Michigan food market

3801 W Michigan St, Indianapolis
(317) 241-0298

Recent Reviews

Robert Bailey

Great deals on good quality t-shirts and long sleeves too.

Marsha Tinsley

Cook fish too long and there was no seasoning to the food! I give it a thumbs down. Won't be going there again.

Jordan Thomas

Love my michigan market family. They absolutely love n cherish my boys when i come up there with them . sammi n brian n one other guy i forgot his name are amazing people. Some prices are high but closes place to me

Kristina Sawyer

Best place in town,...

Charity Stuckey

Rude people unsanitary too

Epi A.

I ordered 4 things. The one thing I ordered that I actually received was HORRIBLE. I'm so hungry. I ordered through ubereats and they refunded my money, so I think I might just order something else, but... ick. I recommend if you order from here, do not order delivery. Don't order the fries (I received though i didn't order). Do not order the double back cheeseburger... It's a waste of your time and money.

Just_Chloe_ I.

Honestly it's very salty and they only gave me the wing from the chicken I thought it was actually wings like flats and legs so big disappointment

Betsy Gaddy

Rude customer service. ungratefully taking money

Ahu Ma Shu

the hot food market is a pop pop spot.

Hannah Banana

My same guy still works there how i miss him so muxh

Lewis W.

This my first time coming here the food was OK I got the gyro burger and fries and steak tacos the state tacos were not all that good but I like the Gyro burger It is a little bit overpriced as well

Teri Cosat

Decently stocked neighborhood quick mart

mike zamber

The owners and family are great. A+++

Mary Alford

2 liters of COKE cheap here.

Yaser Absher

Very good place very good food very good people any things we need they’ll bring it

Tiffany Huff

The service is great here

Drew Ladd

Friendly staff. My local corner store. Try the wings fam.....try...the...wings.

T Jackson

Very nice. We are having a party and needed things for our candy table. Brian was very helpful

Taya Ely Cheikh


Tie Belin

Over priced ripped off when you don't pay attention

Paris Johns

Everything u need.

Mister Lets Eat Management

Great service and friendly staff

Christopher WallStreetLRT Walley

Great service and friendly staff


A quick little spot to get a bite to eat. Nothing to spectacular about it.

J C Carter

A quick little spot to get a bite to eat. Nothing to spectacular about it.

Kayj Stephenson

My spot they some coo ppl

Russell Lindsey

I came in the eve and the guy working the counter was friendly. Good guy and great customer service.

Markedia Cook

Don't like it not very clean waited over 40 mins for 2 philly steaks and chicken taco rated 1 star jus to post my comment

Brian Neal

The cook Brian is so nice!

James H.

Ordered thru Uber Eats. Ordered Talapia, Fries, Coleslaw, okra, and nachos. I didn't get the coleslaw, I did get three large pieces of fish, a ton of fries, a good amount of okra and nachos. Now for the rest of the story: The Talapia was three large pieced but didn't taste right. The fries were good,. The okra was good but had a very thick breading. I ordered a small nacho and it was big, only order a large if your really hungry. So give them a try and you be the judge!

Amanda B.

Wow. I ordered off Eat24 for pickup as I work nearby. I've never been here before so I was unaware it is located inside the convenience store. I ordered a chicken nugget meal that costed 7.99 and listed french fries and bread as additional sides. When I got there, a man named Brian bagged up a small container of just chicken nuggets. When I asked for the fries and bread, he said it did not come with it. I explained the price and the description listed not only on Eat24 but right on their own menu above my head, he still insisted the price of 7.99 was for the chicken nuggets only. I continued to argue with him and he gave a variety of excuses and then said, "If I give you fries, someone else will show up saying I gave their food away." He seemed confused about my picking up my own order, perhaps they are used to delivery orders. He was essentially accusing me of trying to get free food I had already paid for! All I wanted was the food that came with the dinner! No extras. After some back and forth he said "I give you bread" and gestured behind me to a loaf of bread on a shelf, which I had to fetch myself and give to him. He begrudgingly took out three slices of untoasted bread and threw them into the container. I contacted Eat24 because it was really over the top; I've had minor problems with orders before, but never have I paid for something and been told I couldn't have it. They were nice enough to gift me vouchers for later meals, which I will probably have to put to use today considering I'm starved from no lunch. I suppose I could've even forgiven all the insults and lack of fries IF the chicken had been good. It is the exact quality of frozen Banquet chicken nuggets. You know, the ground up chicken meat shaped into a nugget and breaded and fried. I often eat at Super Shark and must have gotten spoiled on their delicious, real chicken meat nuggets. I am high key upset I wasted 7.99 on this place, thank you to Eat24 for making it right. Please for the love of god, save your money and go to Sharks or Steak and Lemonade. This place is atrocious.