Taco Bell

5302 W W Washington St, Indianapolis
(317) 241-1530

Recent Reviews

Jake Skipworth

Always do a fantastic job and get the orders correct. Not one complaint.

Nana Nana

Employees are doing so much better, after the remodel, however they seem to miss a item, on Every occasion, in my order.

Robert Wilson

quick service. Food was hot

Neil Mack

Enjoyed the limited time (October) cheese/ crunchy soft taco meal deal for $5.00. It came with 2 regular tacos (soft or hard shell) and a drink. Good lunch meals and fast service. They always have something good.

Melissa Morgan

I really didn't want to do one star! I don't know where you find your people but I am in the food industry and the food and service was terrible. We won't be back given it a couple chances. The taco shells were stale and food was all around horrible.

Maggie Eckler

I wonder if this store has had a change of management. The employees are all working hard and smiling. Moral seems great here. Whatever you a doing, keep it up!

Holly Boutwell

The cleanest Taco Bell I've been in. Not to mention the outstanding employees-this particular Taco Bell has made a complete turn around ... Keep up the great work and customer service!

Patty Strother

Still the best and cheapest food out there. Good stuff

Tawana Wilson

Very tasty food with delicious snacks. Freshly baked and always hot.

Michelle Corriveau

They did excellent the gm was a awesome guy i thank him for understanding the picky eating the family is

Timothy Wells

Love their food just wish they'd bring back the Bell beefer

Lewis W.

Local Taco Bell come here often but always a long wait in the drive-through at night time

Mark Daniel III

Service was good. Food was put together right.

MiaLeigh Brown

went through the drive-through with my mom and someone was either trying to sell us drugs or asking if we had them. we made a police report and the manager hid the girl in the back of the store so she wouldnâ??t get in trouble. i DO NOT recommend going to this taco bell.

eva nunley

Late night done right ! I live by Kentucky Ave but drive to this Washington Taco Bell because I can count on it being fresh and especially the beans being smooth, fresh, and not pastey ! It's nice to go somewhere that the employees still take pride in what the serve!!

Shawnell Dawntapp

Super good service and food always fresh and get orders right if ever any issues they are prompt to handle them

Jennifer Johnson

Well.. in the drive thru tonight. An employee who another employee identified as "Olivia" was either trying to sell or buy heroin from me! I dont know slang for" what's up with" first of all.. I dont do drugs, secondly.. I had my daughter in the car with me. Who in their right mind does this? Exactly why my kids dont go out at night.

Julia Gulia

Desiree was an accutes cashier. She quickly took our order and was nice, even while we ordered slowly w kids! Clean Taco Bell and no wait time! Tv's and serve urself soda machine

Jorge Priego

The place is very clean. The furniture and decoration are nice. They made my food fast. I was extremely impressed. Great job!

Jazz Ritter

Drive thru is getting quicker, prices cant be beat! Order is always right and that's important! Thanks for always being the late nite go to taco bell!


The cashier at night helped me when I did not know what I wanted to eat. She suggested the $5 chalupa box and it was delicious. Thanks Desiree

Matthew Green

This taco Bell seems to have an edge on all of the others. This place is always on point whenever I visit. They are always fast in the Drive-Thru, they are very polite and listen very well when you make your order. The food is always fresh and I consider that a gratuity compared to most of my other visits at other locations. They're just as good first thing in the morning as they are last thing at night. I will never skip over this taco Bell

CBG Maker

This is a clean Taco Bell. I really like the nacho fries.

Rekke Ray

This taco bell had a manager making the food and you could sure tell the difference. It taste GREAT

Jeramiah Stanger

Id rather come to Taco Bell than I would go to Rally's I like Rally's except Rally's went to hell with only teenagers running the place. I prefer Taco Bell it is cheap and the people know what they're doing

ASG Squirm

Taco Bell will always get my approval, but can we all agree that it's not authentic Mexican food. If "real" Mexican food is craved then the Burrito Joint is the spot!!

Chris Coates

Sometimes they will mess up a thing or 2, but they fix it as soon as addressed. Always quick service and consistent quality no matter what location you go to.

Dennis Jackson

I Order a five layer burrito and a crunchy taco surprem and a Large Pespi at 2:00am. the crunchy taco was so stall I thru my food away. Iâ??m not worried about the money I lost. Iâ??m worried about what kind of food they serve to people late night. The drive thru employee seem to find something funny the whole time my food was prepared. Now I know why. I didnâ??t find anything funny about my visit. Long time customer. Dennis Jackson.

Joe bickers

Kinda disappointed, service was fine , I used the automated machines. The food has lost flavor.? I've always liked taco Bell, I haven't eaten there in awhile. It's missing something.

Justin Perryman

New building but still has slow service. If you are willing to wait the food is fresh and the staff is relatively nice. They are using the kiosks for ordering inside.


Its fast food. But it's a rather nice place. I much enjoy coming here

Sabrina Henson

They were pretty busy for their lunch rush this is the first time I have ever been disappointed in a Taco Bell order the number 5 which is Nacho Grande and Taco combo something on it just tasted old looked like I got the last of the chips they were so busy I just ate my Taco

Kyle Kent

Normal food and service, nothing great or terrible.

Chris Durschmid

Taco bell, not good enough to be called people food, but if you've been drinking your options are that or BK

Juicy Drew

Terrible prep. Tasted good. Quickly made.

Mike Reed

Tried to order a burrito supreme, said they couldn't because the were out of tortias, lol how could this happen.

Tom C.

This location is pretty much like all other TBs. Service was decent. The wait in the drive through was minimal. Food was on par with all the rest. I did receive an obscene amount of sauce packets for just 1 box meal though.

Bob C.

Really needs management. There is one person making food. Two other employees are literally staring at her and doing nothing.

Sammy S.

The lady was very rude, couldn't stand there attitude had to leave right away. This kind of staff shouldn't work at place like this.

Joel Doan

Yummy stuff that's not real food.