Mi Tenampa Mexican Restaurant

11915 Pendleton Pike # L, Indianapolis
(317) 823-3115

Recent Reviews

Keith Karnafel

Very good food. Ask for their hottest sauce it has a really good flavor.

Tony Messier

This is our favorite Mexican restaurant. The staff is always friendly and very helpful, and create a very welcoming environment. The menu is a little different than your typical Mexican restaurant in the Midwest, but it has great flavor! My favorite is the enchiladas verdes.

Kristopher Fowler

Truly one of my favorites!! The food is always great, and the staff is some of the friendliest and most personable of any place I have ever been.

Victoria Ingram

UpdatedI changed my rating from five stars to two. I came in today for lunch and had to wait while the server was talking down about people wearing masks during the pandemic. When she finally turned around she didn't have any mask on. Due to her behavior and the lack of protection I left and will not be returning. For anyone interested in quality authentic Mexican food in a warm atmosphere where they adhere to policies to protect their patrons and employees I highly recommend EL Jaripeo on Washington Street in the Kroger plaza. Their food is of better quality and more modestly priced.

Kabal The Cybop

Food is always amazing! The staff are all so personal. The owners ALWAYS remember who we are. Whenever we are wanting Mexican food this is where we go! Food is authentic and delicious. Highly recommend!!

diana martinez

I love pescado Veracruz ❤️Best mahi mahi in a rich authentic Veracruz sauce !!!Staff is awesome , treat you like family always ❤️

Kabal 0001

Food is always amazing! The staff are all so personal. The owners ALWAYS remember who we are. Whenever we are wanting Mexican food this is where we go! Food is authentic and delicious. Highly recommend!!

Cory Oden

Great experience today. Asked for some of their house made hot sauce. Very spicy and soooo good!!

lowell jessup

A great place to eat, good staff and owner.

Kathy Gordon

What I love is first the people! The food is fresh, made from scratch, and there's vegetables!!!

Karen Leewood

The atmosphere was clean, bright and friendly. Such a nice menu selection. The food stands out among the melee of Mexican restaurants because of quality and taste. Our server was so welcoming and recommended a great meal. Can’t remember the name but it had seafood with shellfish. Excellent! My husband wanted something off menu and the chef actually came out and spoke with us to make sure he got it right. He did and it was perfect. We can’t wait to go back.

Candace Sheetz

We have been eating there for years! They have great food and the best margaritas! Rodolfo and Carmen are great! Please stop by and try it!

Melinda Bunner

If you want GOOD FOOD....DO NOT EAT HERE. ITS CLEAN. FRIENDLY. But THAT'S IT. The food is BLAND. Taco bell tastes better than this. The chips are bad. Terrible aftertaste. The salsa tastes like crushed tomatoes, no spice or flavor at all. Queso was decent.

K. H.

I will never be coming back to this place and here’s why! Initially, the woman who was acted as both a host and a cashier welcomed us warmly (although she would soon switch up). Our server was not all that bad at first, but he was very odd when it came to asking him about menu items and when we were ordering our meal, making the table as a whole feel uncomfortable and confused. He neglected to inform us of all the food he was charging us for, instead attempting to pass it off as if they were complementary. For example, he asked my friend if we wanted any queso for the table, but regretted to inform us that he would be charging us nearly 6 dollars for this. Also, when I asked him if I could add avocados to my order he said no and that they did not have any, even though I was looking at the menu which said they did (I didn’t not argue though because maybe they were out). Soon after he came back and said they do have guacamole but to get it I would have to substitute the rice or beans that came with my meal. I politely declined the offer and explicitly told him that I did NOT want the guacamole. He then stared at me and then shrugged, walking away. Shortly after he STILL brought me the guacamole and presented it as if he were being nice and it was on the house. It was not until it was time to pay for our meal that we discover they added both the queso and guacamole to our bill. Upon the woman’s request I explained the situation to her and how were not informed about what the server was doing with our bill and she spoke to with me with attitude and disrespect, blaming me for the situation and exemplifying poor customer service skills.

Angela Miller Mitchell

This was such a great find! We stumbled in on Sunday and walked into a delicious breakfast buffet. Leaving full and happy with a favorite place!! Thank you!!

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