Taco Bell

3936 Franklin St, Michigan City
(219) 879-4022

Recent Reviews

Jonathan W.

As poorly ran as humanly possible. This place should be gold mine in this city. You know what you are getting when you go to Taco Bell. What's surprising is how bad the execution of this place is. Those aren't the hours by the way.

Angelique Machuca

I ordered the grilled cheese burrito deluxe box and soon as I ate the burrito it made me sick I vomit everything up and and still feel nauseous. I could have got food poisoning never will eat at the Michigan city Taco Bell again this the first time it happened today from there

Jennifer Davis

I ordered on app for a grab n go order. Got there door was locked. Had to wait in drive thru line for almost 20 minutes and had received notice from app that my food was ready to pick up before I got there. So by time I received my food it was cold. The service is bad. Workers are RUDE!!!!!

Jeff B.

If I could leave zero stars ,,, this has been an ongoing horrible experience ,why I keep going back ?it's the only one in town,, hands down worst Taco Bell I've ever been to ,,.. food quality average at best , however service horrific,, waiting times sometimes more than 15 minutes and that is when I just drive away,, sometimes drive-through makes a statement " we are not taking orders at this time"

Amos Tschopp

Not to bad service was quick . Food was not prepared nice but overall tasted like taco bell

Jessie Richardson

Cant keep up with the drive thru and lobby at same time so they just lock the doors and won't let you get food unless it's drive thru. Absolutely a trash establishment

Jennifer M.

Sat in the drive thru after paying for over 20 minutes for a Party Pack and five Bean Burritos.

Trans Steph

Absolutely horrible service. I should say NON-SERVICE! Ordered through the Mobile app for drive-thru. Sat in line for 26 minutes while ONE car of the 3 in front of me was waited on, before cancelling my order and leaving. This has happened 3 times now. When I drove past the window, staff was standing by the counter doing nothing!! Done with Taco Hell!

Aries Loyal

This place is God awful they made my food witch was $32 and got home and everything was made with beef we only eat chicken. I ask multiple times they assured me that it was right. Don't go to this restaurant they are horrible.

Jean Bethany

Enjoy Taco Bell in La Porte. Really good food at reasonable prices. Great people working there. Tried the breakfast box. Perfect temperature food. Potato cake, sausage, egg,cheese and some salsa. Very good. The cinnamon balls are fabulous. Two in the box. Glad I didn't have to share those!

Randy Smith

I specifically asked for my meal including the hard shell taco to be all chicken. Three of my chalupas were no sour cream. I got beef tacos and four out of six chalupas had sour cream. Last time eating here.

Pal P.

It was really good and they got my order right and quick. There food was delectable and made my mouth water. The noise however was high I recommend this place if you want to grab it and leave.


By now you have probably seen me out here a lot in the reviews, let's face it, I'm a foodie! And I love Taco Bell! ? They have Baja Blast which is awesome! Lucky for me I have the kids on my side to always win the family vote for Taco Bell. Sorry, Grandpa, you lose everytime we want our 5 layer Burritos, nachos and Crunch Wraps! Great job Michigan City Taco Bell, great food!

Amy Pearson

Very long line at the drive thru tonight. Lobby door was locked once again. No sign on the door indicating the lobby was closed. When I ordered the cars were backed up to Franklin Street. Food is always good.

Theresa Hardaway

I ordered breakfast for my children. The food was good and the service was great however they should expand their breakfast drinks. They have zero. My kids like orange juice, milk, or apple juice with breakfast, not pop.

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