Taco Bell

5721 W 86th St, Indianapolis
(317) 872-1534

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Christian Fordham

Order was correct and food was good, but I put in a mobile order at noon, drove to the restaurant, stood at the counter for at least 5 minutes without being acknowledged, and then still wait another 10 minutes before my food was ready. 20 plus minutes to fulfill a mobile order. Maybe they were training new employees, but either way, a decent manager could fix these problems.

lilsaeyt yt

Lobby hours and drive thru hours are never consistent. Often, some of the teen employees at this location seem inconvenienced by customers. I highly recommend customer service training and more effective oversight for employees. If the corporate number was posted on the drive thru window, I wouldn’t be posting this review. I’m sure they’re unaware.

Kayden Brady

Rudest people you will ever meet. Just hung up on me as I was trying to explain a situation where they screwed up my order completely. Just don’t go here. To to the other one right down the street.

Jason Smith

The food was good once I got it, but despite being the only customer in the dining room upon my arrival, it took exactly 20 minutes for it to be served. I know because I looked at the time I received my food to the time on the receipt. Even after that I had to ask for my drink cup. Finally, the really agitating part of the experience was the difficulty getting a fork. After waiting at the counter for awhile, I finally gave up. I didn't want to break the concentration of the guy counting money at a register. A few minutes later I returned to the counter for another attempt to get a fork. This time, someone on my side of the counter apparently knew someone that worked there and quietly shouted for that person to come to the counter.

Andy Poalillo

It was just okay Taco Bell is Taco Bell basically wherever you go. I went to this Taco Bell on 86th Street used the drive-through which I i seldomly ever do I ordered a taco bowl tostada and two 7-Layer burritos it was ready quickly and was handed over to me by a very friendly cheerful lady I was out of there I got to my destination. Opened the bag and found 2 cheese & bean burritos NO 7-Layer burritos and the cheese was that gross nacho goopy stuff! My taco bowl and the tostada were pretty good tho.


Good service and friendly staff...clean establishment

Patrick Bissell

Worst Taco Bell I've ever, EVER been to and that's saying A LOT! LOL...Among several other things, I was surprised when I was told that I could not have 5 sauces because I only spent $5...REALLY?!? Will definitely be going to a different location moving forward.

Purdue Rocket

Awesome food and good prices. Just hope you get it fast.

Jennifer L.

I would give this Taco Bell 0 stars if I could...terrible service, they never get the order right. The manager is just as rude as the employees. I will not be back at this location, Taco Bell step up your game and hire people that are worth while.

Des Lynn-xo

Used to like this Taco Bell, until a specific unidentified employee, with glasses, was Purposely Rude to me, time after time, until I no longer had to drive up there for work anymore, thankfully. I specifically wanted my Apple Empanadas HOT because that's how they are Supposed to Be....I was NeVeR ever rude to anyone, I'm usually not, until they're rude to me.....I asked nicely for them to be warm, she snatched them out of my hand, told me to pull up, brings them out to my car and basically throws them at me. Next time I came, I had to pull up also, she gave me cold tacos, I told her they were cold, once again she Snatched them out of my hand and I also asked for napkins, she said pull back around, put the napkins out of Her window towards me, PULLED THEM BACK, like a Child, so i moved my hand towards hers, then pulled mine back when I realized what she just did, then we're literally staring at each other, so I Snatched them out of her hand so quick she couldn't even blink fast enough, then she said " You didn't have to snatch----" I wasn't listening to it, so i pulled the hell out of there. After I said a few choice words and I've never been back there again, just the sight of that whoever it was would cause me to lose my appetite, so. Hopefully she doesn't work there anymore for the other customers' sake....

Ricardo Perez

Do not go here... I repeat...Don't go here!!!!

Rachelle Bennington

It's a hit or miss if you get your order right. What's nice is they implemented an ordering screen in the restaurant, so you take out the mistakes of the cashier... But don't be too reassured because the first time I used it, the kitchen proceeded to make my order wrong. I've taken countless tacos home through the drive through only to realize they were made wrong but it'd cost me more to drive back and have them fix, so I had to throw it out.

Spencer Lukowski

All good food! I ordered online and everything came out correctly. Thanks

Shane Hric

Quante and Jaylen provided excellent service. There were no issues with our order and it arrived very quickly. They both checked on our table to make sure our service was great!

linda hayes

This Taco Bell is the worst in Indianapolis and honestly should be closed down have been working close to it for two years now plenty of times I have pulled to the drive-thru after 6 p.m. and they are closed or answers the speaker and says no one showed up for work. This is an occasion that happens very frequently I have even showed up as early as 12:30 p.m. or even 1p.m. to have a lock door and again no one answering the drive-thru speaker but I see people inside. The worst Taco Bell ever I recommend you go to any other one then this one

Kasey Ricciardi

Everything is great. My biggest pet peeves with all taco bells is that they don't spread the ingredients along a burrito. You get a glob of cheese on one side, and none on the rest. Or a big ol' bite of sour cream, and no other ingredients. They need training on spreading ingredients so each bite has all ingredients in it.

Rachel Hunt

Drive thru is the way to go for this location as it is much faster. Ordering inside usually takes awhile, especially during lunch time which is completely understandable. Food has always been good in my opinion, but sometimes the employees do questionable things. Scratching the head multiple time while taking orders, touching your face and mouth and handing out trays of food is a bit unsanitary. But all in all I've had mostly good experiences here

Mark Favreau

Newly renovated location that also has the new self ordering terminals. Lots of tables with chairs, which I prefer over booths.

Wicky Lightyear

Nice clean restaurant with up to date ordering service. Well mannered servers. Even though they didn't have what I ordered and it was the second time they didn't have it I was still treated well.

Cyan YT

Never go on a Friday evening. They care more about speed than order accuracy. You'll get a bag of food in like 90 seconds, but it'll be for the vehicle three places behind you. Sundays are the best day to go. They are generally slower, and are much more accurate. Compared to other Taco Bells, however, they aren't very good. They often sloppily wrap their burritos, so they're falling apart as you take it out of the bag. They also seem to not understand the concept of hot food, as I've gotten a quesarito (it gets grilled) that was actually just straight-up cold. Not room temp, COLD.

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