no sorry we screwed up, just too bad for you. Worst of the all it tasted like dog a$$.

Andrea Cunningham

Several times in the past year, I have called or gone on the website and ordered food to have delivered to my friends who live in the area. The food always arrives right away and my friends always enjoy it! I will gladly choose Domino's over other pizza restaurants on South Emerson.

brickman Baker

Look for yourself

shawn G

My experience at this location was not very pleasant. I received a pizza that I never told the girl to deliver in the first place. I paid for the pizza, but it was disgusting it barely had any sauce on it and my kids didn't even want to eat it. I called to address my concerns and was given a 15.00 credit, but I would have returned the pizza for a refund because it just didn't taste like the dominoes pizza I'm used to and I'm a frequent customer. I had just got done traveling a long way and i am really disappointed with the girl that said she made the pizza and she's a manager. I feel like she did a rush job and was gearing up for the store to close.

Krista Adams

They have saved dinner night for me and my family a few times. Couple of pizzas for 5.99. Also love the app

leslie bray

This store makes the best food ever ! always hot and delicious. staff are always friendly. My favorite store !!!! Many thanks to the hard workers !

Toni Neese

This stores pizza has always been excellent. It's sad the store I get my delivery from is not. I am not this story's delivery radius


I've been ordering a lot. Once, everything wasn't quite up to par, a mistake was made and my Hand Tossed Pacific Veggie had everything basically in the center, and the 2 pizzas I ordered weren't hot. ONLY time they messed up, and they sent me a Coupon and an apology without me saying anything! Awesome pizza, awesome service! So pleased, tyvm ; )

Dan Dunham

Ease in and out, the pizza was fresh and well made. Plesent service for carry out. They did a great job!

Mireille Burdell

Very very rude and hung up on me I will never order from here again very rude

Clint S.

I ordered three pizzas and only received two and an empty box. I talked to the manager Luke, he said "there is no possible way that there was an empty box because I was on cut table". I asked for an in store credit and was told "I am not trying to sound like a dick but I can not hand out in store credits for nothing". Overall manager was very unhelpful and rude. Contacted the corporate email, and hopefully they will be able to help! Thanks all :)

Zack Ormsby

Almost TOO fast! After arriving late (and hungry) at the local La Quinta Inn hotel room, my girl friend and I wanted to see if we could order something to eat. We had seen a Domino’s delivery being made when we were checking in, so we thought, “perfect!” Not only were they open, the had our pizza delivered to us in about 15-20 minutes! The pizza was good, and we were very pleased. We had the leftovers for breakfast, since we slept in & missed our hotels breakfast. It reheats pretty good too! I’d recommend this Domino’s!

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