4103 Franklin St, Michigan City
(219) 879-5592

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Vinayadatta Phaneendra

This place followed the minute details of my customized drink! My favorite drink recipe was brought to life and it brought back my old memories! Thank you Starbucks!

lisa hunter

Decided to go inside because the drive-thru was long around 5pm.Got a Venti Carmel Ribbon Crunch w Almond milk no whip with a shot... delicious

Shay Ram

My favorite Starbucks.‼️ The service and staff(better than Chick-fil-A) are ALWAYS amazing.. I’m always greeted and they make me feel special spending my lil $5 ?.! Highly recommend‼️

Badam Ramesh

Customer service is good

Sheila Scudieri

Great staff and location. Depite a line wrapping around the store and a full cafe, they've never gotten my drink wrong ???

Karyl Wood

The baristas at this location are always so awesome and friendly! I recently moved back to LaPorte and I have tried the Starbucks there, but MC Sbux ALWAYS makes my fav cold brew drink the exact way I like it made, they always make it correctly and it’s always perfect every time!!! I moved to LP and 3 weeks later ended up transferring my job to LP because of the gas prices, but this weekend I have started sneaking back over to MC and will continue to do so whenever I have the chance, just because I miss my MC Sbux crew and miss having my drink made right!!! Otherwise I’ll be making my own Cold Brew drink at home when I can’t make it to MC for my coffee fix!

shane kirksey

I get a Carmel Macchiato everyday from other Starbucks, and they didn’t make it the way I asked, well when I went back In to ask them to remake it for me (witch any other Starbucks would remake it without question) the girl was disrespectful. Not happy with this visit.

Stephanie Ruszkowski

This place needs a good scrub down. Flies & spiders in dining room. The countertops are visible with sticky residue and bathrooms need a thorough cleaning.Very disappointed. If outside appearance is this poor, I can only imagine the behind the scenes is much worse.Edit:Went back and can tell the bathroom and the dining area had a good scrubbing. Much better. Please keep the routine cleaning up as it is noticed. Increased my stars from 2 to 4.

Emel Syu

I loved this Starbucks. Sara was so friendly and welcoming. The staff was so hardworking and made orders quickly. I definitely recommend coming here. Thank you Sara ?

Dani Standifer

I’ve asked for no ice (sensitive teeth) and most Starbucks are fine with this. I mobile ordered and I walk in to pick them up and the woman says “if it has no ice, it I’ll only be half full” and she keeps making a :/ face. I say normally “normally they just fill it up” and she just looked around and then went “oh. :/“ and then! she gave me my drink I mobile ordered and gave me a not full one anyway! Also the frapp I ordered was not full either? I wonder if it’s a trait of the place ? 3 stars for (most) of the workers being very kind and getting the drink right generally, but those 2 stars are being withheld because the woman was just idk even (love the lack of mask btw), the drinks were not full, and I mobile ordered only to arrive to not have finished ready anyway, so.Edit: week later, went back. Same thing. Welp :/

YaBreya Moore

first i would like to say that this is one of my favorite locations ? , they always make me feel welcomed by greeting me BY NAME upon entry, even if i go through the drive thru once i start my order they finish it for me without me having to say , not to mention my coffee is always made correctly i almost feel like they all make it with love ? i would recommend this location to anyone ?


Used to love them!! They used to be my favorite Starbucks and I’ve been to a few lol. But lately? I’m like. I think I’m done coming here. I’ll make it at home for the price vs what I get. I asked for it to be filled up (which they’ve done before!!) but this? A sequence of events Im Unhappy with. Is it new staff? Idk but I’m not happy with it. Edit: Even better! Asked for no ice. Tag says no ice. And Yet!

Steve Pearson

I would say this is your medium size Starbucks. As most of them do it has a good selection of foods and various coffees, Lattes... Great friendly staff and a clean place.

Toni Harris

Great friendly and fast service! Definitely go back! Drinks are always delicious!

David S.

Eww. Dirty tables, loud obnoxious employees. Empty shelves. Dirty floor. Barren, unattractive.

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