Healthies Indy

11915 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis
(574) 309-0889

Recent Reviews

Miss Meyer

I got the coconut pineapple smoothie, which tasted like liquid cookies. It was so delicious! This place is pretty far out of my way, but I will be back for that smoothie!

Elizabeth Bowman

Traveling from the Florida area my son recommended this place. What a unexpected surprise. My experience was exceptional. The customer service experience, visually appealing facility and the quality taste of the smoothie exceeded my expectations! Disappointingly, i am not finding locations in okaloosa county, florida.

Todd Ward

Awesome customer service, and delicious smoothies every Time!

Malloy Jones

Went here a couple days ago I was told the milkshakes didn’t taste like a protein shake or couldn’t tell they were healthy but they did to me they were gross but if you like protein shakes go for it I took 3sips and threw it in the trash if I liked protein shakes I guess I would have drank it, other than that they had great costumer service and pretty scenery the shakes are pretty though just not tasty wise

Sarah M.

LOVED IT!!! So delicious no way it's healthy!! I got the cookie crumble frappe and loved it. Workers were so friendly and the place is so cute!! Highly recommend.

Charity G.

Honestly I felt healthier just walking into Healthies! It's such a clean and open space with seating to enjoy your smoothies and teas. And they have music playing that keeps it from being a snore, modern and upbeat. I got my first strawberry cheesecake smoothie and raspberry lemonade tea (number 1 combo) and the ladies at the counter were so helpful, especially with my indecisiveness, lol. We came to the conclusion that I just was going to have to come back to try the many varieties and energy perks offer. These are meal replacement and energy teas meant to enhance health, and the price for combos range approximately from 8-ish to 11-ish for the mega energy pack. I opted for the numero uno and was pleased, though I think I might try the suggested raspberry cheesecake it turtle next time. I looooved the tea though! This is definitely nice to have in this area as there aren't a lot of these types of places around here. And the staff, they just add to the energy of the experience. Well done!

Kristina Broccolo

Excellent service and great shakes! Will definitely be back and also recommend others to check it out!

Alexa P.

We love this place! As vegan&GF customers, we definitely felt taken care of. The owners are super welcoming and accommodating, and the shakes are just as great! We've already been twice in just a couple of weeks. Can't wait to go again soon!

Libbi Parnell

Stopped in here this morning and got a raspberry lemonade tea and a mixed berry smoothie. They were amazing! Prices are excellent and service was awesome! I will definitely be back!

Ashley Jones

I’ve been a few times and can’t say enough great things! The owners are very attentive and professional. The place is spotless and such a breath of fresh air to walk into. My favorite smoothie is the Buckeye!

Brett Walker

Have been three times. Healthy and fantastic! Encourage everyone to try this place. Nice and helpful staff.

Emma C.

I was able to pop into Healthies today while running a work errand. I had caught a glimpse of them on Yelp earlier this week and knew I'd have to make a visit soon. The inside is clean and open, with a few large monitors on the wall with their flavors and combos. The two staff members explained the different options. I had combo one with the raspberry lemonade tea. The tea was delicious but the show stopper was the rocky road shake. YUM. The shake was cold and just the right thickness, and had some tiny marshmallows and almond slices on top. I meant to snap a picture but I drank it! I am excited to have a good smoothie spot close to my office and plan to return again soon.

Torey Linder

You’ll receive Incredible service from this awesome couple, they really know their smoothie &tea business and that alone is worth the stop inn, it’s a beautiful, very clean spot. I was highly impressed over all. The smoothie and the Tea is so tasty and so good for you! I’ll definitely be going back very often! Thanks guys! 😁

Natalie Sparks

Great service but lied to me saying the shakes were good; they were actually quite awful. For a protein shake, Shakeology beat your quick bite restaurant.

Adrian A.

Wanna be healthy but still have a mean sweet tooth like yours truly? Look no further than Healthies! This smoothie/tea bar is the perfect balance of nutritious and delicious drinks. With a myriad of wonderful flavors, broken down by categories, ranging from fruity to cereal to chocolate and even coffee inspired flavors they have something for everyone. The tea bombs that come with the smoothies are a great pick me up and an alternative to coffee/espresso with fruity flavors such as Passion Fruit and Açaí Berry. My fiancé tried the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor which was spot on with the real deal. I went for the Caramel Cookie Crunch which did not disappoint. One of my favorite things about the smoothies is that they each come with 17g of protein and can be bumped up to 24g upon request. The decor of Healthies is IG ready making it easy to take amazing pictures with a wonderful product!

Meg E.

I discovered this place when in the area and went the next morning for a breakfast shake. One of the owners, Garrett, was working and very nice. I was torn on a couple of shakes and took his recommendation on the Banana Caramel Pecan. Yum! It's so good, I could drink that one daily. I have only tried the Sour Punch Straw tea but it's so incredibly delicious, I haven't wanted any other tea. I've met the other owner, Garrett's fiancé, and she's very sweet. She recommended the sugar cookie, which tasted exactly like a sugar cookie milkshake. The only shake I haven't loved was the No Bake Cookie, which tasted too much like a diet shake/slim fast. The shakes are all the same size and the price varies by the size tea you get. I typically get the #1, which is $8 for a decent sized shake and small tea. I appreciate how fast you can get your order here, the great customer service, and how delicious/healthy the shakes are (low sugar, low carb, high protein). Check it out and support local!

Whitney W.

So glad there's a new smoothie and tea bar in my neighborhood! My fiancé told me about this place and had a coupon for us to use as first time customers. I was pleasantly surprised walking in and seeing the cute decor and setup. The menu had tons of options, but the owner Garret was very helpful with helping us choose. I went with the Cinnamon Toast Crunch smoothie, under the Breakfast of champions category. The owner explained it would taste like the bottom of the cereal bowl. It was delicious and I loved the bits of graham cracker crust in it! All the smoothies contain 17g of protein, but you can add more for an extra boost. He also recommended the combo #1 (only $8), which adds a small energy boosting tea with your smoothie. I got the Açaí berry tea and it definitely woke me up from my groggy state and tasted great too! Overall it was a great first experience and the owners are very nice and welcoming. Make sure you grab a punch card so you can get some free treats! We'll be back!