Little Giant Pizza at the beach

2418 St Lawerence Ave, Long Beach
(219) 874-4268

Recent Reviews

Jessica Wolak

Great thin crust pizza. Fresh ingredients, and quick delivery.

Charles MILLER

Really good thin crust pizza. Great service. Good people. Definitely going back

Mondays Stink

I wish Tom still owned the joint. I’ve called twice in the last week and keeps on going to a voicemail that is full or telling me that I dialed an incorrect number. Called from the cell phone and the landline.Do people just have to order in person? Google maps says they are open. My foot is broken right now and I would love a little Giants Pizza delivered to me more than anything. The staple I grew up with and I can’t even get it anymore. Most people have said they don’t like the way it tastes anymore anyway. Get it together at least enough to answer the phone. SMH.

Matthew J Fitzmaurice

Surprisingly really good. The ingredients were fresh and the sauce was great. Value was great for price.

Lekecia Franklin

I ordered a pizza that was supposed to be a medium stuffed pizza that cost $26 instead I received the pizza that was flat ,$26 expensive for pizza that's not from Chicago, when I called he did everything other than say that he will fix it for the next time ,so I'll just keep my little money ,I guess I'm not important enough to get what I ordered I'll stick to Roma's

Mickey Chambers

The worst pizza ? it is all doughy and not even cooked all the way through. And mangers didn't even want to fix there mistake for the doughy pizza that wasn't cooked thumbs down for the pizza and mangers

Melissa Hubbard

We are from KC MO and are traveling for business. This was the closest delivery to our hotel. I took a chance based on the reviews and we are NOT disappointed!! The pizza is DELICIOUS!! We ordered the Fiesta pizza and sausage pizza both on thin crust and we LOVED both!! The medium pizza is the size of a large at pizza hut.

Modesta Gonzales

Got cold pizza worst experience everWaited 1:30 minutes for pizza Driver just left outside of The porch never nock text or call,I came out to check on them before call for update in my delivery and just find it at thereCalled to let them know and they do nothing to fixed.they said driver nock false we were few feet from the door at the living room waiting for it the pizzaThe lady just say I'm sorryI pay $30 dollars for cold pizza.

Cassie Romero

I really love this place but tonight not only was my order late, BUT it was cold.

Bob bob

Good pizza. It's quick and easy - with its own unique taste.

Adele Blake

Receit clearly said 13.84 .I would assume plus tax and delivery. Surly does not add up to 25.00. I think you ripped me is only 3.00. Lost another customer!

Debra Ward

OMG! Dave made me a Deluxe pizza which took me back to my childhood. It reminded me of the pizza my family used to order (Ray's Pizza) in Chicago. It was AMAZING!! My kids loved it too! Thanks Dave!

Kevin Johnson

I just ordered a pizza for delivery the lady said 45 min to a hour the pizza came in 25 minutes hot and perfect and the delivery dude was great I have ate this pizza for 30 years and never left a review but lately restaurant and take out are subpare and today they deserve 10*s

frank zoltan

Was told to come pick up in 45 minutes. Got there was told they were running slow. Waited 45 more minutes for a pizza that takes 5 minutes to make and they did not offer a dime off. Been going there for 10 years… not again.

Bee U.

Quality has gone way downhill over the years. What once was one of the best pies in the area is now just a sad representation of what they used to be. Allowing burned pizzas out the door, missing ingredients, and just poor quality of late is really unfortunate. Can't say we will ever order again.

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